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AlQaeda guidebook by U.S. Zionist ADL
3 years ago
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Homegrown Terrorism, a threat inspired by the U.S. Zionist Anti Defamation League...

Ever notice that when the corporate media are reporting these "Islamist website" they never include the URL for you to check it out for yourself?

Thanks to a reader, we have the URL for this supposed "Al Qaeda" (Arabic slang for a toilet) magazine!

here's a copy as a.pdf, 67MB large

This article features Adam Gadahn, who is a well-known faker.

His real name is Adam Pearlman and his grandfather was on the board of directors of the ADL. (Anti Defamation League) 

If you trim the URL for the magazine back to its domain,

it redirects to

, meaning it isn't really a wordpress site. is registered through Domains by Proxy in Scottsdale Arizona. 

Domains by Proxy was set up to allow intelligence agencies to create bogus websites and conceal their identity by evading the ICANN rules which require identification of website owners for the whois lookup system, which had become a major embarrassment to previous bogus websites created for propaganda purposes!

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3 years ago

The title of this thread is throwing me off a little. Are you saying this guidebook is written and supported by the ADL?

Ron Paul Publicly Names Neoconservatives (original version)
3 years ago

Yep 'BuckMcCool'

You just have to study the article and the added video

The 'Anti' should be removed from this terror organization's name only, maybe this is the reason why 'it's throwing you off a little'

Let's call the name of the traitors:


3 years ago

How is your day Rhonda ?

Today, I thought I could not post in groups maybe this malware network has new intruding trackers ?

And why should I reply to 'BuckMcCool' because I already have said everything.

Listen 'BuckMcCool', I say it again, only for you !

I keep it like that - if I have nothing to say, I keep my mouth shut !

This behavior prevents me from looking like an idiot at the end and damage my reputation.

May I assist you, posting the GREAT video Rhonda ?

3 years ago

ADL is a terrorist organization as far as I'm concerned

Does that make it true for the rest of the world?

Yep 'BuckMcCool'

You just have to study the article and the added video

I did.

How exactly would you define your stance on the country of Israel and the Jewish people in general..?

3 years ago

How exactly would you define your stance on the USA and the American people in general.. ?


Your mission is so obvious, you become so odd, a waste of time...

- Parsifal

3 years ago

I feel that most Americans are good,or want to be.However,the gov't is the devil incarnate,in my opinion.One flaw that seems to be common in Americans is willful ignorance,but some are beginning to wake up as more and more infringement on our rights and privacy happens.I just hope that more of them wake up faster,before it is too late.

3 years ago

Your mission is so obvious, you become so odd, a waste of time.

It should be. It's not a secret. I am just pointing out how completely bias you are on this situation...

3 years ago

You still spew your acquired national socialist cogitations.

If you raised the question properly and not so biased you would have gotten the proper answer.

You try to trap me with a dishonest question 's.c. 'BuckMcCool'

But I would not fall for it.

Because I do not confuse the official Israel which is a Rottenchild Zionist gov. with the honest, dilligent and peace loving Israelis who fight for their survival under the oppressive fascist police state, called 'Israel' ?

So, I'm missing YOUR answer to MY question, troll !

How can anyone defend Official Israel appendant the sane fraction of humanity ?

How can an American citizen put Official Israel BEFORE the interests of America ?

Answer this questions and continue topic.

Your distractions are most doubtless flaring...

Maybe you have more luck deceiving the braindeath ppl in other groups ?

As far as I remember topic is

AlQaeda guidebook by U.S. Zionist ADL

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