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That Is Why The USSA Keeps Attacking Syria
4 years ago
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US Goverment Is Run By DUMBASSES and That Is Why It Keeps Attacking Syria

This video is a copy, as the original was blocked by FOX News
This video show how incredibly stupid are the people that run the US government.

4 years ago

1:15 Loss of legitimacy? Are you kidding me? Congress has an approval rating in the low teens. The POTUS received 28% of the adult vote because 46% didn't bother to show up to vote. Of those that voted for Obama, 42% said they did so because they feared Romney was even WORSE.


The US treasury and the the Federal Reserve is run by the same banking concerns that melted down the worlds economies, engaged in widespread fraud and the "Justice" Department prosecuted none. The powerful are exempt from the law. Meanwhile, almost 1 million Americans are unconstitutionally imprisoned for non violent "crimes". Millions more are caught up in a "justice system" that deprives them from their constitutional rights and ruins their lives and the lives of their families. The USA has 7X the numbers per capita imprisoned as Great Britain, France or Germany. Before the US/NATO inspired terrorist led revolt against the Syrian government, The USA had 5X the per capita imprisoned as Syria did.


Corruption is endemic in the USA, Government corruption. Competition is being crushed by regulatory agencies on the behalf of the powerful. Prices on goods and services are managed by money printing providing powerful corporations the highest margins in history. Savers and the retired are being destroyed financially. Real wages for the bottom 90% are declining.  Of the financial gains made since 2008, the top 1% got 124% increases, the bottom 99% lost ground.  . Financial resources are being diverted into the two economic black holes of DC and Wall Street.


The media is owned and or operated by a handful of politically connected oligarchs who broadcast fake debates between "sides" that represent the same exact special interests. Politicians and the controlled media engage in fear mongering manufacturing fake crisis after crisis to convince the people to cede more power to them. The real crisis IS them. They are corrupt to the bone.


And Assad lacks legitimacy????

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