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The herb as foods
3 years ago

From kikapoo joy juice to chews...there are a lot of interesting ingestables you can make right at home. 

Any recipe will do?

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3 years ago

now at a pc will expand...

the oil is the key, also can be made into a beverage or butter,if you're not vegan like me.

The butter is so mild they give it to children in some Native American tribes.

The oil is just herb and oil of choice heated together for at least a half an hour.

I like to let them soak together for the night before...

then just use the oil in place of the oil you would use in baking,or chew making,which 

I am still working on a recipe for...kind of like a tootsie roll,so cocoa is definitely a key ingredient...currently a lab in Colorado is making them,

3 years ago


Thanks tas, herbs to chew, love it . . .

the best part
3 years ago

Discreet and lasts for hours. 

Good for pain relief. 

3 years ago

Of course tas.

3 years ago

Just learned about dabs, and bho, named for the president. LoL

3 years ago


3 years ago

In a no smoking hotel room, I have found a new love of smokeless vaporizers.

3 years ago

Just received my native American memberships card, photo id card.

It works on the federal level.

Protecting use  and posession of native sacraments, including herb and cactus fruit known as pejute'.on top of my California medical card,I feel safer on the road with this. 

It had been supreme court tested, and is the law now.onac is the website, anyone can join.

IT'S $200 dollars, a good investment considering legal fees and penalties. 

On a good note, California is way above the curve on edibles, I even got special honey as well as other ingenius devices..

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3 years ago

Have to mention the huge move towards approved, right next to ingestibles.

There are pen vapes, personal rechargeable units by Atmos among other companies.

The technology is growing right along with smokeless tobacco. 

The loss of paper is healthy, no longer risking any health issues, including dental and lungs.

I cannot stress enough that this is big business, AND people are lining up for the day, they can sell theses things on the open market.

Too much money in it for it not to happen eventually, with a smart commander in chief. AHO!

3 years ago

There are many in need of this knowledge,I hope that we can make it available to as many as possible.

3 years ago

it's just like the dental info,people don't care until they really need it,and then all the prevention and cures are that much harder to accomplish.I

I sure hope the country gets smart about this soon, legalization would make the deficit disappear helping so many more,than just sick people.


3 years ago

Hello Holly, Tas and others will pass here.

I flow May the 29 from Montreal Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport.  I should receive my visa next week.

Nice talking to you after so long.




3 years ago

Just  say hello to all.  I am always flying by with all happened for the stollen wallet and 6 cheques for about 1,500$ --  A RCMP agent will phone after 1:00 am this night to come if he can come to clarify and investigates about all this malencontrous affair.  I am waiting for my Visa from Montreal and I started yesterday to look at the tickets for JFK July the third day before the Fourth of July,  the big feast of all to me. 




PS  Yes Tas 


Thanks tas and I will follow this.  Very interesting. 

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megadeth brownies
3 years ago

I hold the current record for these..

Intensely strong brownies, I have done three

When one was supposed to knock u out. 

Recipe, available. me. 

3 years ago

Megadeath brownies- lol! Great name.

I had never heard of the chews before!

I so wish it was decriminalized across the board.

It really would benefit so many people health wise and monetarily!

3 years ago

Thanks Sioux,  I want the recipe please and thanks.

3 years ago

Waiting for the recepy for my birthdy Sioux.  Ty

3 years ago

did u get it..

Rebecca, in vermont...just decriminalized completely state wide

greatest state!

3 years ago

yes I got it but have to make it lol....

3 years ago


Read the info on this video,very informative.........

3 years ago
Vermont would be the greatest state if it would now defend it's citizens from the DEA/Federal government. But the prison industrial complex is too powerful in DC and the states have been castrated
People in the USA need to ask themselves why there are 6X as many people in prisons as in comparable Western developed nations.  The law enforcement lobby's are another aspect of the Statist coalition that runs the nation and ruins the lives of millions of people that just desire to be left alone and be free, 
What the Bleep do we know (movie)
3 years ago


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