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Healing Earth Waters (Fukushima)
3 years ago
| Surprise Me
Healing Earth Waters with Parsifal

Time: August 14, 2013 to August 15, 2013
Location: everywhere on the planet
Event Type: global, meditation
Organized By: Parsifal

Fukushima disaster has the only reason to came into the world to unite mankind.  

Waters on the planet are completely contaminated with Radiation.

They also contaminated with chemicals.

We need to heal / cleanse waters of our planet.

Gathering together in places where we live in different corners of the planet we will unite out wish with only one simple intent:

Sending the word 'HEALTH' or 'BLESS THE WATERS' while visualizing planet and all waters.

Nothing else needs to be added.

You can also visualize dirty waters becoming clean. 

It needs to gather as many people as possible.  

So, please make it viral, share with others.

This wish of clean water for All includes all aspects of life, a memorization of the water's memory.


If someone is ill, what do you wish?


That easy - Parsifal

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Sharing Your Genius, Your Special Gift

Maybe we can add to the healing:

When ever we hear in the media or discussions 'Fukushima, radiation, water, groundwater, uranium, caesium strontium, plutonium.... Japan Dai-Ichi, nuclear China syndrome' et cetera, we should spend a minute and say from the heart a friendly  'Health'.

read more at site

3 years ago

If this even pertains

I have researched this, living on the ocean

Water purity is HIGH on my list of important environmental knowledge

I have found that seaweed and sea vegetables like konbu, heal radiation sickness. 

Maybe we can heal our waters through vegetation. 

The water in Vermont after it's only huge hurricane is now proclaimed safe to swim in

Two years after all matter of toxins were floating in it from the storm.

On essence it ran downstream to Massachusetts¿

Thank you Tasunka
3 years ago


The administration of this global event has meanwhile merged some likeminded people and became a teamwork.

The event will take place a little later

Before you start your wish to the waters and possibly share the event with others there will be a little more info added soon

check out

- Parsifal

Tasunka you said:

Maybe we can heal our waters through vegetation.

I recently have read an article how excellent plants can purify contaminated water including most of the existing poisons.

But can't remember the source yet, think the study was written in German nor if nuclear radiation was included in the purification process.

If you find more info to support your above comment, please add it here

Please stay tuned as we're working on more info but try keep it very simple.

Global Water Healing Meditation August 17 to August 18, 2013
3 years ago

Working with the time

This meditation is scheduled to take place

from Saturday August 17 to Sunday August 18 2013

In the Universe all time coexists simultaneously (past, present and future) and do not required calendars and clocks.

Important is only the beginning and ending of the event.

The approach to that is using intention and trust that your Higher Self will perform what is needed.

This also means that we all meet all together at the same time.

read more

(This is the actual, updated event)

Everything is possible for humanity if we overcome odd believe systems

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