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The liar Kerry at dinner with Assad
3 years ago
| Government & Politics

It is not so long ago, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (Kohn) visited Damascus and amicably met with President Dr. Bashar al -Assad.
Subsequently, both have taken dinner with their wives at a fancy restaurant in the Syrian capital.

Now slobbers Kerry like a madman for a war of aggression against Syria, spewing venom on him, foaming from the mouth of sheer belligerence and has Assad compared to Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein on Tuesday.

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Tony Blair with Gaddafi
3 years ago

Yeah.  Here is Tony Blair with Gaddafi.

Rice with Gadaffi
3 years ago


3 years ago

John McCain and Gaddafi:

John McCain promised Qaddafi US arms for Libya in 2009 meeting, leaked cable says

John McCain talked about sending US arms to Libya with both Muammar Qaddafi and one of his sons during a 2009 meeting that included three other US senators. Sen. John McCain is the ranking Republican member on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

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3 years ago

One must ask oneself:  what kind of person chums up another and then advocates their murder?  

.......Answer:  Psycopaths.  

~Yep.  That's who has their finger on the trigger.  That's who is running US foreign policy (war).  Functional psycopaths.

Kerry Distorts Syrian Rebels from Leftist site
3 years ago


In the Drumbeat for War, Kerry Offers Questionable Analysis of Syrian Opposition

Many are calling Kerry's description of Syrian rebels as "moderate" inaccurate, and a desperate bid to gain support for U.S. military intervention.

In his recent testimony before Congress, Secretary of State John Kerry has been painting a picture of Syrian rebels that is both at odds with what many intelligence analysts say, and with previous statements Kerry and the Obama Administration have made, Reuters has pointed out.

While attempting to make the case for President Obama's plans for military intervention during the Senate hearing this week, Kerry asserted that the opposition to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad "has increasingly become more defined by its moderation, more defined by the breadth of its membership, and more defined by its adherence to some, you know, democratic process and to an all-inclusive, minority-protecting constitution. And the opposition is getting stronger by the day."

Hmmm. Highly questionable, say other experts.

Both the U.S. and allied intelligence sources (as well as private experts who have been following the developing story of the Syrian civil war) are suggesting that the assessment is rather inaccurate, overly optimistic and, it should be said, manipulative. Many are stating that extremist Islamist groups like the al Qaeda-aligned Nusra Front are better organized, trained and armed—in spite of being smaller in number.

Kerry's remarks follow-up Obama's statement, made early last friday, and signal a remarkable shift in tone in the mere two years since the administration vocalized concerns about sending U.S. forces into Syria at the risk of placing the country into Islamists' hands. Since then, the actual potential for danger seems to ebb and flow depending on what works best for Obama's plan of action.

Just two months ago, deputy director of the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency, David Shedd, estimated that at least 1,200 different rebel groups were active in Syria, and that Islamic extremists were in a position to expand their influence exponentially. He also said the likelihood was that radical elements would take over other larger segments of the opposition.

Kerry's new assessment has been challenged by various officials around the world, starting with Texas Republican Michael McCaul, who, during a second hearing on Wednesday, asked Kerry, "Who are the rebel forces? Who are they? I ask that in my briefings all the time, and every time…it gets worse and worse, because the majority now of these rebel forces…are radical Islamists pouring in from all over the world."

"In a hard-fought civil war, especially one without a single well-organized opposition movement, success goes to the most ruthless and dedicated elements, which also tend to be the most extreme in their views," said Paul Pillar, one of the country's foremost Middle East analysts, to Reuters. "We are seeing such a process in Syria today."

Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose relationship with the Obama administration has been strained since he granted sanctuary to Edward Snowden, and because of his cozy relationship with the Assad regime, has also chimed in, calling Kerry a liar. "This is very unpleasant and surprising for me. We talk to [the Americans] and we assume they are decent people, but he is lying and he knows that he is lying. This is sad."

Putin's harsh words come hours after it was reported that the seating chart at the G20 Conference has been altered due to strains between Obama and Putin. They are now separated by five chairs instead of two.


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3 years ago

Kerry has NO substantial proof of who is responsible; he is a deceptive front man for this corrupt presidency and they are dragging this country into war.


NO proof of who is doing chemicals, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Quaeda, Hezbohah are all players in this conflict and they take down assad, they step into power.

3 years ago

Germany is siding with Russia, most of the world are NOT with Obama, they are going with Putin! 

3 years ago

isn't is sad, the leader of the worst enemy of the ussa speaking in sane terms about the world with a voice of reason whereas the head o'state of the land of the free, the strongest military in the world and the highest debts is to follow the scriptwriters plan ?

The Ship Of Fools

Ladies and gentlemen, the photos posted above and below are courtesy of Reuters, a globally-renowned news agency which is part of the corporate media whose every report and breaking news is taken by most of the world’s pseudo-realist citizens as 'The Divine Truth'.

When alternative (read 'actual') news forums which present the other side of the picture, such as this (above mentioned by Sheila -- thank you) very forum itself, share such content, we are mostly ridiculed or brushed aside as non-credible sources. But we remain content knowing that sooner or later, the truth will be spilled out from official sources, some day or the other.

3 years ago

Germany is siding with Russia, most of the world are NOT with Obama, they are going with Putin!

dear Sheila, Germany is not siding with Russia, in the contrary, it is a sound submissive ally of the empire and occupied by the U.S. since the war II


Merkel said there needs to be 'a collective answer by the U.N.' before action should be taken.

This is a grave difference in the light, Obama will o.k. the attack on Syria anyway, only question is WHEN.

Maybe there have to be more false flags staged by the Mossad/CIA/MI6

3 years ago

Publicly admitted have the following governments to war crimes against Syria (means to attack the country w/o approval of the UN Security Council)

'Australia, Albania, Kosovo, Canada, Denmark, France, Poland, Romania and Turkey have outspoken publicly and clearly in favor of the U.S. military actions,' said the representative of the U.S. State Department Jen Psaki.

3 years ago

Obama has not only destroyed the USA but his intent to destroy the world is apparent.

He is setting the stage for the worst terrorists to take over and we have a repeat of egypt in Syria.   People dislike the Muslim Brotherhood who force Sharia Law upon all under their control. 


Obama and Kerry are both liars and they have no honor.

I have called, emailed, signed petitions to all congress, senators to stop this craziness now!

Obama and Kerry will escalate the problems in the Middle East by striking Syria.

They will definately add boots on the ground.

Everything they say is based on lies!

Who are the protagnists in this duel, the muslim brotherhood, al quaeda, hezbollah all the same people who are terrorists. 

3 years ago

In 2002, then Senator John Kerry, said that the intellegence on Iraq was compelling and that there were WMD in that country.  It turned out to be a pretext for a war that has resulted in the deaths of over 4,400 American soldiers.  There were also thousands KIA of aliied forces/contractors, media and others.  How many Iraqi's?  No one really knows,  Estimates are in the 100's of thousands.  The numbers of Americans, Iraqi's and others wounded and needing long term care are also in the 100's of thousands.  .


The warmongers claim they know the numbers of Syrians killed by this chemical attack.  That's pretty absurd given that the numbers of Iraqi's killed in that US intervention are unknown.  Somehow people are to believe that the US, that isn't in Syria, knows this but couldn't come up with  a accurate estimate of how many Iraqi's were being killed when the US had occupied that country.  Of course, there might be a reason.


"The December 2006 report of the Iraq Study Group (ISG) found that the United States has filtered out reports of violence in order to disguise its policy failings in Iraq.[208] A December 7, 2006, McClatchy Newspapers article[208] reports that the ISG found that U.S. officials reported 93 attacks or significant acts of violence on one day in July 2006, yet "a careful review of the reports for that single day brought to light more than 1,100 acts of violence." The article further reports:"The finding confirmed a September 8 McClatchy Newspapers report that U.S. officials excluded scores of people killed in car bombings and mortar attacks from tabulations measuring the results of a drive to reduce violence in Baghdad. By excluding that data, U.S. officials were able to boast that deaths from sectarian violence in the Iraqi capital had declined by more than 52 percent between July and August, McClatchy newspapers reported." "


Nah......The government wouldn't lie to us would they?   And if we were being lied to, the media would let us know, right?


"According to Project Censored, the undercounting and underreporting of Iraqi casualties has led to a widespread belief among the U.S. public that very few Iraqis have been killed, with an average "estimate" of under 10,000 reported by an Associated Press poll in February 2007.[15] This survey was, itself, not reported in the mass media, even by the Associated Press."

But THIS time we are being told the truth, right?  


quotes above are from:


3 years ago

BTW, the orginal expose of the systematic under reporting by U.S. of Iraqi's being killed as a result of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq was done by Marla Ruzicka who died the following week in a car bombing attack.  Draw your own conclusions.  


Ironic that Obama gets the Peace Prize for his efforts and someone like Ms Ruzicka gets dead.  


just a thought
3 years ago

what if someone with real cojones made a petition that if he goes through with attacking Syria,he must have to give back the Nobel Peace prize as a result of his ineffectiveness of keeping the peace he supposedly is partially responsible for...

if that makes any sense??

3 years ago
Obama getting the peace price has vaporized the last creditability that organization had. True peacemakers are humanatrians. Obama is the opposite. Another US POTUS that is a war criminal and hardly the first. .   
3 years ago

Exclusive: Does Israel Have Chemical Weapons Too?

One secret CIA file may have the answer


and related, a .pdf

Implications of Soviet Use of Chemical and Toxin Weapons for US Security Interests

only, the Zionesia Apartheid State does not allow UN officials to check their stockpiles of WMD's in DIMONA (Nuclear, Chemical and Biological) but denies to possess such means for genocide

Geopolitics of the Syrian War: Israel and Saudis
3 years ago


The Geopolitics of the Syrian War — Sharmine Narwani Prince-Bandar-bin-sultan--001  Red Arial 48As the US Congress inches closer toward a strike on Syria, many in the West are only now struggling to understand what the conflict is about and how the battle is effecting the Middle East.

Now, geopolitical analyst and commentator Sharmine Narwani breaks down the Syrian war, outlining the major players and their agendas and motivations.

This is the Corbett Report, GRTV (Global Research TV) Feature Interview with Sharmine Narwani :

“Bandar ibn Israel”

by Sharmine Narwani

Israel and Saudi Arabia are keenly aware that the age of American hegemony is fast declining, and with it, their own regional primacy. And no parties in the Mideast are more vested right now in urgently “correcting” the regional balance of power than Saudi Arabia and Israel.

At the helm of efforts to “correct” the imbalance is Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, the US’s longtime go-to man in Riyadh. Bandar ibn Israel, a terror Frankenstein, is now throwing funding, weapons and training at the extremist version of Islamist militants inside Syria.

The sudden escalation of military threats by Washington against the Assad government is a result of pressures and rewards dangled by Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Read more from Sharmine here

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