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Risky Healing: Making Your Own Medicinal Cannabis/Hemp Oil
3 years ago

The US government labels cannabis a ‘schedule one narcotic’ along with heroin and LSD; they also say it has no medicinal value. This is quite laughable considering the government itself holds US patents on cannabis constituents (namely marinol synthesized from THC), showing how it plans to capitalize on the plant’s known healing qualities just like pharmaceutical companies. In fact, one patent filed in February of 2001, #6630507, is entitled “Cannabinoids as Antioxidands & Neuroprotectants.” Sounds pretty ‘medicinal’ to me. More than 77% of American agree.

Should the powers that be – being both the singular producer and supplier of this miracle  ”useless” plant – have complete control? It seems that everyone should know how to make their own healing medicinal hemp oil. Here are some tips if you’re legally allowed to use this healing plant.

3 years ago

From age 6,I have managed my own bipolar disorder with the canabis.I have also hear many people have used it for many things and it helped them.The govt wants to control medicine,the food supply,and all other needs.Then they have control,and this babylon shitsem is in bed with big pharma,all abut the money and power.they care not about people at all. 

3 years ago

Agreed, Kaya.

Well, we all know how I feel about government, lol.

Anyhow, I had bought Hemp oil and Black Seed oil but, to me, it tastes disgusting. Anybody have any suggestions as to what I can mix it with?

Can you heat it for cooking, or does it kill the good properties?

Or, should I just stop being a baby and just take it straight?

3 years ago


Julian marley-Boom Draw

Rebecca,you can make ingestibles,some people even put it in brownies.Ijust smoke it,not sure if the benefits are the same.I just know it is calming and helps me to concentrate and function.

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