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Nigerian Farmers Abandon Food Crops for Cannabis
3 years ago

Nigerian farmers ‘abandon food crops for cannabis’

By Agence France-Presse Saturday, December 7, 2013 12:00 EST

A cannabis plant, pictured on January 4, 2013 grows under powerful lights at a house in France. (AFP)

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3 years ago

Most Nigerian farmers now abandon growing food and economic crops for cannabis in a bid to become instant millionaires, the country’s anti-narcotics agency said on Saturday.

In a statement, Ahmadu Giade, the chairman of the Nigeria’s National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), said: “It is sad and disturbing that most farmers are now abandoning food and economic crops for cannabis.”

Last year, the NDLEA arrested 8,052 suspected drug traffickers, including 542 women, it said.


The NDLEA boss said that more than 1,400 hectares of land was used last year for cannabis plantation.

“This 1,404.27 hectares of land could have changed the fortunes of our agricultural sector if properly utilised,” he stated.

The agency seized drugs worth 33 billion naira ($208 million/ 152 million euros) last year and prosecuted 1,720 suspects, it stated. It did not say how many suspects the agency convicted.

Among the drugs seized were cannabis, heroin, cocaine, ephedrine, methamphetamine and amphetamine, the NDLEA said.

“We shall continue to dislodge more drug trafficking syndicates because anytime we intercept drug from criminals, we are indirectly saving lives,” Giade said.

Some of the seized drugs — hidden in ear rings, buttons, necklaces, bangles and female belts — came into Lagos from Brazil and Pakistan, he alleged.


Nigeria’s anti-narcotics agency says more than 1,400 hectares of land was used last year for cannabis plantation


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3 years ago

Very sad state of affairs in Nigeria when drugs are more important than food crops.

3 years ago

Why are people still equating weed with drugs?  And are they daft that they dont know "pot" is a "food" - and of course an "economic" crop too? 

3 years ago

There is NO nutritional value in pot.  Yeah, pot brownies and you have to add the MJ to some food recipies. 

At this point, we all will be needing MJ just to get along because USA is going the way of totaltarianism sooner than later as Obamacare is a means to an end.


Mellow out with weed or revolt is the only solutions to a big problem pending and it will be interesting to see what happens.   Now that the NSA is intact and spying upon us 24/7; we are losing our freedoms more and more and Big Brother knows what the people are up to via their spy machine.

3 years ago

By focusing on the 'high' weed provides, and that terrible relaxation thing (never mind the assist in critical thinkg for people who don't or can't relax because they are too busy chasing dollars to keep up with government's spending disease), which is the most insignificant offering cannabis has, you are a party to ruining the whole world. Frankly, you have blood on your hands for supporting a war against God and Nature in which millions have suffered and died.

3 years ago





3 years ago

Why shouldnt they make money growing a useful crop?  How about abandoning these ridiculous laws aganst a plant and take the giant black market profits out of it?  This isnt ricket science.  If people REALLY cared that is exactly what they would do.  

Euraguay gets it.  Portugal gets it.  The whole concept of illegalizing anything natural is completely out of the realm of imagination for honest environmentalists and human rights activists.

3 years ago

It is nannyism not to just give people information and let them decide for themselves.  Treating people as children or even criminals will only make things worse.  Crime was increased in the 1920's due to the States atempt to legislate behavior.  There was no treatment for alcohol abuse either.  Society will find a better way without control freaks trying to impose their will on others at the point of a gun.  And where does that end?


...The problem is it has no end.  Once government is used to impose the will of some on others, those that are in the general population with sociopathic tendencies are drawn to this power.  Authoritarianism is an ugly thing.  

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