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The Symptoms of the Mass... the Revealers of Our Society

A spree to the clinical interpretation of symptoms

'All over the world there is no object with shape and form that would not even have meaning, content and signification.

In our society, disease is commonly considered neither language nor as a way nor even as useful.

It is not even recognized as something fundamental, but seen as a plenteousness of repulsive, more or less random incursions into life.

Therefore, it is also spoken of diseases in plural.

That in itself makes no more sense than to speak of 'healths'.

In my experience, body and soul always belong together'.

- Dr. Ruediger Dahlke


Just as individual disease-patterns show problems and learning tasks of the persons concerned, reveal medical conditions, affecting large parts of the population something about the state of society.

By far the most threatening disease in the world is malaria, which means 'Westerners' - except for rare holidays - but little affected.

It leads to a batch-wise breakdown of red blood cells and thus to a decline of vitality that is reflected in the blood.

In countries that are ravaged by malaria, can also observe such a decrease in vitality to certain lethargy.

More interesting for us Westerners are those clinical pictures which require here with us their toll and for us represent our soul-mirror.



In the first place the heart attack would be to mention that calls for the highest number of deaths, especially on the ground of high blood pressure.

The meritocracy, toiling under high pressure gets here their medical acquittance.

At heart attack starved the heart in the truest sense of the word; his diet is prevented by narrowing of the coronary vessels.

Ultimately, the heart becomes strangulated and dies partly from infarction.

The interpretation that someone has allowed to accrue far too little energy to the center of his life, the true matters of the heart, comes to mind.

The invitation which comes expressed in physical events is consistent here.

The sign on the body level, especially angina pectoris, attract the attention of those affected by the pain of his heart and challenge him to take care of this area more.

Does this not happen, eventually have to take care physicians in intensive care units, intensively for the hearts of the sick, but ultimately they can not detach them this task.



The second most common cause of death among us is cancer; almost half of the German population suffering from and half of it die to it.

The fate of the individual cancer cell reveals to us the underlying theme.

The clinical picture shows on the stage of the body that someone has deviated from his very journey through life (like the cancer cell) ... and encourages him to regain its meaning and essence.

As with the heart attack event the request is consistent here.

It is always about to detach the body the task which will come to light in the disease process.

Instead of that cancer cells...


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The Symptoms of the Mass... Are the Revealers of Our Society

Ten Golden Rules

We humans are almost conditioned when it matters and lay the responsibility for our lives in the hands of so called specialists and not to question or only very little.


Especially when it comes to health issues 'specialists' are either overwhelmed or know just established ways to threat symptoms but seldom encounter the cause of disease.

'I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail'

- Abraham Maslow, The Psychology of Science, 1966


Here two handful hints if you experienced cancer

1) Even YOU have already had cancer - without knowing it - and healed your cancer by your own.

If you really want then you can mobilize again this power at any time.


2) million cancer patients were or have themselves healed in a natural way - consciously or unconsciously.


3) Meet the 'cancer diagnosis' with extreme skepticism, because three out of four of the common diagnoses are incorrect or incomplete; gather information from more as one source and compare the results, even if established ‘experts’ have little time for your questions.


4) A surgical operation is only useful if acute danger to life.

All other interventions are rather questionable.

Surgeons make their living by cutting.


5) Chemotherapy and Irradiation do more damage than good.


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Ten Golden Rules

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