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A Political Correct Christmas Message

For years, I say, forget the media, because they are all centrally controlled and bring all the same messages.

No matter what you read or see, it is the same propaganda on all channels.

Is like the Reichs-broadcast during the Nazi era.

This fact of media coordination is of course completely denied by the media representatives and defenders of the system and rejected as a conspiracy theory.

But it is served us the worst politically correct pabulum.

For what is centrally fed by the news agencies into the pipeline, apply thousands of editors 1 to 1.

They only operate copy & paste journalism and consist of parrots, worthless airheads who copy the pre-chewed.

Goebbels would be very happy, the media of the so-called free and democratic West (laughing), working as his Reich Ministry for Public Education and Propaganda.

But there is more to it…

Parsifal, December 28, 2013


For those who do not want to believe it, here is the proof what was viewers told, for example, in the U.S. over Christmas.

In the following video ... 


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A Political Correct Christmas Message

If you want to get a laugh, take a look at the US Sunday morning talk shows. " Four networks.  Same guests.  Same topics.  Same exact questions of the guests.  Same answers over and over. They are prerecorded because.....well, it isn't really news is it?  


MSNBC has "liberals" and a token fake conservative (neo-cons) as the commentator.  Fox has the reverse.  CNN has suppossed middle (all super Statist, mostly pro whatever government is doing and screaming there must be more "compromise")  


Notice that when the attempt to attack Syria started?  The US media didn't even pretend to question the pretext and were ALL gung ho kill em all?  Then when the American people (at last) finally objected, the media was caught behind the crowd.  They then reversed to try to get ahead of the growing opposition.  


Notice when BOTH "sides" wanted to push the massive increased US budget/debt limit the GOP leadership only pretended to oppose it?


Or when the Dem's accepted another big above the inflation increase in military spending?  No one even mentioned that it had be claimed after leaving Iraq and redcuing forces in Afghanistan, militaary spinding was suppossed to decrease by a lot?   Media didn't say a word, but put on a bunch of stuff about making us "safe" against the foreign threat?


Notice the media said nothing about the NDAA 2014 legislation which continues and expands the NSA spying?  Or the 84 to 15 vote for that bill with only two democrats voting against it? 

Simply speaking, the US media is simply a mouthpiece of the Corporate State.  The only difference is a puppet show.  With the main stream media, people can choose the color of the lies they are told.  


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