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Farewell, Land of Plenty

About the art to omit - a waiver experiment

'I'm going to live like in the 70s'

Without mobile phone, no internet, no supermarkets, no media. . .


Hardly anyone can now imagine such a life.

Comedian Roland Düringer has yet dared to experiment on himself and omitted these things. His new book, 'Farewell, land of plenty - the art of omission' is then carried out on the basis of a conversation with the author Clemens G. Arvay the great philosophical questions of life.


I had the opportunity to speak with Roland Düringer on November 11, 2013 on the day his book was published about which waiver is the hardest, as he came up with the idea and if he wants to omit even more.

Parsifal, December 29, 2013


Parsifal: Which waiver was the hardest for you ?

What has most lacked: mobile phone, car, internet ?

Roland Düringer: bad was nothing, because I wanted to.

If you want something, it's not bad.

What was the biggest chunk and the biggest rearrangement for me, because the car I used to travel a lot and have always been traveling.

In the year there were 50.000 km, so that was the biggest change.

You have to see the car as a utility, not as a fun device, if one is so much on the road because of tourneys.

This is not funny anymore.

That was sensible to refrain from supermarkets no longer go in the mall.

Parsifal: Is this easier in the sticks than in the city ?

Düringer: No, (laughing) I do not think so, rather the contrary.

Because there are fewer offerings and alternatives in rural areas.

In the city there are health food stores and farmers' markets.

Parsifal: How did you come up with the idea to omit cell phone, car and Co. ?

Düringer: Quite simply because I am not writing a new program but play my old (note: Cabaret).

And because I thought I could try something in the year.

And it would appear to be a nice experience to look once: What happens to a people today, if you resort to the tools of the 70's and see what this makes of oneself.

It was a self-experiment, an experience that I wanted to do.

I not wanted to prove anything to anyone and proselytize anyone, but I wanted to know what does it do to myself.

Because we are all so accustomed to pocket the phone when we leave home.

Usually when we notice that we have forgotten, we are terribly nervous, because we are not reachable and our dates are stored in it.

And once again omit and once not to carry one along, once was a beautiful experience.

Parsifal: What would you have needed most of the things that you have left out ?

Düringer: Well actually one need nothing of the things.

I need them only partially. That means I need a car to get to the railway station, because I really live in the countryside, in the sticks as you said.

I've still a car, I did not have it scrapped.

I move it just very, very rare.

Only when I really need it.

It's not that I 'm against these things and say, these are now all bad, but to me it is about a sensible use of it.

Because we have now crossed a line, because things have taken possession of us.

If you're really nervous because you lost your mobile phone at home, then really your phone has won.


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Farewell, Land of Plenty

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