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Encircling Russia and China
2 years ago
| Government & Politics

Of course, it poses absolutely no threat if America stationed his weapons and soldiers getting closer to Russia and China.

No, because Washington has never even bent someone’s hair, has never made with outrageous lies a war of aggression and is oh ! soo peaceful.


For the brainwashed Atlanticist who always plays down the aggressive and bellicose U.S. policy, such redeployment means nothing serious.

Just like the relocation of the German army to the border of the Soviet Union in 1941 meant nothing, which but led to the invasion of Russia with Operation 'Barbarossa'.

The historical revisionists say, of course, that was just a pre-emptive war Hitler had to make.

Just so completely abnormal conceive the war horny politicians and generals in Washington.


They move their chessmen ever closer to the queen (China) and to the king (Russia), approach in order to achieve a long desired checkmate.

Parsifal, December 30, 2013


In occupied by the U.S. Japan 45.000 U.S. troops are stationed.

18.000 of them sit in Okinawa, where the population is protesting for decades against it.

They are tired that their women raped and their children are run over by the GI's.

In the Japanese press the crimes of the occupiers are still reported, which does not happen in Germany.

The German media have muzzled and can not report on crimes of U.S. soldiers, otherwise the Germans would get upset and ask what the 70.000 U.S. soldiers still doing here ?


Anyway, more modern and more powerful weapons are always brought to Japan and stationed there, such as aircraft for anti-submarine warfare, stealth bombers and drones.

For the first time there are American drones in Japan.

For what this military buildup ?

But just to build in close proximity to China a threatening posture.

The Americans mean when they are able to cut off China...


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Encircling Russia and China

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