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The European Union, The IV. Reich
2 years ago
| Government & Politics


This essay might be capable turning your world view upside down, provide you the opportunity to peek out of the box and is therefore to be considered dangerous as it enters grave the spirit of current global events. So, my article does not only apply to Europe... - Parsifal, May 24, 2014


Several times I have already explained the European Union is the continuation of the III. Reich by other means.

The Nazis are not simply disappeared *) after the end of World War II, but have only disguised themselves and their ideology and implemented in a different package, under a different name with the same content.

With Nazis, I mean the real fascists in high places in politics, business, industry and finance.

Not the useful fools who walk around with combat boots and bald.

As Mussolini defined fascism ?

It is the fusion of state power with the power of corporatism.

He had to know yes, he invented fascism in the 20’s of last century and later the Nazis have taken over this totalitarian ideology.


What is the guiding principle that controls the EU in all its actions ?

There is free movement of goods, the domestic market for goods without limits.

To this end comes the free passenger traffic without obstacles, shifting around cheap labor in the Union and dismantling the social achievements.

This means that the European Union is exclusively for the benefit of corporations ... not the people.

This is pure fascism, but is sold to EU citizens as a great progress.


The driving engines behind the Nazi ideology of a great European empire were originally the major German corporations and big industrialists who wanted a market expansion for their products and closely cooperated with the Nazis.

Sold they have the expansion on the European continent with the slogan 'one people, one empire a leader'.

So that the German people were not really meant, but all European nations that were conquered by the Wehrmacht and integrated in a unit.


But what is the EU other than the implementation of this idea by other means ?

Instead military has conquered the countries the economy, or the 'common market'.

Instead of a leader, there are directors, namely the European Commission, plus the President of the European Commission, as well as an EU President, a committee but which no one can elect.

The EU Parliament has nothing to say, not even allowed to propose laws.

The EU is therefore a dictatorship, which is only the facade of democracy.

I say yes, the Nazis have learned something new.

Strictly speaking, the EU has become a dictate of corporations, in which the whole policy is only directed to the benefit of corporations, most of the big banks.


Sold is this the EU citizens, of course, different.

If you read the documents of the EU then you find,

'the single market facilitates the purchase and sale of products in the 28 Member States with a total population of over 500 million inhabitants.

It offers consumers a wide range of goods and allows them to purchase the best and most affordable product while shopping'.

This means that EU citizens are not regarded as citizens with rights, but as lawless users, as consumers of goods that produce the corporations...


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The European Union, The IV. Reich

18+ Kiev Bombarded Luhansk
2 years ago

What the Western media do not report, the war crimes committed by the Ukrainian fascist regime.

They bombed the population of Luhansk with fighter jets on Monday and have killed at least five people.

It is not surprising that Western reporting is completely silent, or if at all, does not tell the truth.

The fact is, there are dying Ukrainian civilians by cluster bombs which are dropped from the air, something that is completely banned under international law.

But we know if the West or Western-backed regime commit mass murder, then that's fine, is either justified as 'counter-terrorism' or concealed.

Parsifal, June 3, 2014


The photo on top shows how a machine of the Ukrainian Air Force yields Cluster Munitions at Luhansk.


Was hit the road and park before the building of the city administration, which resulted in many deaths and injuries.

Kiev has immediately denied the use of the Air Force against its own civilian population and instead claimed that the explosion have caused the Self-Defense Forces in an attempt to shoot down the planes.

Here you can see a bomb attack on the city at June 02, 2014:


read more, watch videos


18+ Kiev Bombarded Luhansk

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