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Cafe Music

What's a Cafe without music?

For starters,let me bring to you..from South Africa, Lucky Dube!



I just looove Lucky's voice

I've been posting this all over Care2 lately. My recent theme song, I guess


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How about a little storytelling with music?


A band I have enjoyed lately is Midnite from St.Croix Virgin Islands

a little storytelling with music


That is so lovely, David.  I especially liked the second number


I hope when I get to Denver you're still there and I have the opportunity to see you perform.

Yeah, that was great David -- a great mix of playing and storeytelling! How long have you been performing? It must be rewarding.


I'm not very familiar with Lucky Dube, but your post reminds me of this song that got some air play that i liked a lot.


That's also a great song from Ben Harper, Rebecca. Love the instruments. Though different, it reminds of this melodic and very positive message from Michael Franti.


I hope that no one minds if I steer this in a different direction for a moment


I just happen to be listening to this on Youtube right now.

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Archie L

Check out the music of another member of this group..Archie L!

This man has a conscience

Bryan, love the Franti song



I cut my THE BAND (one of the greatest bands ever) teeth on their version of The Weight...


Archie!  Impressive! 


Beautiful and touching song you wrote there





The cafe music is a pleasure.  This Care2 group rocks!  This is what is good in a group; people who provide peace, calmness, pleasure to listen and absorb a good vibe and mood.

For classic Folk/Rock fans...



Please indulge me

A slightly different take on one of my fave songs.


Love it, Carla

Okay..I admit to a little bias with this next artist,because I've performed with him. BUT..the man is good!

Charlie Parr

Inspired by his rural Minnesota roots, country blues musician Charlie Parr showcases his classic Americana sound during an in-studio shoot. His influences include Charlie Patton, Bukka White, Reverend Gary Davis, and Dave Van Ronk. He plays a National resonator guitar, a fretless open-back banjo, and a 12-string guitar in the piedmont blues style. He performs “Where You Gonna Be (When the Good Lord Calls You Home)” from his 2010 album When the Devil Goes Blind.

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No video there, David, so I'm bringing one




Since we're being biased.... 


Allow me to introduce you to my son, Stacey Blood...




Suicide King


Or go to his website HERE to hear those and two more from his soon to be finished for release album, Millennium Blues



Great songs Katii! You'll get me front row seats when your son is big and famous?


Thanks, Bryan!  and, you betcha!   Hell, I'll even get you front row seats before he's big and famous LOL


That Neil Young sure is a blast from the past!  That was before (just) he joined CS&N!


Here's a new video for "Helpless" (my new favorite song)...




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If you look fast and careful you'll see yours truly here and there in the vid - at about 1:40 in, behind my hubby, the girl that usually has a camera stuck to her face



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Ok David got a request.  I want to hear from Jimmie Cliff.  Very early Jimmy Cliff.  Can you help?  I'm going to spend a mint to get one of his early cds lol! 


Jimmy Cliff you want..Jimmy Cliff you get

An all time fav.


David and Bryan. Thank you so much!!!!


I just ordered a cd from the 80s that he made, called Special.  It is special.  I can't find that music anywhere on youtube.

If anyone coud use a good chuckle...the first time I heard this song it was Sting's cover version. Needless to say I've been trying to expand my musical horizons since that little revelation of the original.

This has the best beginning of nearly any song...


Love Hendrix, Santana and Richie Havens. Can anyone put up some videos, that is one thing I don't know how to copy and paste. Great artists all that are shared here .... heard Lucky Dube last yr. and thanks for all new ones. Happy Birthday Bob Marley. Same day as Ronnie Reagan.

Sheila, it's easy. Just go to youtube and copy the http url.


To copy, just highlight the url (click on one side of the link and sweep across until it's all highlighted) and right click to copy.


Then in the comment box type video: and paste your url next to it without any spaces.


So, it would look like:




Click the preview box to see if it pops up.

Rebecca, I've always loved Little Wing (never heard Sting's version!)

Here's some Santana for you, Sheila.


this is the url from


so, i will put video: in front of it without any spaces....


sting's little wing...


Ss, if you click the 'share' button that is located under the youtube video, the link will appear already hilighted, you'll just need to 'right click' on it and choose 'copy'.

thank U Katii; I never knew; that pictorial is excellent.

Ss, you still have to do as Rebecca explained above...


In the reply window type, video: and paste your url next to it without any spaces.


So it looks like ----> video:http://yoururlhere


Thanks for the Sting Little Wing vid, Bryan ! just beau-tee-ful <3


More Santana...






Gary Moore, died Saturday



Rest in Peace Mr. Moore

Just the thought of being in the same room with these three, B.B., Clapton, and Phill Collins, together is a butterflies in the tummy thrill




mmmmmmmmmm Tina...



another all time fave...


Now for something a little different...


How's this for a cover?


Ahh, very nice, David (both)

I think it's time for a little Neil Young in here..


Tiger & Laurel Aitken - Guilty - Original 1971 (Reggae)

  It is all great music.






Thanks Holly, wowowow



Bob McFerrin, singing only with his voice is gorgeous.

David Daniels is great one too.

Have every one a great day!


I know that a song touches each person in a different way.I just hope that this song will touch you deeply,in a good way,as it does me.With all of the negativity everywhere you turn,it is good to hear something like this.


happy fourth to the ones who celebrates, I will buy a smart phone it is Thursday stores close at 21:00 --



Wow, looking back, this thread was started 2 years ago!

The newer youtube doesn't provide the "long link" anymore, so, using the 'video:' won't work anymore.

Holly, I like that song, "One Day." No more war!

let's see if this works!

I am sorry,there has been a mistake.Justice is not well,but she is still with us.

....Your prayers are very much needed.

Blossoms dance and kissed by the Muse

Art as a creative process of life.
Art that accrues from life, connects to it, which follows the life that expresses it:

Blossoms dance and kissed by the Muse

Estas Tonne Boomer 2014 (Road to Utopia) Festival in Portugal

The Boom Festival just ended, many busses full of people left it's premises.
Music stages already on the way of deconstruction.

Boomer's are tired but don't want to leave.
Like persistent surfers are drawn to waves, they still search for the waves of music which are nowhere to be found.
On the day when music sea was calm Estas Tonne caught crowd by surprise giving them one more chance to enjoy the ride.

The amazing ride of his music.



Monday Paracetamol

Ulrich Schnauss' 'Monday Paracetamol' synchronised to a visual feast of scenic timelapses, both natural and rendered.


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