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7 years ago
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Please use this thread to direct members towards resources that might be useful to us as Tea Party members .....



Tea Party Elections For tracking elections in each state)

Vote On Congress (Let Your Voice Be Heard)

Eagle Forum

SunshineReview (Government Transparency)

CSPAN - (Find out who your legislators are, what bills are coming up and how they voted)

Ballotpedia The encyclopedia of democracy Find out how money is influencing Government policy

Project Vote Smart

Heritage Foundation-Center for Data Analysis

First Principles

The Online Library of Liberty

Ludwig von Mises Institute

The Heartland Institute

Competitive Enterprise Institute

The Cato Institute

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

Center for Security Policy

SurgeUSA - Links for Conservatives

Center for Immigration Studies

Media Research Center

Grade Gov - They work for YOU!

Primary Election Calendar

Politics1 Politics, Elections, Candidates & Campaigns

Politics1 - State & Federal Candidates - 50 States

From The American Federalist Journal

The Declaration of Independence

The US Constitution

The Federalist Papers

Study Aids

Webster's 1828 American Dictionary (necessary for interpretation)



7 years ago



Judeo-Christian Voter Guide (click on your state to get voter recommendations) (Has Voting recommendations by State)


Faith and Freedom Coalition Scorecard


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7 years ago

Senate Tools:



A Citizen's Guide to Congressional Language:


Virtual Reference Desk


A clearinghouse of Senate information on the Web and guides to resources in libraries and archives.



Senate Statistical Lists:


Senate Organization Chart for the 112th Congress

The Virtual Reference Desk provides resources about Senate leadership, committees, and officers.








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7 years ago

House of Representatives Tools:



House Library:
Click Here

House Common Questions and Answers:
Click Here

House Reference Desk:
Click Here

House Resources:
Click Here


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