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6 years ago
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PETA "Investigation" Is Intentionally Setup to Close Caboodle Ranch
Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, cats, animalwelfare, ethics, investigation )
Beth- 6 hours ago -

Shame on PETA for recruiting ANYONE over 21 to be an "undercover investigator". Even worse, they allowed their "investigator" to purposely mix sick cats with healthy cats. And so begins the deliberate smear case against the cat refuge by PETA & ASPCA.

6 years ago

Incredible slideshow ! PETA and ASPCA shame on you! 

Thank you Monika for posting.

6 years ago

Agree with you Gabriela. I had tears in my eys when watching the slideshow. 

It was a beautiful place for the cats and my heart is still heavy about the destruction...

And if you watch the slideshow until the end you can see that the first PTS victim was a 3legged cat.....

6 years ago

Today I read the comments on this story and I'm so puzzled ...

Michelle said: 

"If you hate PETA, you hate PETA. You have the right not to support them. But Caboodle Ranch was called out for its neglect and cruelty by more than one group. The truth needs to be told. " 

I think it's a very complex situation ... and the TRUTH is out there ... 

6 years ago

Comment below from Brennon is my view on the case, too.

Brennan (USAP Animal Protection group) commented on the petition:
Free Craig Grant and Open Caboodle Ranch: Free Craig Grant and Open Caboodle Ranch

It's time to stop demonizing, criminalizing and prosecuting sanctuaries
which have fallen on hard times and instead, rally public
support -- funds, donations and volunteerism -- from communities, businesses
and individuals where these sanctuaries exist. Animal rights
organizations have a moral and ethical responsibility to become involved
and take the lead.
It's very easy to cast sanctimonious, spurious judgments on those who
care for numerous animals by labeling them "hoarders" and neglectful
"criminals." However, the one thing these accusers have in common is
that NONE have walked a mile in these caregivers shoes nor have any
idea, whatsoever, of the intensive cost, labor, constant vigilance,
massive energy, hands-on care, determination, commitment and love
required every single day in order to run such operations; often with no
breaks, no vacation time or any relief from their responsibilities, year
in and year out.
The "hoarder" label is not only outrageously unfair in many of these
situations, but it denies reality. That reality is, when word spreads of
someone within a community who embraces non-humans and takes it upon
themselves to help those in need, the community's radar goes up and it
doesn't take long for the "dumping" to begin.
Reprehensible, callous, irresponsible "pet owners" crawl out of the
woodwork looking to dispose of their unwanted family members in what
they consider an acceptable way [by abandoning them on the caregiver's
doorstep] while simultaneously wiping their guilty consciences clean.
Consequently, thegood-hearted rescuer ends up overwhelmed.
When resources become scarce -- no money, no volunteers, no donations --
most of these individuals feel trapped. They realize the more animals
they have, the higher the likelihood that if they ask the authorities
for help, their companions will be euthanized. To someone who truly
loves those they care for, the thought of giving them over to certain
death is not acceptable. So, many of these individuals continue to
muddle through the best they can, feeling they have no choices.
PETA, the 'grand inquisitor' roaming the country, waging war against the
unsavory pockets of neglect they expose, and then pouncing on their
targets with muscle provided by local law enforcement, has yet to spend
one thin dime out of the multiple millions in its budget, in order to
lend financial aid or emotional support to such places. They would
rather take the low road and continue to push their agenda of
euthanizing every animal which crosses their path, claiming that murder
is humane.
PETA cannot, with any honesty, claim it espouses the 'rights' of
non-humans while taking the most basic right any being has -- their life
-- away so cavalierly.




I also share this statement:

Caboodle Ranch


Posted by: "USAPanimalcrueltydivision"

Wed Mar 7, 2012 10:45 am (PST)


also whomever put this bit of trash out without knowing all the good work he has done is to blame. I think after the attacks started things may have gone down a bit there. This happens when rescuers are attacked.


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6 years ago

Caboodle wasn't the only sanctuary attacked by PETA in the last months...

A bunny sanctuary was also victim of PETA's "rescue policy"

The whole case of bunny sanctuary is posted in topic

Stop PETA from killing pets!




Scroll down for another sanctuary in NY that suffered the same attack. These are regular
people like you and me that dedicate their lives to saving animals, and then—instead of help, they get this?

6 years ago

Thank you dear Monika for clearing up my confusments. I don't know Brennan but please tell him I admire his brilliant & insightful judgements.

What a good memory you have Monika! "Stop PETA killing pets" , I completely forgot that thread. 

6 years ago

You 're so right Gabriela , the Caboodle Ranch issue is very complicated.
And as always in this situations , politics and in this case the opinion of the HIGH KILL shelters owner ASPCA ( killing rate of shelter animal 86%) and PETA , that brings all the  pets to HIGH KILL shelters ( killing rate 96%) were going hand in hand.

Maybe someone remembering  our petition earlier this year against the ASPCA NY because they were bringing a request to the politic ,  to bring the custody time from homeless animals from 7 day's to 72 hours? Peta supported that request.

And PETA did the same request in Florida. The voting would be in March 2012. There was no support for this request in Florida.

That PETA has such a high killing ratio , is a part of there philosophy. An homeless animal is better of dead , than that they have the chance to go to a bad new home or to a laboratory for vivisection. It's a philosophy you can like or not. But they never made a secret of this philosophy.

For me it was the reason that I never had sympathy for PETA - in spite of the fact that I'm a vegan - ,because of THIS philosophy.

Because PETA had no shelters nobody was suspicious on the fact that they were brought this philosophy in practice. When the first people were talking , PETA said it were rumors. Now, the time is over that PETA said that that are only rumors.
They stand now for their philosophy and there are official documents and video's.
The high killing rate of shelters brought a new movement in the US. The NO KILL shelters promoted by Nathan Winograd.

You need no much imagination to understand that from the beginning the NO KILL movement was an enemy of PETA.  Instead of a custody  time of 72 hours before killing ,a no end custody till they find a home. The argument of PETA and ASPCA that the shelters are full and that they must kill the animals is by investigation refuted. Some shelters were nearly empty while they said they are full.

Back to the raid of caboodle Ranch. The time was well planned. A few days before the voting for or against the 72 hour custody.  
A world wide attention , a video and a few pictures and after manipulation with the pictures - I can prove that  , wrote that  in another group and after that , I saw many others that saw even more manipulations - the world was ready to believe the PETA/ASPCA story.  

I was confused.
A few pictures , some manipulated , but from PETA , did more for the public opinion than all the video's of happy cats  , most made from visitors , from the Caboodle Ranch.

On the same time that the CR was destroyed , PETA and other high kill organizations started a new item. Not the no kill aspect was the highlight , but hoarding.
Strategic , brilliant !   No kill has a lot of sympathy by people , hoarding not.
Brilliant ,yes. It looks like they did not attacked the no kill community , but they crusade   hoarding from cats.

I have reed the last months more lies , not only from CR , but about  no kill shelters in general too , then ever before.


'Abused and neglected ' cats of Caboodle Ranch a few days before the raid.

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6 years ago

Because I have hundreds articles and a lot more to say about CR ,no kill shelters and PETA I will post here more with links to articles and videos.

But I will explain why Monika and I are so passionated by the Caboodle issue.
Monika had a shelter for animals in the hell of the Caribbean.

Hell , yes.
I can not imagine how she survive all the misery that she saw ,  and where she acted to save  , feed and comforted all that abused and sick  animals.

Monika is a rock and for me she is a HERO !   

And... , she knows what she is talking about !!
I , have a sanctuary for feral , shy , sick and abused cats. To me they bring the cats that would be otherwise killed in the subsidized (state) shelters. This cats can not be placed in a normal household.  That I gives  a place to this cats , means a better chance for the not feral cats in the sate shelters. (We have not a short time limit before killing so as the US , but a cat that stay to long in a state shelter will be killed too. ( No gas).)
I have a luxe position if I look what Monika has done.  But still , we share a lot of experience with abused and sick cats.

And , we both know that the shelters that we worked in , are complete different than a shelter where happy , good looking  , not to old and healthy cats , are waiting for adoption.

We takes care of the outcast , the unwanted  , the miserable looking , the animals which we knew that they will live only a few months , and we want to give them a happy few months.
And thats exactly what Graig did in the Caboodle Ranch.

When I read in a comment ' Why did he not let adopt the cats ?'  my blood boils. Because ,my dear , that were cats that   nobody wanted before , for several reasons.

Otherwise  , people did not bring the cats there.

Monika and I found each other in the experience we have,  and in  recognizing how people , that do not know enough about the kind of animals that have a ' fault ' for a lot of people  , talk about things they have not the slightest idea what they talking about.

Like PETA.

Feral , sick and abused cats are the first one that they killed.

6 years ago


Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:17 am (PDT) . Posted by: "Planeta Animal" 

This photo is also on the slide, but I want to draw attention to the amount of money that went into this operation just on SPCA’s side, not PETA’s. It is said that all 600++ cats were adopted in one week-end. Really? I know for a fact shelters have a hard time to get a dozen adopted anywhere in any given week-end... But at least one of them – the 3-legged cat was the first to go.

Be sure to watch the entire slideshow for the full story: http://www.slidesha anch/caboodle- ranch-the- truth

6 years ago

 From my information there were adopted 34 cats. They say that almost all the cats  had  leukemia. Thats not surprising when you vaccinate for leukemia.  That factor ,  you find always back in the blood results.

And can you imagine that there were adopted 600 cats without publicity ???

PETA without publicity ???? Haha. That's a contradiction in terminus.

Monika , what's happens with the C2NN message from Beth ? ( your link above )

Oh , and I see no photo in your post !

6 years ago

What the hell is going on at Care2 ! Beth's news have probably been cancelled Lenicka!!!

It was still there this morning because I followed the comments .

The picture shows the paper proof of the 2.4 mio . I'll post the link below but I am not sure if you can open it, its a closed Yahoo group

This is the pic-link:

6 years ago

noted didn't open.

6 years ago

Thought so Sandi ! Well 2.4 mio would have been more then enough to help Craig and the cats !!  And this is only what SPCA spent for the destruction - you must add the expenses of PETA, too. 


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6 years ago

Noted and Thank-You so much for All the Newsie News Monika and Lenicka :0 Noted all comments too :0:0 !!!

6 years ago

 Yes  , Monika it was there this night because I followed the comments too and I prepare an answer to that Peta adept. Piece of cake. Like all believers that never use their own brains he is like a PETA propaganda pamphlet. I wish I have had more time , I have a lot of links with more information about the background of these destroying. And yes , Monika , with that money they could  have build a fantastic medical care center with vets , on that place.

Is that not a fact that has had to open anyone's eyes ?  

Why so much money to destroying  ????

And why not that money to help ????

Did you ever see that beautiful bus from PETA ? It's a hightech  professional medical care center on wheels.  

And I think that with that money , so much animals  could have been saved from the dead row etc.

6 years ago

If you followed the comments you probably have been reading the ones I made, too, and that this guy did not hit the points I mentioned. He mixed up everything,  did not reply to my PETA BSL accusations, did not reply to why PETA doesn't open a sanctaury etc. etc. While I was speaking about PETA and no-kill sanctuaries he was talking about fur, circus animals, slaughterhouses etc. 

I was shocked when I got the message today from the 2.4 mio !!!  These orgas have NO LOVE for animals, otherwise they could NEVER destroy a sanctuary for animals instead of helping....I could cry day and night about this unjustice and the fate of the cats...

6 years ago

noted. so horrible. thanks.

6 years ago

? do we talk about the same. I cannot see a comment from you ?

I talk about John Schiff. And he said ' even the ferals are relocated to new colonies". he gives no location but it is the first time they admit that the CR cats were not housecats.

Monika here a post from you from 12 march 2012

Good site for information about PETA's killing policy:

Articles on this site:


(click on text to open)

- PETA Attacks No-Kill Shelters!

- PETA Staffers Face 62 Felony Cruelty Counts

- PETA Employee Arrests After Animal Killings

- PETA Founder Admits Personally Killing 1K Dogs/Cats

- Best Friends Sanctuary On PETA's 'Euthanasia' Position

- PETA Calls for Killing All Impounded Pitbulls

- Letter to PETA - Stop Pitbull Genocide!

- Furious Rescue: "PETA Pissing Up Wrong Tree!"

- Sweet T Ranch Appalled by PETA's No-Kill Position

-Australia! Yes to No-Kill No to PETA's Killing!

NEWKIRK KILLS WITH HER OWN HANDS In 2003 we learned for the first time that Ingrid Newkirk - tireless defender of animals - has another face. During the 1970's her chosen profession was "dog catcher" and killer. Newkirk unabashedly describes her zeal for killing in her own words: "I'd go to work early, before anyone got there, and I would just kill the animals myself...I must have killed a thousand of them, sometimes dozens every day."

She was so good at it she rose through the ranks to become director of District of Columbia's high-kill pound where she reigned for some years. There, under her rule, untold thousands more died.

6 years ago

 Sorry I cannot make the points clickable but they are all in the link !

6 years ago

Noted and Thank-You Monika and Lenicka :0:0

6 years ago

Lennicka I posted 2 comments on Beth's news

PETA "Investigation" Is Intentionally Setup to Close Caboodle Ranch

and others could read it because I got reply in the comment section

6 years ago

Noted last 2 posts :0 Thnx Monika and Lenicka :0 :0

6 years ago

"When I was taken away and locked up, 100’s of people chased my beautiful cats like it was a pig chase.  Some were hurt; open wounds I heard in court later.  Some people took cats home.  Murry, Little “O”… they weren’t at the ASPCA. Many were missing.  This is like opening someone’s store and saying take what you want and wreck the place while you are at it."

"Don’t ask me how proud I am to be an American right now. I’m a veteran. I had a gun held to my head like I’m a criminal. I can’t justify anything that’s happened to me.  It’s like that show Locked Up Abroad.  I’ve been put through hell."

6 years ago

I don't want to look at the video - the bloody rubbishes - so hope something really bad happens to them. Obviously they have a hidden agenda on the animal issue - bastards.

6 years ago

I have read every word here but not looked at the video - I can't. I agree that there is an agenda and not so hidden if their kill rate is so high. PETA are talking absolute nonsense when they offer only two alternatives to PTS i.e. a bad home or a lab. It is the job of shelters and rescuers to make sure that does not happen but PETA and ASPCA are like all pen pushers who have never looked after a real animal in their lives. They love to criticise those that do simply because they may not be providing their idea of Shangri-la. PETA have only once helped our monkeys when they donated £400 to get seven monkeys out of war torn Beirut in 2006 - a rescue operation that cost thousands. They almost NEVER have funds to help sanctuaries.If the big charities were hands-on doing their job there would be no need for small sanctuaries to spring up everywhere.Look at the Accounts of some of the bigger ones - one spent £500,000 on a data base in one year - how many animals could be cared for with that?This is not hearsay this is a matter of public record available for anyone to read online. Monicka I have no personal knowledge of Caboodle but I trust your judgement and the piece written by Brennan and I know how holier than thou,judgemental and arrogant these Societies can be. I also saw the lovely photographs of the ranch with all those happy looking cats. One of the critics of Craig was someone (evil witch) who had previously dumped her cat there!! Like you would trust her judgement!!! Lenicka you are right.  

6 years ago

Thanks for the update Lenicka and for your detailed comment Jan. 

Again and again new facts about the PETA hunt reach the public. The whole case leaves me speechless.....I only hope thet court will bring justice to Craig and his cats !


Please keep us updated Lenicka


PS: the slideshow posted on top was removed from Care2 !!!!!!!!!!!

6 years ago

thank you leniicka and monika for all the work you are doing to set thing straight. i admire both of you.

6 years ago

There was a , more or less , hidden agenda in Florida because of the  custody time for homeless animals from 7 day's to 72 hours or less , that ASPCA NY ask the politicians there to do that and Peta supported that request.

A few days after the raid there was a bill for more animal friendly laws in Florida and it was in the expectations that the bill would be supported. The timing a few days before to do the raid , was excellent.

But that is not the only reason. I see an emerging aversion of a lot of people against High Kill shelters and more and more a cry for No Kill shelters.
How you turn your conscience , upside down or right or left , a fact is that Peta and ASPCA are the biggest High Kill organizations for pets in the US. Peta is the last years very open about that and defend that point of view.  
One can  , of course,  agree , that a dead animal is better off , than a abused animal when it is adopted in a wrong family , but than you can say too , that it is better that there will not be born children , because of the risk that the child will be hurt or abused......

An utterly ridiculous argument , I think.

Fact is  , that the fight that Peta fights against No Kill shelters and the founder of the movement Nathan Winograd , is harder and harder and the Caboodle Ranch was an example and a triumph.

Fact is too , that there were not 700 Caboodle cat adoptions . There were about 35. All the others were NOT ADOPTABLE CATS. 

Just why they were in the Caboodle Ranch.


Caboodle Ranch without cats.

Meanwhile  there are every day thousands of adopteble cats in the Death Row , or confined in small filthy cages in shelters etc, etc.

How can anyone defend this, how can anyone justify this.

How blind one must be to do it.

Nathan Winograd calls them Peta clones.

I call them Peta believers.


6 years ago

thank you, lenicka for this vital information. it is really a wake-up call to let people know how hypocritical PETA is and the ASPCA. i never trusted them and never will.


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