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Sweet Florida dog charms veterinarian out of euthanasia injection
5 years ago
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Marlene Furey of Furey's Furry Friends, refers to Tigre as a miracle.

Late last week, Furey had Tigre, an emaciated boxer mix, pulled from the Miami-Dade Animal Services and taken to a veterinarian for care. The young dog was emaciated and there was a large mass on his neck.

On Saturday, the veterinarian, Dr. Melgey, called with devastating news - Tigre was too far gone to save. Tigre's low body temperature, the mass, presumed to be cancerous, and severe anemia caused the veterinarian to recommend humane euthanasia.

Marlene was heartbroken that the dog she had tried to save from the animal control facility, was going to die anyway.

Amazingly, something dramatic took place following that phone call on Saturday morning.

Furey shared the miraculous news early Monday:

Dr Melgey couldn't do it--when he walked into his pen to get him, Tigre walked over to him, wagged his tail and rested his head again his leg and just looked at him with those sad eyes and Melgey couldn't do it.

He tried calling me Sat aft to tell me he had another plan and I missed the call--just found out an hour ago! I'M OVER THE MOON!!

Tigre is not out of the woods, but he is alive.

Currently, Tigre is at Crystal Lake Animal Hospitalin Pompano, Fla., being treated by the good doctor who could not bring himself to put the young, sweet dog down.

Tigre has started to eat and is currently taking antibiotics. Dr. Melgey believes that there is a possibility that the mass could be a build up of scar tissue from an untreated abscess.

Right now, the goal is to build of Tigre's strength and then perform a biopsy to see what, if anything, can be done.

In the meantime, Tigre is charming the veterinary staff, just like he did on Saturday with Dr. Melgey. It is working, and they are all in love with him.

Anyone who would like to contribute to Tigre's veterinary expenses can do so by phoning the clinic at: 954-941-6680

5 years ago

June That's great keep us informed.

5 years ago

I just signed a petition , that vets often advice to quickly for euthanasia.

Dr. Melgey gives the example that it is always good to try a further option. Thank you Dr. Melgey !!

Thanks June.

5 years ago

Thank you June for posting!  I hope and pray sweet Tigre will make it, he is indeed a fighter !

5 years ago

Thanks to this soft hearted Doctor who could not go forward with the euthanesia. I have heard many occassions that some doctors make the decision of putting down the animals far too soon without giving or trying hard to save them. This is a classic example...You need to try & see whether any chances there for them...if you give them the best care with using modern vet.methods.

5 years ago

We need more Doctor Melgeys. Thanks for the story June - a hopeful one to start the day.

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