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4 years ago

Dear all,


the host team decided to CLOSE THIS TOPIC for comments.


It was planned to leave it open until Zen returns after her suspension but now she was removed from Care2 and won't come back.


The topic remains in the group as a tribute to our dear sweet friend who will never be forgotten as the good angel of this network and the good friend of many of us.


Thanks for your understanding and your tireless efforts in this case


4 years ago

A note for Angela the spyer and troll on this topic

Angela Zzzz


@ Angela,

guess you read the comment in this topic that I deleted and reposted.

Well, why can't family members sign with their email addy's, using the same computer? This is what I meant with "signing with several addy's". Everybody easily can see that english is not my first language so mistakenly and misunderstood comments can happen. This is the reason for my repost! And if you spy in my group, well, have you nothing else to do??  I at least I AM WORKING IN THIS NETWORK and my group is a working group! Suggest you turn your efforts into it, join and work there, too, instead of hiding yourself and spying, that's poor...sceenshot LOL! But if it makes you happy; Oh my...

And if you join the group only for the reason to leave your nasty comments on this topic, I'll close it.

Like Krish I am away now from the Zen case . I said everything I wanted to be said, no more to add. And yes, I repeat, I feel fooled by Care2 as I mentioned already in the C2NN news. This is what I feel and it should be allowed to express feelings, shouldn't it? Discussion with you finished, period.

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4 years ago


1.  Only do so once (with valid first and last names); and

2.  Do not encourage anyone to use numerous emails in order to sign more than once.

It has has been pointed out that it may call into question the entire list of signatures, including 100's of truly valid signers.  So much time and effort has been expended by many people who truly believe in it, that we cannot jeopardize having it not taken seriously because of charges of fraud.

Whether it receives 10, or 20, or 10,000 signatures. . . take the high road to certify your own legitimacy.

It would be sad to lose integrity due to the eager, but unwise, efforts of some to boist the numbers.  The petition is a legal document and should reflect the true number of individuals who have read and agree to its content.

[See recent comments at]

4 years ago



Another joke, another green star from Care2 Support for my comment on F&S ("Agree! And C2 should become more relaxed! Like the cat in your avatar Lynda!") in thread Indefinite suspensions 


What more can I say? I understand animals much better then humans, the irrational reactions of Care2 are something beyond my imagination. Although C2 showed its true face and disappointed me fathomless I'll stay here to fight for the animals and to not leave the friends behind who are near to my heart. I also host several groups and cannot just say bye-bye: I feel a reponsibility for the members in these groups and I take it serious. 


FB is not MY place and never will be. I have a C2 network well working on behalf of the animals and it takes years to rebuild something similar in another community.  I have not the strength anymore to start from zero again. 


I miss Zen badly, she was an important part in this community since the beginning, since 1999...C2 is empty without her, her extermination leaves a big hole inside me and in this network...


Something else I'd like to mention: my disappointment that the AVAAZ petition has problems to get 1000 signatures. So many members are commenting the loss of Zen, but did they sign and share it? Probably not, otherwise we had gained much more sigs in a shorter time. Plus: where are all of Zen's group memers with their signature? The 2 deleted groups had 4000 members alltogether, if only 2000 signed, we would have made it easily.

4 years ago

Thanks Nora.. I sent your reply to AniMaeChi

4 years ago

The truth is , that in all of us , something  died too.

I see it in almost all the comments.

It's because we all loved Care2 , we all believed in Care2 and now we are betrayed.    And that hurts , that hurts very much.
For me , Care2 is an empty shell now , a dead carrier of facilities.
The only thing that warmed in Care2 are the friends and all the people that noted and commented the tribute.

 photo 558878_571620816231286_1382861808_n_zps13fd6e34.jpg

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4 years ago

Of course, Krish..I would be honored to have my poem posted on AniMaeChi's page~I think it would make Zen happy too...

Thank you ALL for the support of our dear friend...thank you for clarifying who wrote what...

I know many of you have been friends with Zen for many years...and are well versed on the many extraordinary contributions she made at the house of C2. I was blessed with the opportunity to meet and befriend her before her suspension/ban. I am deeply saddened by all the injustices at c2 and cannot even imagine how it would feel to be her friend and companion for such a long time, to see all the years of hard work and her efforts banished from the land.

*I am very sad for everyone that has been so deeply affected by this tragedy.

4 years ago

No one died?... Just on contrary! ZEN was banned and treated like she'd never existed before. C2 convicted her for civilian death here! And destroyed every sign,track/print  of her devoted work, which she has been doing since many years. THAT ALL IS GONE !!! She was a C2 member since 1999... So she was one of pioneers here. Should be awarded for that, but was brutally banished!...

Because of that many other important things died on C2...

>but care2 may die...what can we do about that?

C2 is big business now, and its management won't let it die... They won't kill gold-bearing hen. So we shouldn't worry about it, because we can't do nothing about it. Anyway we tried, though...

4 years ago

no one died! but care2 may die...what can we do about that? is there any hope for this website? if we all up and left care2 or were all deleted in one fell swoop, it would make little difference, but what is left of care2 will slowly die and fall apart because it isn't REAL any more.  IS there anything we can do to help? if not then i guess we should just leave and try to find another place on the internet where the environment is healthier...i don't know of one. we should all start collecting emails of anyone we want to stay in contact with and start saving anything you have here to another place. think outside the bloody box...outside care2 know there is no place within care2 that is not bugged. any of us may be deleted at any time as the 2 groups may also disappear all of a sudden. get emails! use an email you can easily get rid of and go from there. be carful who you trust!

4 years ago

Nora wrote:

> Apolonia, just scan down the thread a few messages where Dandelion has left us with a photo of a tree of hope for Zen and opportunity to thank Zen... If you click on the link it takes you to c2nn page.

Yes I know about it - I forwarded that link many times and wrote there some comments also... But this topic was created by Krish, not Dandelion, so I was asking where's D's tribute to Zen. There's lots of comments now, and it's hard to find something really meaningful. So I'm thankful to Just C. for reposting that important and beautiful tribute here... 

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4 years ago

@Nora.. AniMaeChi posted the following comment.. reposting here for visibility

Wednesday February 5, 2014, 3:26 pm

Your poem is very BEAUTIFUL hun, : ' ) it made me cry, & more so b/c it came from your Heart. May i ask your permission to put it on my page with credit to you of course, as a dedication to our Zen? 

Actually i've shed quite a few tears since returning yesterday & navigating between the 2 threads for Zen...... 

4 years ago

Good morning, sweet Nora (and all).

I had to jump in to make something clear.  I posted Dandelion's tribute because Apolonia had asked to see it.

I wish I did have her gift of writing; she's very talented and expressive, as were you, my friend.

thank you
4 years ago

Thank you Justice for writing such a powerful heartfelt message to Zen and her followers..You speak so valiantly and every word you have spoken is from the heart and so true...I also loved the poem...BEAUTIFUL!!!

Apolonia, just scan down the thread a few messages where Dandelion has left us with a photo of a tree of hope for Zen and opportunity to thank Zen...If you click on the link it takes you to c2nn page.

4 years ago

Lovely poem for Zen.

4 years ago

Thank you Just C. It is beautiful.

Your poem is also there , dear Nora.

Thank you very much!

Nora   Wednesday February 5, 2014, 2:00 pm
Zen, I wrote this from the bottom of my heart...sweet pea

there is a twinkling star in the heavens above
for a beautiful friend that I know~
the snow falls gently
and I think of her then
distant miles from a place we called home~
my heart is so heavy for such a good friend
a friend with a heart full of gold~
the leaves whisper her name and are holding her now
until our paths meet again
it was I that was honored
to call her my friend
kindred spirit, earth angel, she knows~
may the hope of tomorrow
help heal her unrest
a new beginning, she leads, I will go
there is a gentle breeze in the setting sun
for her courageous kind soul that will grow~

4 years ago

It's HERE (one of my all-time favorite Maya Angelou poems:

Tuesday February 4, 2014, 5:59 am

Still I Rise

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may tread me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are you beset with gloom?
'Cause I walk like I've got oil wells
Pumping in my living room.

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I'll rise.

Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops.
Weakened by my soulful cries.

Does my haughtiness offend you?
Don't you take it awful hard
'Cause I laugh like I've got gold mines
Diggin' in my own back yard.

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I'll rise.

Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I've got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?

Out of the huts of history's shame
I rise
Up from a past that's rooted in pain
I rise
I'm a black ocean, leaping and wide,
Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.
Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
I rise
Into a daybreak that's wondrously clear
I rise
Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
I rise
I rise
I rise.

Maya Angelou

We are all more than what the members on C2 know of us. We each hold a little spot within C2, but we are all a lot more than that. We have our history of all we've done before coming to C2, and Zen is no different. Many of us are on C2 now as our years are growing, the legs are tired, the body has seen it's wear, but we are all still alive; we have the history of our Walk and we are all still doing the best we can to contribute back to this Earth Walk the best we can, from the state and condition we find our bodies in. Bodies that have seen all the various battles in many lands........for we are not solely from one Country on here.

One day those who hold youth will also, if they continue their Earth Walk through the winters, will find they too will be at the north gate, their hair turning white or is white as snow, but they will realize that despite lost vigor of their bodies they still have a lot to offer.........and to teach those who are younger. This is a sad fact that has been lost in our societies for the push of all that glitters gold fails to see that the true blessings is in the hearts of it's older members of society. That once you stand on this hill of age one looks back upon all with a different view.

So I thank Zen for all she did for the C2 Community, which was most helpful to many who were on here, and it is a sad day, that one who offered so much to any who asked for help was so dealt with in such a manner as to fail to see the bountiful of contributions but would rather eliminate all record and history of a woman who not on on C2 but in her off C2 life has contributed a lot. The youthful sword has slain the heart of an older one but it is the same disrespect I see in the broader area of life. Those who are children, Elders, disabled, women are tossed aside in this Patriarchal suicide that they have this world heading into.

My words will not end in despair for there is a saying, "A people are not defeated until the hearts of its women are on the ground." Cheyenne. Although Zen's heart may be at a low place right now, I'm most assured when she has recovered, she will be able to place her time, talents, and energies into another place, and those who will gain by this will be all the better for it. Thank you Zen, you were part of making mine and others experience on C2 a better place, it's unfortunate that was lost on some.

And Zen too will Rise as the First Nations Grandmother rose up to start Idle No More, as the 85 year old Nun did in the USA to stand against Nuclear Energy and it's devastation it causes both environmentally and for the making of weapons, just as Margaretta D’Arcy, the 79-year old feminist, peace activist in Ireland has done, we women, despite our age, health, and circumstance, do not yet have our Hearts on the ground.

But when or if we ever do men, it's all over for you too, for it was out of a Mother that all of us started and that includes all that IS, WAS, or ever will be from this world. All came forth from a Being called Earth that is Mother. That dominating male energies fail to see that, that the majority of people who use C2 are also female and are educated.

Yes, Zen will Rise again. Not here, but she will Rise.

4 years ago

Where is that Dandelion's tribute for Zen?... On C2NN?...

4 years ago

Not sure if I need to pinch myself...I posted a poem I had written for Zen on Dandelion's tribute to Zen..It was connected to c2nn page and it posted? I just poured a glass of Sangria. Maybe I've had too much~

4 years ago

we can make zen a martyr for the cause of making care2 a better place as long as that doesn't mean we slink off to facebook or whereever and please realize that sending a petition to paytner probably won't change a thing...he is no knight in shining armor. we can fight harder and we still may lose or we can give up and feel sorry for ourselves. care2 could easily delete us all, but that doesn't mean we give up. care2 wants to silence us; we are the only ones who can decide whether they can do that...

4 years ago

Wonderful support.

4 years ago

Opportunity to Thank ZEN


Original Message from Dandelion:


> To leave your thoughts and thank a member, to whom she tried to help as many as she could.

Zen will not be returning. C2, despite all her many contributions to this site, has chosen to eliminate her as if she had never been.

There is to be no type of resolving differences, nor other chances, she has been banned, and I do assume the only way she knew is everything was completely removed from her on C2.

Whether you knew her, didn't know her, felt this is justified action or not, I know she still spent many hours trying her best to make this a better place for us all in our cyberworld activism.

None of us are perfect, but I never saw anything that this woman did to be so deserving of this. I've seen many foul mouth, bigoted, racists, and darn right mean spirited people on C2 who still remain.

This truly is another miscarriage of justice in my eyes. Even a murderer is given more rights to appeal or state their case to their peers. Very sad.

With that I leave the link: sadly sent, Dandelion

Showing My Thanks to Zen For All the Help and Oasis Chat


4 years ago

Well, that's just rude and unfair to do that to Zen.

4 years ago

WE won't give up!!! It's not THE END yet!!!

But we can't talk about it here, on monitored threads,where we can be banned in every moment because of any pretext... 

4 years ago

The petition is almost 3/4 of the way complete! It has not even been posted a week!
I will SUPPORT our friend in any way shape or form for however long this takes!

4 years ago


YOU ARE MONSTERS NOT HUMANS TO DESTROY THE MANY YEARS OF HARD WORK FROM AN EXTREMLY HELPFUL PERSON ON THIS NETWORK!!!!!!!! Are you satisfied now? Oh well this is sooo poor and disgusting that I could vomit


4 years ago

New thread:

Be hurry to join until it exists...

I'm afraid Zen can't see it, so maybe somebody can save it somehow?...

Than we can send her that via e-mail...

4 years ago

From Zen: "

Hi, my friends. It's all over, Care2 have deleted my profile. I wondered about being told the other day that my email address was not associated with an account, so I have been doing some checking, and find that my profile is gone altogether.

This should be a link to my news stories, which was available a day or two ago, but is now gone.

And my Shares are also gone, all the link I have go to nowhere, or to a page like this one.

How cynical of them to do this while the petition is circulating.

And meanwhile I'm being smeared by posters in the F&S group and I have no chance to answer the accusations.

All my years of work at Care2 all gone.

I can't deal with this any more, it's making me too stressed, and I have a lot of problems here at home as well.
I am giving up, sorry. "

4 years ago


 photo emailed.gif

4 years ago

No idea Nora what can be done? If you send a help request it probably stays unreplied  Seems your comments are censored...

We find ourselves in a never ending C2 story, only because we ask for transparency and free speech. I wonder when the turn is on me....

$*&^%&*(^%* again....
4 years ago

Well, upset I am locked out of making any comments on any c2nn petitions...I just signed the petition regarding jerk adopting cats and boiling them and feeding to friends but was not allowed to make a comment...I hope my signature counted...This is the same thing that happened on the avaaz petition via c2NN. I am not allowed to post a comment! I do not know how to get this corrected without sending a request to the Big Corp...any suggestions?

4 years ago

VERY strange Apolonia, never saw a similar comment before. Did you ask Cal as the group owner ?

4 years ago

Yes it's now obvious that "C2 support" developes only system of restrictions and glitches. They give thier time&energy for negatives instead positive solutions.

Don't they know anything about KARMA and its rules?....

I wanted to post in group "Inspirations for living". Posted  there only inspirational quotes so far, but today I've got this after my trying to post a link:

Funny, isn't it...

4 years ago

Nora I don't understand - are you locked out from commenting on Marie's C2NN posting ? I left one today without a problem but I know that some comments are sent to Marie which can't be seen on the page.


Apolonia, C2 has an option to prevent news to go on front page! They don't want this issue to wave through the network to not lose control I guess.

Why can't you post in your groups anymore, in our group it works! Is it a special group? I think I know which one you mean...


Yes censorship works perfect

4 years ago

I tried to post some info in one of my groups, but it was impossible, because of this: "{ profile_block member_info=$CLO.preview_author}".

So cenzorship still works everywhere... 

a glitch
4 years ago

Nora, why are you locked out?...

It's very strange sort of glitch on C2...

Since a week I have to proof that I'm not a robot when sending e-cards.... My "earned" points were reset, my butterflies for petitions, actions and green stars were not counted...

And 160 NOTEs isn't enough to put our petition on Front Page  of C2NN...

4 years ago

Frustrated that I am still locked out of making my comment on the petition to support our friend and anyone else whose status could possible be in jeopardy...I forwarded it to all my friends and just wanted to make a statement on the petition website. I am sad about that...Anyway, here is the comment I tried to make~

A huge thank you to the people that are working diligently to get issues resolved at Care 2~This is an extremely professional and powerful petition! May the green stars rain down from the heavens to all of you who have taken the time and effort to support a just cause~

4 years ago


4 years ago

Greetings to the Community as well as Care2 Support

Let me share my thoughts on this:

Zen used to help many people including Care2 Support as quoted by Support Team themselves..

Care2 Support responded saying

"We have received your petition and will discuss this matter only with the parties involved"

I appreciate that.. Please Contact Zen Immediately

Care2 Support Staff can contact her at her gmail

Please resolve the issue as quickly as possible.. Your help would be greatly appreciated 

Care2 Support Staff Can prove to the community that it is Fair by resolving this issue as quickly as possible..

Hoping to see Key Contributor Back Soon and the Groups they created {which had my small contributions as well}

Thx in Advance


4 years ago

Petition signed.

4 years ago

Signed the petition. Thanks for sharing.

4 years ago

jan, zen has for sometime criticised the chooses that care2 has been making and the lack of support she has gotten from eric. i understand and agree with her criticism. there was nothing said that was unfair or excessive. eric or randy could have at any time entered into a discussion about anything she or i or anyone else has said that was critical, but they chose to ignore and try to silence any criticism rather than to respond HONESTLY. if we care about care2, we should be able to criticize rather than be "yes men" and except quietly for fear of retribution.

 of course all those posts that were in the 2 help groups are no longer available to see what actually was said. my criticisms were less tactful and i expected to be banned, but thought zen's tact and the help and support she provided wold save her.

4 years ago

I just forwarded petition to all my, for someone that was not going to comment as much, I just can't slow down~aaahhh..priorities

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4 years ago

Dear Nora I had the same problem last when I wanted to comment on a C2NN posting about Ena - it didn't take my comment.

I guess its a C2 glitch, because the next day everything was back to normal again! No reason to worry !

4 years ago

Thank you all involved in seeking justice~signed!!!
I just tried to leave a comment on c2nn and system would not allow me to post! Is it just me or is something fishy going on by big corp?

4 years ago

Spread it widely:

Use your SHAREbook...

4 years ago

Signed. Thank you. Still at a loss to understand this situation. I don't remember Zen ever saying anything controversial or unpleasant to anyone - only useful tips and information.What a loss she is to groups.

4 years ago


4 years ago

Thank you Concerned!!!

4 years ago

thank you Lenika, I am still following all the postings here, I just may not comment as often~I love you all!!!

4 years ago

A warm hug for you too Norah. I think a lot of us know what you mean.
I do !
Even if you will be not so often here , I will send you a lot of green stars that will reminds you that we knows you are always one of us.

4 years ago

Hi Nora, I know what you mean about feeling spread thin.

just a bit overwhelmed
4 years ago

Just feeling like I am having a bit of a hard time keeping up! Trying to do my best signing petitions, green stars, this wonderful group, new forum keep calm, facebook, other emails, my pets and everday offline stuff~just to let you all know I am here but kind of feeling like I am spreading myself so thin~I am hanging in there, If you don't see my posts as often...I just want you to know I am still close by...warm hugs from my heart to everybody~

4 years ago

Seems we are losing Zen to FB...after all she went through on Care2, the way she was kicked out and treated, who wonders? Her groups probably deleted with a click. I still can't get it, really, I am so DISAPPOINTED FROM C2, how ungrateful they treated our dear friend. And only because of one person in this huge network who abuses his power due to an arrogant personal vendetta.

I could cry, its so saddening...

4 years ago


"We are committed to allowing freedom of expression for our members, including maintaining a safe space for people with opposing views to express themselves."

 photo 1511767.gif

code of conduct
4 years ago

It is good to know about that:  

This post was modified from its original form on 29 Jan, 15:44
4 years ago

I love all that 'quote of the day's'. They are so double on this place.

"A little kindness from person to person is better than a vast love for all humankind."

- Richard Dehmel

(P.S. I read my incoming mail twice a day).

Incoming mail for Lenicka
4 years ago

Lenicka - I've just sent you a C2 Intro containing an alternative (secure) address for me. Hope you can oblige. Thanks for your help and discretion .... Pamela.

4 years ago

zen is settling into facebook much better than grumpy old me ever did!   i know she misses the way care2 used to be. i miss it too even though i can still come to this site. i don't feel comfortable here any more. wish we could clone the old care2 and bring it back to life. sothe next thing to go are shares and i will be very surprised if groups aren't next.

4 years ago

UPDATE from ZEN via email:


Hi Monika, just to let you know that my limited access to Care2 is back, and I was able to reset my password. Please let your group know that now I can once again send green stars, click-to-donate, read some group threads and use my butterflies, which I'm going to do.

4 years ago

Dear all

I hope this message gets through....difficult to open C2 pages due to white pages at nearly every C2 link I click. I found out that it is a technical C2 problem since yesterday, other members have the same problem. If you don't find replies or posts from me today, you know the reason!

4 years ago

You are right Rosemary.  I really didn't mean that she would accept everyone. FB asked me to make friend recommendations to her. They do that if someone is new. It's an automatic question they ask  I WILL NOT do that until I ask the person. FB will nag her until they think she has enough friends. ( paradoxically they warn you if you get too many).  I just wanted to let people know, and of course it is always her decision. And I know I turn down some friend requests for a variety of reasons. Many because of my health.  No one should read anything into it if she does not accept. Thanks, Rosemary. Thanks to everyone.

4 years ago

First - Rosemary, the Care2 system wouldn't let me reply to your latest message.

Second - I don't do Facebook. It's not a matter of being unfriendly - it's privacy issues.

Third - if somebody could please give Zen the forum link, it would be great. She could feel free to say whatever she wanted, without fear of deletion or censorship.

4 years ago

i KNOW she is not accepting ALL care2 people who are also in facebook!!! it will make it easier to communicate with those she does want to hear from...

4 years ago

That's just wrong that Care2 won't do anything about Zen's situation.

4 years ago

First hello to everyone. Thank you for letting me join. Just as an FYI.  Zen is on Facebook. She has friended many if not most of Care2 people who have a FB account. I know that many people on Care2 do not have FB accounts. Any that do and know her, I think she would be happy to get more friend requests. 

4 years ago

yeah, i think i finally made a post over there! at almost 73, i'm beginning to think i have a learning disability, attention deficit or something...they didn't know about such things when i was a child and there still is a lot they don't know.

4 years ago

Here is the original post of Apolonia , without the link.

A lot of us have the link , so ask if you will enjoy but missed the link.

keep calm and...
APOLONIA19 hrs ago

Shan created new forum there:
There's a thread about C2... We can talk and feel free there...

4 years ago

In consultation with Shan , I deleted her post with the link to the forum.

I remover the link and the original text is below.

SHAN18 hrs ago

"shan, not sure how specific you want people to be in what they want. i would like to have a place to discuss a variety of topics with people having different points of view who are open minded and have a sense of humor. i personally have an interest in nature, plants and animals, children, personal philosophies and beliefs. i just like to talk, i guess, and hear what others think." (Rosemary W.)

Just about every forum has an area for what's called "Off-Topic" (basically a catch-all for what doesn't fit elsewhere). As time goes by, we can see what topics attract more interest and go from there. So if you want to talk about plants, animals, children, philosophy, that's fine. I can create more subforums as we need them.

"No need to wait till Friday

3 hrs ago

to hear from me...I finally got a response from care2 support/Eric..."Hi Thomas...

I appreciate the offer.  Unfortunately, we do not resolve issues such as these through 3rd party mediation.   care2 support."

So definitley no mediation." (Thomas L R.)

Which is about what I expected. I went through a mediation process a couple of years ago when I had a profound difference of opinion with forum management. I was dealing in good faith. They weren't. And to this day they are clueless as to why I no longer respect them.

There's a thread about C2... We can talk and feel free there... " (Apolonia P.)

Keep in mind that it's still bare-bones and not pretty to look at. But it will be safe from anybody's words being deleted. Please understand that the "validation" process is necessary to prevent spambots and troublemakers from sneaking in.

4 years ago

Shan and Monika, please read your PM.

4 years ago

Hi all..

I will miss the Oasis Chat Thread for sure

I will be gone missing for a while.. some can pm me if something substantial happens


4 years ago

I don't know enough people to be able to vouch for everyone who registers. But know this: If I catch ANYONE joining under false pretenses, that person will be banned.

It should be okay to pass the forum address along to trusted people, rather than continue to have it out in the open in these threads.

4 years ago

can anyone join this group? when zen 's email was posted on one of these threads, she started getting some nasty emails. the idea of having an offsite place to talk was to avoid being spied on. if anyone can join without invitation the point of starting the group is largely lost.

4 years ago

WELCOME dear Teresa!!

4 years ago

Thank you Thomas for the sad update that C2 is not willed to go for mediation - they needed more then a week to decide this...


I joined the new forum Shan - only 2 registered members....


Quote of the day (thanks Nora for posting, a laugh in the morning is always appreciated!):

"You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late."  LOL LOL LOL!! What a joke! 


WE NEED A PETITION quickly! Who is willed to open one on or Avaaz ? 


@ Rosemary: about leaving I said below already, it took me years to build up my animal network at C2. And I made many friends over the years who I don't want to leave behind. I only leave if C2 suspends me - this would be the final cut for me. Otherwise the animals have my priority and though C2 shows its true face of "democracy" and "free speach" and the blabla quotations of the day I want to continue for the sake of the animals. And I am not into FB due to data abuse.

4 years ago

monika, sorry, for being a pain...i've never been in a group where posts are this way. i realize it is a personal preference. it was a moment of misplaced frustration from a grumpy old woman! i really hate this whole situation!

how could we expect care2 to agree to mediate when of course care2 is always right and beyond reproach...aren't they???

so what is there to do? is there anything we can do to change care2 back to what it was? is it worth trying to expose care2 for what it has become or do we let it continue to distroy itself? we can stay in care2 and play by their rules not to question and do what they say or leave.  if we leave there won't be another place like care2 really. maybe we can try to keep a part of the community together and find some of the things we had on care2.

shan has offered to help set up a place outside of care2 where we can discuss these options. i stated a group when care2 was hacked and some of us got shut out of our groups and zen was very helpful to many of us. i called it "inside out" i feel that way even more than i did then...maybe that would be a good thing to call an outside group...

Another c2 quote of the day
4 years ago

thank you for the info Tomas!
If any had not seen this yet:

"You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


No need to wait till Friday
4 years ago

to hear from me...I finally got a response from care2 support/Eric..."Hi Thomas...

I appreciate the offer.  Unfortunately, we do not resolve issues such as these through 3rd party mediation.   care2 support."

So definitley no mediation.

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Power of Prayer
4 years ago

A warm Welcome new members!!! I agree with Eleanora, Monika and all of you that any action attempt should be wanted and approved by Zen first...Thank you too, Teresa for your update on Zen...I personally have not sent her recent emails lately since I know she is bombarded with messages...And if her hand hurts to type, I do not want to cause her any more pain! Let us be calm and patient at Zen's request. Prayers for Zen everyone!!!!

This post was modified from its original form on 27 Jan, 10:18

4 years ago

Sorry Monika if I posted first as I think you may have had a similar request from Zen

I have just received a personal email from Zen asking me to pass on a personal message to her from Thomas (proposed mediator) the message is:

Re Zen:  Thomas asks that everyone wait for word from him, which will come on Friday.

Zen hopes and asks that everyone will stay calm until then, she has been inundated with emails and had a nasty bout of flu on top so is feeling a little drained .

Lets keep her in our thoughts and our prayers until Friday and see what happens then.

Thanks to all who care we can only try!!! 

4 years ago

Good morning, Monika! would be another option - I think you're idea is excellent that Zen must have a say in so far as ... she might not want to come back after this very disturbing and disgusting experience with C2 Management!? I wouldn't blame her for such a decision!


To all of you - have a great day!


4 years ago

I forgot to mention why threads are upside down dear Rosemary! Its an option hosts can chose when a topic gets to long. Its easier for members to read the latest posts and not to be forced to scroll down the whole thread for every new message !

4 years ago

WELCOME dear Eleonara and Mm M !

Dear all, whatever you decide to help Zen, I am with you! A petition is a great idea but I would like to ask Zen before we open one...If she agrees, I suggest (though some members have problems signing on this site). But we can leave comments on change org, that's important.


I am sure that Randy still has a say on C2 and if he agrees Zen to be back, he can easily manage it , probably with one click. 

Joined Group Great comments guys
4 years ago

I heard from Zen when I had a chance to check my personal e-mails.  Zen has helpped so many people out when Care2 was a NO SHOW on a CRASHED SITE years ago.


This is what she got for thanks.  Petitions gone etc.


Hugs to all of you, I will not be around, but Zen always has had a Special Place in my heart! 


BRING ZEN BACK...I hope when I return ZEN is front and center~and this comment is not wiped off like others!  xo  Mm

4 years ago

i think it all comes down to money and ego. many of us are disappointed. many have left already...i will not go quietly! it just pisses me off and makes me mad! i'm just one little old grumpy person, with no power alone.

is there anyone who can find out who the major stockholders are? i just would like to know one way or another if that might be the source of the problem.  i think randy is still ceo, and i would think he would have some stock. maybe not enough or maybe he doesn't care any more. i think he once did. i really would like to know who is making the decisions.

shan, not sure how specific you want people to be in what they want. i would like to have a place to discuss a variety of topics with people having different points of view who are open minded and have a sense of humor. i personally have an interest in nature, plants and animals, children, personal philosophies and beliefs. i just like to talk, i guess, and hear what others think.


i think care2 groups, if everything worked, are a good setup for the most part. i like being able to make them look good. i like having specific threads for different topics within the group and being able to see avitars of the people i am talking with...i feel more connected that way. i really liked care2 the way it used to be...nothing is ever perfect, but i used to be proud of being in i feel a conflict between this community within care2 and the corporation.

4 years ago

Okay, something just went completely haywire. Please visit

To see an example of a discussion forum. People can post pictures, have conversations, we can have links to various petition sites and so on.

I'm not using this example to drum up membership in this example forum (but if you like Tom Baker from Doctor Who, that's a good place to bask in his wonderfulness ). It's just the first example I can think of.

This post was modified from its original form on 26 Jan, 16:11
4 years ago

.  photo 596-1263.jpg

Welcome in our group Eleonora !!!

And thank you for your contribution to the discussion.

And my answer on your last question , YES !!

This post was modified from its original form on 26 Jan, 15:54
4 years ago

Hi Nora!

What's really bugging me is that this happens on Care2 site ... isn't this the place/voice for the voiceless and oppressed? Those who don't get justice? 


It seems not to apply though if it hits home ...


I'm utterly disappointed by the performance of Care2 and have to re-assess my being here.



4 years ago

i can't take credit...i think shan came up with the "cheerleader" title.

i am excited that shan has offered to do this. i have absolutely no technical talents or abilities, but will help in any way that i can. i have complete faith in shan and trust her judgement.

why are all the threads in here upside down?

Just a thought
4 years ago

I am still really p.o'd. the fact our voices were suppressed by the elimination of c2 petitions to reinstate Zen...I sign many petitions on and there is the opportunity to start your own petition on that site...Would anyone here who is great at writing be willing to start a petition on that site for Zen demanding her reinstatement?...My thoughts are: if we can go outside the realms of c2 cheerleaders and make this an IMPORTANT issue, c2 will not be able to squash it. With the pressure on, Zen could be back here with us...
It is a sad sad day for humanity when we cannot speak up to oppression and pick up a friend in need...

I want ZEN back ... NOW please!!!!
4 years ago

Hi everybody!

I just got notice that one can discuss what to do about Zen's suspension in this group (my reason for joining) - I guess until this thread is taken off the net too . I quickly snooped through some of the comments as I'm squeezed for time this week but I just wanted to let you all know that there are great ideas here .


I knew Zen just a couple of weeks but think she's a great person - reading all this outpouring of emotions here I got a confirmation of my gut feeling! 


I wrote to Eric when I learned of Zen's suspension and got immediately a standard answer. I also caught at the last minute Jytte's suggestion of mediation which I thought was a great and feasable idea. And then the BIG SILENCE followed (except a word here and there from Zen) ... other than that threads keep disappearing which is a form of message too.


I do firmly believe that we have THE RIGHT to demand transparency and explanations especially if it concern such a valuable member like Zen in order for us to follow and comprehend the thinking and decision making at C2 management level.


If this can not be provided ... then something is definitely wrong.


The old saying comes to mind: the fish starts rotting from the head. Just wondering if this is the case here too??


Does someone have too much power?

4 years ago

Shan  , I a'm very happy you will do this !!!!

And even if you are right that 1-topic forums rarely thrive , we need it now and perhaps we see later,  what else we can use it for.

Maybe we can post also a simple form of the tips and tricks that were in Zen's topic?
An outstanding place for that will be useful for them who cannot login on Care2.

But we have to consider that the F&S cheerleaders also read the blog.
( What an excellent term Rosemary !!!!)

So I will open an email account for groups.
There  everyone can post the list of complaints without the eyes of the cheerleaders and so , without the chance to be removed from Care2.

I chooses for a group email account because I think 4 or more people we trust must have access to that account.

When it works , we  can make  a list for Care2 with the complains , with or without the real names of the writers.

Everyone must have the choose to publish it anonymous.

I saw 3 options for a group account , but if anyone have experience with a good one , please let me know , or open it by yourselves.

This post was modified from its original form on 26 Jan, 14:56
4 years ago

damn, i lost my post...shan, sounds good. not sure how specific you want this feedback to be. this present issue will very likely end in a way that will not be satisfactory to many of us and we would want a place to go to at least discuss the environmental and social issues that are of interest to most of us. we also have become a part of a community that we are very attached to. to be realistic, i don't see that care2 is likely to be very meaningful to me in the future. how do other people feel about that? i know some members have gone to facebook, but that won't do it for me. wish there were somewhere else to talk about this.

4 years ago

it would be a good idea to give someone that you really trust a way of contacting you if you leave care2 for any reason. not a bad idea aside from this situation.

4 years ago

I know how to set up discussion forums (those are like larger versions of groups). I could do that, but would need to know a few things: Besides this current situation, what other things would people like to talk about? Are there any things you'd like to do that Care2's technical limitations make impossible or merely aggravating?

I can promise not weekend adspammer infestations, but I'm also going to be honest and say that 1-topic forums rarely thrive unless everyone is very dedicated.

4 years ago

you know, we can demand until we are blue in the face, care2 is not going to give an inch. they have no reason as far as they are  concerned. they hope to get rid of us quietly so that their sponsor and supporters don't hear a thing and they will pretend this never happened. they don't want to tarnish their image even though it is a false one.

4 years ago

I agree that is a really good idea and I would happily support and participate in a blog ...Unfortunately, I am not that computer savvy, which is probably a blessing because I would not have been given the opportunity to meet, connect and befriend Zen if I knew how to master the tech world. I am in!

4 years ago

Quote Lenicka:

"I was thinking , maybe we have to collect all this story's. It will make the case of Zen stronger but also for us , as one of us will be suspended."

I agree with Rosemary and  propose to open a blog to continue our discussions without the black shade above us of being suspended from C2. And Zen could partizipate, too, and post in the blog.

Apolonia suggested that one of us coordinates the LIST of demands which is a good idea. I'd like to propose someone who's first language is english or -if not- who has the time to do so.


Welcome in our group dear Pamela !

Thanks for your input in the Zen case - I thought suspension only lasts 30 days if it wasn't a repeated one!!! We want an answer from C2 for how long Zen will be locked out !!! WE WANT FINALLY ANSWERS FOR MANY QUESTIONS IN THE ZEN CASE!!!!!!!!!!! We demand transparency!!

4 years ago

Wow, that's really harsh, totally locking Zen out.

4 years ago

i definately think an outside place to express our thoughts freely, etc would be a good idea...possibly a google blog which i suggested to zen. there are a lot of suporters contacting her and because  of time restraints and her having a hard time typing with her hand still bothering her, it is , i'm sure, hard for her to respond to everyone as much as she would like. i'm sure she appreciates the support for herself and for the situation that has caused her suspension and the supression of others.

by the way, if suspension were the result of complaints from other members were the true criteria for suspending someone, i'm sure there are members who might complain about ANYONE on care2 and why are the F&S "cheerleaders" evidently exempt from any "slaps on the hand". REALLY!!!

list of demands
4 years ago

1. Alternate mailbox - YES, if it can't be monitored...

2. There's still only this info when click on Zen's avatar: "There is no member available by the id 564438361." There should be info about WHY she was suspended and for how long. And what you can do if you don't agree with anybodys suspension.

3. As Pamela mentioned before there's many rediculous rules/habits on Care2. They should be changed/improved, ASAP, so it's necessary to create a list of postualtes/demands. I can write at least 10 my suggestions what should be changed. So we should appoint/choose someone who can collect all postulates and edit all in proper form. And we all should sign under that LIST to give it strong impact.

What do you think?....

4 years ago

 photo imagesqtbnANd9GcQyr659aB-MSgWPF55O-.jpg

Welcome in our group Pamela and thank for your contribution !  Very valuable.

I was thinking , maybe we have to collect all this story's. It will make the case of Zen stronger but also for us , as one of us will be suspended. We can create a alternate mailbox for that. What do you think ?

It's just an idea.


This post was modified from its original form on 25 Jan, 6:29
4 years ago

Hello everyone !!
I've been following this thread for a couple of days now and just wanted to say "Hi" and to thank you all for your support of Zen. I understand that this thread is being monitored and that I am putting myself "on the line" too but certain things cannot (in all conscience) be left unsaid so I'll add my little contribution.
In 2012 I had severe problems with Care2 and requested "Help" ..... to this day, I have never had a reply !!! At that time I did not know of Zen's existence and, were it not for one of my Care2 friends giving me a bit of advice, I would still not be able to use Care2 efficiently. Since then I have passed the helpful information I received onto others in the same predicament. I joined Zen's group "Need help on Care2?" and made their link available on my profile for others to have access to them. Many people I've met have had problems and been helped by this. Zen and the other members of her group have been a "God-send" to these people who, like myself, had tried (unsuccessfully) to resolve their own problems and I cannot praise them enough ! The suspension of Zen and the closure of her groups is a BETRAYAL to all members !

There are a couple (?) of points, raised in earlier comments, which I would question ......
Suspensions only lasts for max 3 months ?? I have a friend who has been suspended for 4 months and still no sign of her being re-instated !!
Suspended members are notified by Care2 of the fact (and why) ?? I was suspended in August 2013 (and re-instated 3-4 days later) and, to this day, I still don't (officially) know why I was suspended in the first place - neither was I warned or notified of my suspension !!
A photo is required to join F&S ??? There ARE members posting on F&S threads who only show the "froggie" as their Avatar !! On the question of time it takes to be accepted .... I applied end-Aug/start-Sept 2013 and am STILL PENDING (despite numerous applications since then) whereas I know of many people who were accepted within a WEEK !!!
Well that's my "2 cents" (centimes, as I'm in the Euro-zone LOL) worth ..... if I get suspended for speaking "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth" then it will only serve to PROVE some of the other comments made here (and elsewhere) about WHAT IS WRONG !!
While I'm still here .... I'd just like to say it has been a real pleasure meeting you all !!

what we can do
4 years ago


>There is nothing we can do to change this sad situation

WE still can! I'm sure...

> what we need to do is to concentrate on the tasks at hand and not risk any more suspensions of valuable persons.

First task should be to demand of improvement/correction of CARE2 TERMS OF SERVICE . Specially $14 about TERMINATION. 

For now everyone can be suspended in every moment because of every reason, including personal conflict. Zen'es case showed how it could be unfair and harmful.

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This post was modified from its original form on 25 Jan, 3:19
4 years ago

Dear Christeen if it was so easy! Meanwhile I take the whole thing personal cause I myself feel fooled by Care2 !!! I hate it if someone thinks he/she/it can play ridiculous games with me and I accept it not realizing whats going on! Do they think I have no brain or what? The minimum I can expect is respect from whoever and this repeated kidding me drives me mad.

4 years ago

There is nothing we can do to change this sad situation so what we need to do is to concentrate on the tasks at hand and not risk any more suspensions of valuable persons.

4 years ago

I can't see any progress in de-escaliting the situation between Zen and C2. Or why did they remove the last communication option for Zen sending green stars? Receiving his group posts? Changing password?

Quote Zen:
I'm sorry to have to inform you that I am now totally locked out of Care2, even emailed group posts are not arriving, nor are notifications of green stars.  

The advice how to sent back green stars to Zen was posted in the Tree Groups  - and overnight this option for Zen was gone. I say: deliberately deleted after reading it!!

Since more then a week MANY members try to convince Care2 to find a solution for the unfair treatment and C2's answer is: cutting the few options of communication Zen still had after the suspension. This is escalation of the situation and doesn't show a minimum of good will to turn the situation into better.


I doubt if there will be a mediation - and all those big words from C2's people in power (Eric, Randy) are not more then a soap Lenicka said below:

"So, that was the advertising brochure.

And where is now a substantive reply??"


I'll stay a pest to them until I might be suspended myself. I don't care anymore. C2's so called high standard of free speech and liberty and communication to members is a fake. And Randy's reply : no core Community member is ever suspended without multiple ongoing complaints from other members is a joke!!! Who the hell would complain Zen to care2, Zen who is HELPING so many of us!!!

I am so disappointed by this network and if it wasn't for the animals, I am gone forever.




WELCOME in our group dear Vivian and Rosemary ! Glad you are with us in the campaign for our dear friend Zen who is so much missed by all of us.

4 years ago

just found this group...this thread...and see many familiar faces. i do care about the nonhuman animals and have been busy lately humanly trapping and relocating the many mice that have been moving into my house rent free. the non human creatures seem to be less hypocritical in their behavior...more straight forward in general.

 i am not surprised at what is happening now. i know zen isn't too surprised either. the warning stars have been coming for a long time. ignoring or getting rid of those who dare to criticize is nothing new and eric is not doing this alone. randy responded exactly as i suspected. he sold out his company to a b corporation a few years back and it seems that the direction care2 was taking started changing about then. i don't hold out much hope any more. i wish there were some way to overcome. i intend to continue being a pain as much as possible until i am finally deleted. and i will bet that care2 will be on it's down hill once all the good and thoughtful members are gone and there is only a shell of the real care2 left. that is sad, because i know all of you do care.

star chambers
4 years ago

Maybe here: it's a quote from the thread "WE ARE ZEN":

" I must come out against the secretive decision-making on C2 concerning suspensions & banning. We are a community, so it is very difficult for me to accept the constantly repeated rule that suspensions & banishments are 'private matters' and cannot be discussed. How can a community not care or not be concerned about the suspension or banishment of a dear fellow member?

In today's world we constantly applaud & support calls, appeals and petitions for greater democracy & greater transparency. We hear these calls from C2 activists and from activists the world over, whose circumstances & predicaments are highlighted when posted as news submissions or petitions. How can we fail to wish to see the same democracy & transparency applauded elsewhere on C2 applied to C2 governance?

I would like C2 to find a way of moving beyond the 'star chambers' that unilaterally decide on suspensions and banishments. It is wrong to infantilize members by refusing to discuss these matters with us, concerned members of the community that we are."

And now.... 

4 years ago

So, that was the advertising brochure.

And wher is now a substantive reply??

Thanks to Nora
4 years ago

Thanks for posting the letter you received from Mr. Paynter. I wish he would be more forthcoming with whether they will reinstate Zen. If they would just tell us "Hey, it's a suspension and it will be over in so many days" or at least tell Zen!

She deserves no less from a site that has benefited from her expertise.

Just want to see this through and see her reinstated!

This post was modified from its original form on 24 Jan, 11:05
my message to randy and his response
4 years ago

read from bottom up~

Dear Randy, I appreciate you taking the time to send me a response (even though it seems it has the smell of a form letter than a personal message) I agree with a part of your form letter. However, I still feel it was very bad judgement on behalf of c2 to eliminate petitions to reinstate a member of our community. I sincerely hope that you and C2 big corp begin mediation as promised as soon as possible.
I wanted to mention I have a personal contact with Zen and she is adament she did not receive the so called warnings regarding a I will continue to support her in any way I can. She is a good soul and a good friend.
Sincerely, nora

Hi Nora -
Thank you so much for your sharing your concerns. It's exactly this kind of caring and compassion for other members that makes the Care2 Community so wonderful.
Care2's Community is extremely important to us. Unlike most websites that simply provide tools or services, we believe the power of Care2 comes from the relationships between and among our members. Because this sense of community is so strong, our members come together to accomplish amazing results.
Communities, however, are complex. While two people may share a common goal of making the world a better place, their styles, priorities and values may clash. This makes it very difficult to keep everyone happy. Multiply that challenge by 23 million passionate members from around the world, and it becomes impossible.
While we don't talk specifics about any one situation, I can assure you we bend over backwards to accommodate key contributors to the Community. If we receive complaints about an individual, we do our best to hear from both sides in the dispute. In almost every case, we hear two strongly opposing perspectives of "who is to blame". As appropriate, we will issue warnings - usually multiple warnings - before suspending anyone. If someone has been suspended, we provide clear direction as to how to avoid future problems. It is only in the most extreme situations where we ban individuals from the Community.
Because we protect the confidentiality of our members and don't talk specifics about any particular case, I realize our reasons for suspending or banning someone may be unclear, or even seem unfair, when only one side of the story has been heard.
Bottom line, no core Community member is ever suspended without multiple ongoing complaints from other members and multiple second chances. The last thing we want to do is remove a key contributor from our Community - so there have to be some very strong reasons to convince us the Community as a whole is better off without that person.
All I can ask is that you look to our 15 year track record and know that we highly value the Care2 community, we take a very thoughtful approach to manage complex, multi-dimensional, interpersonal dynamics, and while our reasons may not always be entirely transparent, we do the best we can to support our Community to make the world a better place.
Best regards,

Original Message:
Dearest Randy,
It is a sad day for us all when a website that is supposed to promote caring and encourages us to sign petitions to help animals and other people eliminates all petitions to help one of our own~
seems kind of hypocritical to me....
Please reinstate Zen, Nora

4 years ago

Aloha Shan, you can anytime delete unwanted green stars.

Go to your c2 messages and delete the green-star-c2-message(s) from the(se) member(s) you wish.

Try it.

Then will appear on your profile only those stars you really deserved - or in other words those stars you really want to see accompanying your profile.

As the one, I just sent you.


I have deleted a little over 500 green stars so far which I felt, I did not deserve so, deleting green-star-messages worked pretty well.

Wonder what this thingy should be good anyway - you can not feed the hungry with that.


Ask yourself...

A status symbol ?

Or a tool to fetch someone back to a comment in the network if you commented past him ?

A tool to evaluate members, go by their appearance ?


After c2 has devaluates the (somewhat remainders of former) ideological value of this status symbol by enabling members to send greens many times a day, there is only left inflation and a remote, minor smack of appreciation...


(Sorry for not being here more often, family matters forcing me to abstain and as long as there is The Zen - Scandal not solved in the name of sanity, I see no reason to really force myself back to a place where bold injustice reigns and is interestingly called care2)

4 years ago

What the hell does THIS mean? He sends me (and also Zen!!) a green star and then he deletes the petition!! Is this meant to be sarcastic or what? (Monika V.)

He's been doing that a lot. Altogether, I think I got about 106 points/stars from him for all the petition-signing, comments, and a message I sent him about this. I've been informed it's his way of saying, "I know what you're up to and I'm watching you." So I asked him to stop. Several times. And he kept giving me a star after every time. At his point I'm feeling stalked, since this is unwanted contact (naturally he won't give me coherent answers to any actual tech problems).

Can you say passive-aggressive?

Anybody else run into a problem with sending introductions and the character count limit drops from 250 to 125 in mid-sentence? According to Eric, it's because I'm cutting/pasting, but that is just so much organic bovine waste. I don't cut/paste when typing intros (why should I need to, considering they're so short)? And why should that make a 125-character difference anyway? I opened a thread about this in the "help" group, but am not expecting any sensible help any time soon (3 guesses as to who the introductions were addressed to...).


9 hrs ago

Greetings, it's about 1am EST/Canada, Friday, Jan, 23.

I feel it neccessary to report that the proposed mediation process has yet to begin.

In my experience, mediation only works if all parties go into it honestly, and in good faith. And after the party in the power position shows dishonesty and bad faith, they're surprised and shocked that the other party doesn't trust them anymore. I'd be happy to learn that this isn't the case here.

Honest Abe
4 years ago

Another care2 quote of the day:

"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves and under a just god cannot long retain it."
- Abraham Lincoln

Just wonderin if the person who chooses the quote of the day is secretly working for our friend...

4 years ago

Thanks for this imortant update dear Thomas and WELCOME TO OUR GROUP!

Last Friday, one week ago!!!

Seems to be a tactic of Eric to calm the parties involved and gain time until the suspension will be finished in 3 weeks




Dear Vinnie so glad to see you back to C2 !!!

4 years ago

Greetings, it's about 1am EST/Canada, Friday, Jan, 23.

I feel it neccessary to report that the proposed mediation process has yet to begin. While Eric expressed a willingness to engage in the proposal made by Jytte last Friday, he has not responded to the two messages I have sent him in order to begin.

In respect to Jytte, she has written that she needs to put her energies elsewhere at present.

Sorry for the brevity of my comment, I feel constrained by the neutral position required of a mediator.

4 years ago

From Zen:

"Hi again - if you know of anyone who would like to contact me, please post this email address in your groups, or in any of my groups that are still there, or send it out via personal messaging.
It's one I've often posted in my groups, so I don't mind if it's posted again."

Hello Fellow Zen Supporters..
4 years ago

First of all.. to all new members. I've been sick and allergies all week. Been trying to Sign the "Bring back Zen Petition", but have it road blocks everywhere since my friend Lynn Geth and Franco DePalma sent me this. I finally tried again and it bought me here. Hi Monika, long time no see however I still am not getting my groups in my mail, so I have to go through them one at a time, so now that I'm here I'll go sign some petition and will write to Eric who is on my Friend list and hope I don't get thrown out. I've been here for 13 years and Zen has helped me so much as is a cherished friend. I know she and Eric have been at it for a few years now. I hope she tries to connect with some of us and send us her Personal E-mail address so we can keep in touch. Yes, Petition is CLOSED. How sad. We love and miss you Zen dearest. Hey, Care 2, what's up ?..

next wisdom of MLK
4 years ago

Something wise a propos ...

MLK quote

4 years ago

 I'm very curious who has this quote of the day selected.

They need nailing it to the door of Erik's office.

 photo smileyhaha.gif

thank you!!
4 years ago

Thank you for the welcome, glad to be here and if we all get suspended for our efforts to help a friend in need~ So be it...Shame on the Big Corp for taking our friend down...

4 years ago

I just read the same quote by MLK posted on the c2 website. I was just going to post it here but my new friend Justice Carol beat me to it!!! Thank you J.C..!!

4 years ago

Dear Nora I don't know to whom we could send it except the ones you proposed. And if I read Christeens posting below re: reply to her deleted petition for ZEN:


"I did get a message from Randy but unfortunately it said a lot of the same that we have been hearing"


I wonder HOW we can successfully continue that our voices are finally heard. I myself won't stop to speak out for my dear friend but also do nothing without her feedback if we have an idea to force our campaign. I don't want to harm her more then she is already harmed by C2.

I am shocked and disgusted from whats going on at C2.  I will defend my friend and voice my opinion even if I am suspended myself. I don't care anymore. It took me years to build up my network at C2 (since 2006) but meanwhile I doubt if this is still the right place for me. If it wasn't for the animals, I am gone already....



Dear Just C. what a joke this C2 quote is !!! Thanks for posting, a good laugh is always nice!!


"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant."

- Martin Luther King, Jr."



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4 years ago

Just noticed Care2's quote of the day:

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant."

- Martin Luther King, Jr."

4 years ago

for the kind welcome, Lenicka!


4 years ago

 photo welcome_035.jpg

Welcome in our group Just C. and Nora H. !!!!!!

message sent
4 years ago

I just sent my recent message to Randy P and also Care 2 support....If anyone else that cares about Zen knows who else I can send it to, please respond. We need to support our friend.

4 years ago

Nora H.

"It is my thought that the big corp bullies of C2 are just hoping that we will all forget about her and eventually look away.... " 

That's exactly what I think also. Only , that I do not think that they are "hoping" , I think it is tactic.

4 years ago

It is a sad day for us all when a website that is supposed to promote caring and encourages us to sign petitions to help animals and other people eliminates all petitions to help one of our own~
seems kind of hypocritical to me....

4 years ago

I did get a message from Randy but unfortunately it said a lot of the same that we have been hearing. Birds of a feather flock together.

4 years ago

"Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

In my opinion, we have to keep speaking our for Zen's return...It is my thought that the big corp bullies of C2 are just hoping that we will all forget about her and eventually look away....I am fairly new to c2 and sent a c2 tech request for help uploading pics on my page over a month ago...I still have not heard back from them. I joined Zen's group for c2 questions and help with the same request and received a compassionate sincere and helpful response from Zen personally within 24 hours!!!! She became and will always be a forever friend. She is a good soul and should not be forgotten. BRING ZEN BACK!!!!

4 years ago

"Twice in the last days my password has been changed, and not by me.  The first time I was able to get a password reset link sent to my email, the second time I was told that mail could not be delivered to that email address, although I have been  receiving other non-Care2 mail there."

It should be reported, shouldn't it?... I guess that some services can identify IP of comp  whom did it...  Isn't it any remedy for such misdeeds ?...

What about Randy Paynter: did he confirm any mediations? Where's Jytte?...

4 years ago

This is all so very sad . . . and yes, exhausting!  I do not understand how a site, encouraging activism, can reasonably expect its members to see what they perceive as unfairness -- but expect them to say and do nothing about it (if it regards Care2).

I wonder if they realize how damaging this is to both membership morale and their perception of management.

(It's almost as if they visited their arsenal, chose a weapon . . . and then, carefully took aim and shot themselves in the foot.)

4 years ago


Continued from Zen's post below:


As for his comments, if I wasn't suspended for criticising him and the site, then why did he post initially that I was suspended for being 'negative' and for constantly 'belittling' him and his team?  
Sorry I don't have better news - this is all very depressing indeed. In this situation - nobody wins.
4 years ago

UPDATE - Sad News from Zen:


Hello again, my friends


I'm sorry to have to inform you that I am now totally locked out of Care2, even emailed group posts are not arriving, nor are notifications of green stars.  


Twice in the last days my password has been changed, and not by me.  The first time I was able to get a password reset link sent to my email, the second time I was told that mail could not be delivered to that email address, although I have been  receiving other non-Care2 mail there.


When that happens, it's usually a matter of minutes for Care2 Support to reset the bounce flag. Yesterday I sent in a help request, and also sent Care2 Support (Eric) a follow-up email, but apart from the automated response, I have had no reply at all.


I am not saying that this was done deliberately, to silence me even further, but it does seem strange that it has happened now.  You would think that Care2 would go out of their way to get this fixed for me, in order to avoid any thought that they might have deliberately sabotaged my password and email, but that hasn't happened.


So no stars from me for a while, I'm so sorry. I can't even redeem my butterflies.


I'm very depressed. 


I see that Care2 Support (Eric) has been busily posting about me in various parts of the site. He says that he can't say anything about the case, but then he goes on to say a lot anyway, in addition to what he said earlier in the F&S group, in 3 threads. But of course I am banned from Care2, so am unable to answer:

F&S: new statement


F&S: closed topic


F&S: Groups closed


and the latest statement from him here and here and here (one is slightly different from the others, interesting..)
Repeated statement on Forests and Trees
Repeated statement on Fighting Against Animal Crulety
Repeated statement on Desanka's C2NN news


I was under the impression that there was going to be mediation, which Care2 had agreed to, and that comments on this should not be made in the meantime, but it appears that he makes his own rules.  Care2 does not appear to be very keen on mediation, perhaps it was just a stalling tactic.


As for his comments, if I wasn't suspended for criticising him and the site, then why did he post initially that I was suspended f
4 years ago


You've been very busy scampering around the Care2 groups and even the news section, spouting the same thing, and NOT attending to actual tech matters like getting rid of spam posts and accounts that have popped up since yesterday. At this point you can stop saying you're not going to discuss the specifics of Zen's suspension since we all pretty much know what happened. We're baffled as to why, since she was just expressing the same frustration so many of us have been expressing for years. This site is broken, and TPTB are doing a less than adequate job of fixing it. Maybe if they addressed our concerns there wouldn't be such a need for the help groups, since people wouldn't keep having those problems.

I'm also curious as to why you gave me green stars for posts you obviously don't approve of. That seems very strange, and it's happened in some very unlikely areas of the site.

You say you respect us? Well, how about restoring Zen's groups? Even if you don't want Zen herself back (that would be unfortunate, as her contributions to Care2 go far beyond tech advice), you could allow us to make use of the knowledge, advice, suggestions, etc. As others have said, it would free up a lot of your time if you don't have to answer the same question for the umpteenth time, and it would save the rest of us a LOT of aggravation at sending messages for help that never even get an automated response, let alone any actual help.

This would, in turn, allow you the time to deal with all those spam petitions, adspammers clogging up the Causes, News, Healthy Living, and other sections - including the people in your own group who think it's funny to troll others by mocking their country's regional accents.

And please don't bother to give me another green star for this. I don't want any more green stars from you, ever. I'd rather get them from people who actually like what I have to say.

tech staff
4 years ago

Can anybody explain, if Eric is the only one person employed as Tech Support on Care2?... For website with alleged 23 000 000 members it looks VERY strange. Even for 2 300 000  one tech person wouldn't be enough...

I can repeat what many people sad already: "Help form" didn't work for me since 2-3 years, so it became useless. I stoped to receive even automatic responses.

The only help I've got was from Zen: she was really caring, and it surprised me how busy she always was, how kind and thoughtful, devoting to help everyone.

She should be payed by Care2 for her endless efforts, mostly effective!

4 years ago
Hi everyone, 

We have received your petition and will discuss this matter only with the parties involved. Zen has been a tremendous help to myself and many others here over the years. No question about it, but that is not what this is about.

Also, to clarify, in no way is this a" lash-out" against criticism or some way to silence a voice on Care2. I don't see the benefit in that and I hope that we have proven, through our actions and our network, that this IS a place where you are free to question everything. 

In regards to the letter and email being passed around, we just ask that you use your best judgement in regards to it's contents. Please recall if we have ever been unavailable to Zen or her Help Group, or has she reported on our posts and messages and reposted them in her group quite regularly?
Again, I hate to be vague, but privacy will be respected so I am not going to be coaxed into discussing anyone persons business with anyone but them. I would show each and every one of you that same gesture. 

Respect to each of you! 

Care2 Support
4 years ago

Please join!!



'There is a thread  in one of my groups, that remains open, and if it is still there, you might be able to post in it, or perhaps Thomas will be able to do so.


This post was modified from its original form on 22 Jan, 7:50
4 years ago

To remind you: Zen did not "belittle" Eric and his work, she only asked for tech support for members of her Help Groups and after her questions have been ignored she dared to say:


quote Zen:

"I dared to say that he never responds to my help requests, and he says I am always critical of him and of the site.   In the past year or more, I have sent him countless messages and help requests, and in almost every case, he has not responded at all.  So I posted only what was true."

4 years ago



As for me, I have never received any official communication from Care2 re my suspension.  All I know is what was posted in my Help group by CareTwo Support before it was deleted / blocked. 


Here's a copy:


No sense in reporting it to CareTwo Support, I'd just be wasting my time.****


Ok, enough of this. It's one thing to "Help out", but another to constantly belittle myself and the work done here by a small and very dedicated team is getting ridiculous.  If you don't like it Zen, you don't have to take part in any part of it, but that is at least the 100th time that you tag on some negative tag with your posts and it stops right here.


My profile page is a very easy way to reach me if you are a logged in member, and if you are not, we have the Help Forms, the email address and the F&S Group where we try to tackle and issues that pop-up and field any suggestions or ideas from our members.


Honestly, this is the last straw of many, many previous straws that we chose to ignore."




Then I was confronted on almost every page I tried to go to by this suspension notice:
I did write to ask which part of the Care2 Terms of Service or Code of Conduct I had violated, but received no reply.  I later asked why my groups had been deleted or blocked, but once again I received no reply.
That has been the extent of my communications with Care2 to date.
4 years ago

Yes Shan!!! Agree!


Zen allowed me to quote from her personal email:

"But meantime I know that many of you have been wondering what is going on, and it's hard to get any news when Care2 is quick to cut off most avenues of communication between members on this topic.  To date I'm told that 3 petitions have been removed, one of which I did get to sign myself, and was even allowed to comment on it, before it was taken down.
A number of news stories on the Care2 news site have also been deleted, as well as numerous group posts.  Care2's stated reason is that the matter is a private one, between them and the member concerned."


"In addition to suspending me, they also deleted or blocked my two big help groups, Group Hosts and Need Help in Care2, which had thousands of members. No reason was given, nor were members informed, the groups just disappeared, as did my private test groups, including a group for computer help that I was working on, planning to open when it was ready, and another that was also due to open this year.  All are gone, and once again reason has been given.  Another of my groups remains open, but no posting is possible by members, who are probably wondering what is going on."
"I did write to ask which part of the Care2 Terms of Service or Code of Conduct I had violated, but received no reply.  I later asked why my groups had been deleted or blocked, but once again I received no reply.
That has been the extent of my communications with Care2 to date.

"As to the site, my suspension works like this:
I am able to access parts of the site: I can note and read news, group posts and comments, but can't comment myself, although I am able to comment on petitions.  I can still click-to-donate, use my butterflies and send ecards to people provided I have their email addresses, but I cannot access my profile page, my friends, my group settings or messaging.  I can send stars, which I'm doing now and then, but that is my only way of communicating with people whose emails I don't have.  I also send stars via the kudos page, which I can still see.  My emailed group posts continue to arrive, although not, of course, for those groups that have been deleted or blocked."


"So that is where things stand today.  I will wait to hear from someone, and update you if I am able to do so.  There is a thread in one of my groups, that remains open, and if it is still there, you might be able to post in it, or perhaps Thomas will be able to do so. I, of course, cannot post there.




If you want to return stars to Zen please click

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4 years ago

That must irritate the Giggling Cheerleader Squad. But I have no doubt they'll find somebody else to troll in another thread just as soon as someone else asks for help or dares to complain about something.

4 years ago


Ewoud, thanks for posting the poem, I didn't know it! It exactly express my feelings. Sorry for replying so late to it....


Well, discussion about Zen on F&S topic Groups closed

not deleted but CLOSED!!!

4 years ago

Great poem, Ewoud. I hope Zen can come back soon.

4 years ago

Thanks Desanka !!

Apolonia, I received the email where Zen explains what has been destroyed by C2 - indeed YEARS OF WORK !! I asked her if I am allowed to post some quotes of her letter. Lets wait and see, I don't want to harm her in this difficult situation and won't post anything without her permission. But its shocking...

4 years ago

Offbeat Animal News: WE ARE ZEN | Please Forward, Do Not Delete!
Animals  (tags: Offbeat Animal News, Zen, Care2, activists, ethics, internet, news, society, conflict, freedoms, news, animaladvocates, animals, protection )
Desanka - 4 minutes ago -

What is Zen? Zen is something WE ARE and something WE DO. Zen is FORGIVENESS. We are ZEN... What are your thoughts?
Love you Care2'ers!
4 years ago

The first rule should be: every suspended member should be first worn about what it's wrong, and than had been given at least 1 hour to let know about it to his/her FRIENDS what's happened, and WHY.

But in Zen'es cause all existing rules were broken...

So we have to put big pressure on Care2 management to change the rules!!!

And of course Zen should be apologized and bring back, ASAP! THEY destroyed years of her work - I don't know if it's possible to return all these items.

 I've got this message form one of my friends:

" i think that we are spinning wheels and tryanny reigns.  i have received word from Zen, and there seems to be a mediation in progress. if i were her, i would never come back, but she has invested so much of her heart and work here.  it's freaking heartbreaking.   currently i am indefinitely AWAY from CARE 2.  this was the tip of the iceberg for me.  i didn't sign up for all this dysfunction.  i am reluctant to completely deactivate my account.  i am just exhausted, so will leave things in limbo for now.  As Zen has been left !  "

4 years ago

A suspension lasts 30 days Christeen. I wonder if her 2 groups are deleted or will return...


I, too, want your petition and news back. That was censorship at its worst. You never got an explanation WHY, right?

4 years ago

I would like to put this in the past for all of us however I believe my news story and my petition should be returned. Freedom of speech is important to us all and as long as there is no swearing or obsenities then my items should be returned. Could you please tell us how long Zen's suspension is for? Thank you for your time and trouble. I'll be waiting anxiously for an answer.

4 years ago

Quote ZEN:


"Thank you again for all your messages of help and support - they mean a great deal to me, I am very sad and stressed about what has happened.

A big Zenhug, my dear friends"

4 years ago

Quote Eric on Feedback and Suggestions on topic Groups closed


1 hrs ago


Yikes.  Help when you can, and help if you wish.  That will be a great place to start!!

Outside of that..whew!! Let's all move in a forward motion together.  That doesn't mean that you have to stand next to each other and hold hands while moving forward, but sheesh, this seems like high speed reverse.

Let's not belittle anyone, let's please not talk down to anyone and let's not make this a place to try and "one-up" anyone. 

I'd close this down, but instead of putting the lid on the hot pot, let's see if we can let a little steam off without blowing up the stove. Or the kitchen. Or, if you want, just simply say "close it" and a few of those will put an end to it democratically.




Thanks much dear Shan for defending Zen on F&S

 I don't post a comment on this topic in F&S cause I am sure the topic will be deleted soon, too. I am totally disgusted about all the Eric defending comments and that members behave like stupid followers not minding about the censorship going on at C2 and the unfair treatment done to Zen. The stupidity of humans is indeed endless.

4 years ago

Ewoud , the poem you have wrote here, is exactly of where the 23+ million members on Care2 stand for .

Not remain silent but protesting against injustice.

How cynical that 1 person has seized the power to those who do not have kept silence , silenced , Zen, all petition signers and the closed members.

Actually, it is terribly difficult for me to contain that this happens on Care2.

It is a contradiction in terminus.

4 years ago

Lenicka: sorry to hear that your friend dissapeared from Care2, people who -in the facts- have the power to decide who's in and who's out os a site should be tolerant regarding what site-members write them, and be very carefull with the "delete" or "suspend" button.

4 years ago

I just left a personnel introduction on Randy Paynter's page:

Hi Randy,
As you know (?) Zen Whisperingtree got suspended from Care2 for "personnel matters".
With some 23mil+ members personnel matters loose importance, can you please do what's needed to get her back "fulltime"? Ewoud K. (short,arguing in 250 ch)

Waiting for an answer, and presuming that these two (Erik and Randy) introductions won't get me suspended as well....

Freedom, freedom of speech, thought, expression, even of the Internet, should be defended.

Remember Martin Niemöller (1892 - 1984):

Als die Nazis die Kommunisten holten,
habe ich geschwiegen;
ich war ja kein Kommunist.

Als sie die Sozialdemokraten einsperrten,
habe ich geschwiegen;
ich war ja kein Sozialdemokrat.

Als sie die Gewerkschafter holten,
habe ich nicht protestiert;
ich war ja kein Gewerkschafter.

Als sie die Juden holten,
habe ich geschwiegen;
ich war ja kein Jude.

Als sie mich holten,
gab es keinen mehr,
der protestieren konnte.

and for the non-germanics among us:

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn't a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

Speak out, but stay polite.

And we'll speak out for you, when needed.

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4 years ago

     Welcome in our group Isabelle !! photo welcome_070.gif

This post was modified from its original form on 21 Jan, 9:25
4 years ago

 photo clapping-happy-smiley-emoticon.gifIsabelle !!!

 photo fdf7b8ac-d355-4b14-b181-2d2f757565b.jpg

    Literally gagged !

4 years ago

Big ego problems should be put aside !! We are all here to fight against animal cruelty and so much more !!!! It bothers me greatly when I see such ridiculous behavior !! I, above all, love freedom of speech !!
“I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to make an ass of yourself.”
― Oscar Wilde
I hope Zen will return on Care 2 very soon !!

4 years ago

Don't be desperate Parsfal.

A few years ago my 'pending awaiting approval' took almost a month.

I had a problem and then I asked - with a form- why it took so long.

They were buzzy !!!

4 years ago

It's ridiculous that a help group shouldn't be open to everybody. It's like me setting up a new discussion forum and saying that only the Chosen Ones should get to ask questions and report problems, and everybody else can just go to hell.

4 years ago

Perhaps interesting to know, on Sunday, January 19, 2014, I applied to the Feedback and Suggestion Group in care2 because until recently it would appear I was unaware this group exists ...

Until today, Tuesday, January 21, 2014, I am still not approved as a member.

 Care2 Feedback and Suggestions

Membership Application

Application Pending
Your membership is pending awaiting approval by the group host.

Go to My Groups

But I understand, (well, my fault) I should eventually provide a profile photo to be accepted

This post was modified from its original form on 21 Jan, 0:18
4 years ago

yup, what a hypocricy Shan, look at the post

New Year Shopping

and then come to your own conclusion.

(As a reminder, one of the defenders of the SYSTEM THAT IS posted here

'If you need a help group to go to, try this one: '

Maybe my opinion of a 'Help Group' differ to what Christian suggested ?

4 years ago

That computer group Christian linked to looks very helpful - the last post for a Care2-related browser problem was a year ago! Whee!

4 years ago

A new topic on Feedback and Suggestions where the defenders of Eric speak - we are trolls! Wow!


Groups closed

4 years ago

Yes Lenicka, that's the point, I agree with Apolonia !

Envy is a pest and causes much harm in this world...

I wrote to Randy, too.

Profile Randy:

Group Host of

Care2 Feedback and Suggestions (4190)

4 years ago

That's the point...

It's obvious that "personal matter" is only in Erick's mind!

And it seems something is wrong with it...

4 years ago

 In the mind of Erik it is a personal matter Apolonia.

A few years ago Zen was cohost of the group of Erik.Then he kicked her out.

I remember that we were also very angry then.

But she had 2 beautiful and useful groups so it seem to be a better solution and maybe , thats what I guess , better for her not have to fight with Erik in that group.

But I think that it was a bitter pill that everyone loved Zen.

Jealousy is a devil and is like a festering wound.

Because I was long away here and forgot some things , I recently read all the topics of Zen again and the only "criticism" what I saw was that she wanted to ask Erk  to look to some common troubles.

But , what he will not realize is , that a 'personal matter' you have to solve. Preferably indoors. Not eliminate publicly.
.And what absolutely is NOT a personal matter between him and Zen is  , that he eliminated 2 petitions and a C2NN discussion page . AND a lot of members.

Yes Apolonia , more members wrote Randy.

This post was modified from its original form on 20 Jan, 16:51
4 years ago

It's still "personal matter" as it was told before by "objective witness"...

So we shouldn't expect anything positive from "Care2 help"...

The only person who can make any reasonable decission seems to be Randy Paynter. Did anyone except Christeen write him already?...

4 years ago

Ewoud , a very nice person did yesterday the same you did now. Post on Erik's page a short tekst.

"Someone has a glitch on the weekend and can't get a hold of of anyone.

Meet a little opposing opinion and you stay up all weekend to delete groups, threads and posts.

You can tell a persons ambitions by what tempts them. Their character by what does not.

Tell me again about "unity" and where it comes from."

Today , he does not longer exist as a member of Care2. 

Very strange to say it on a American page , but I have a deja vu.

Born in eastern europe I know very well , what it's means when freedom of speech is not allowed.


This post was modified from its original form on 20 Jan, 15:42
4 years ago

A wise man would recognize that removing Zen's membership is absolutely COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE!

The idea that someone as helpful, low-key and genuinely CARING as Zen would be removed while others (and I'm sure you can think of a few names) are negative, nasty nitwits and allowed to ridiculous!

4 years ago

Dear Ewoud it makes sense to send help requests to Care2, there are many C2 members participating in it , members who are not part of our group! I agree with Apolonia who said above:

"but WE should bombard them to show our solidarity with Zen and protest against Eric's unfair dirty tricks."

I got a green star, too, and as far as I know many more members who signed the petition. I still ask myself if this was meant cynical?

4 years ago

Well Monika,

If this page is monitored we don't have to send direct mails/introductions/help-requests to Care2 do we?

What's quite remarkable is that it seems that aal those who signed the "bring Zen back"-petition got a green star from Erik....

I left this introduction today on Erik's page:

Hi Erik,
Thanks for the star you gave me for signing the petition that demands Zen's return to Care2.
Does this mean that she'll be "un-suspended" and become a "full-time"-member again?With some 23m+ members personnel matters loose importance.Ewoud

To end with: Care2 support recieved my request-form, but "due to a great number of requests received lately the answering could take some time"...

4 years ago

Welcome dear Shan!

Eric's personal vendetta against Zen is one cause, the other one is the censorship of C2 member's opinions (deleted) , the unfair removal of  2 groups, of a petition and of C2NN news. How can ONE person in the Care2 Host Team arbitrarily make a decision of such enormity? Is there no control above him? There are rules at Care2 and Eric, too, has to comply with instructions. What's going on behind the curtain of Care2 ? We have a right to know the reason of these decisions which affect so many members of the network. And as long as we get no answer and Zen isn't reinstalled , we continue fighting. Period.

4 years ago

 photo welcome_112.jpg

Welcome to this group Shan D.!!!

Thaths a good question Shan. We also do not understand that. This must be a large priority in his live I suppose.

"How do I break my broken ego and image more and more.... " I suppose ?

We had a bank director here , he was the director of the largest and oldest bank. In one night it was over and out for that bank. The director , till now , do not understand what was gone wrong or what he did wrong. The truth was that he was surrounded by Yes-Man and that was embedded in his mind and he was thinking that he could never do anything wrong.

That's how it works in people with to much power that never have tolerated another opinion

4 years ago

Hello, all. I was referred to this group by someone who is a mutual friend of Zen's (yes, I do have a genuine interest in animal welfare as well!).

I asked Eric some questions, he trotted out the "privacy" speech, then gave me 100 butterfly points. That was nice - and will be put toward my next redemption of points to feed kittens - but I'm not stupid. I recognize a bribe when it's shoved under my nose. And it doesn't change my opinion one whit that TPTB have no interest in fixing the chronic problems of this site and resent the hell out of anyone who does what they can't - or won't - do.

How is it they have the time to ban an extremely helpful person, yet we have to sit through the spam epidemic every weekend?

4 years ago

i just got a message from her on facebook saying she left care2 because of Zen !

several others reacted to that stating they're doing the same, after they contacted their friends here or found them on facebook !

4 years ago

WELCOME IN OUR GROUP dear Ewoud, Apolonia and Vivian! Thanks for speaking out for our dear friend ZEN !! We won't give up until justice is done!!!


Ekeim, I thought that the member left, because anonymous posts are not allowed in this group - the avatar disappears when the member left Care2

anonymous post
4 years ago

@Monika - in reaction to your post :"Parzifal, Anonymous posts are an option you can chose for a group posting if you don't want your avatar to be seen. It can also mean that the member left the network. I overlooked this anonymous message yesterday, don't know who did it? But it has nothing to do with suspension - if you are suspended from C2, you cannot post in groups anymore!"

i know who posted this -she's one of my friends here and on facebook.

she didn't post it anonymous at first but with her name (which i won't mention), so i was surprised to see today it said "anonymous", and i guessed she changed it because this thread is being monitored.

but to be sure i checked my friends list and she has disappeared !

4 years ago

 photo welcome.jpg

Welcome to the group Ewoud ,

Apolonia and  Vivian !!

And thank you for your valuable input.

Continuing topic
4 years ago

Just wondering if the powers that be are even paying attention to the reasons that our friend was "suspended" or banned? Were her comments cutting too close to the bone? And who tells who what to allow or not allow to be discussed on this site? I saw her post and just wonder if she told too much or not enough?
I am very hurt that they would take their frustrations about not being able to control the mind-set of their site! This just leaves us all subject to the same treatment if we say something wrong, in their eyes.
Can we get a definition of why she was treated so badly? I would want to be careful of what I say, in case I was to incur the wrath of the Support Staff.
Since this is being monitored, I see no reason to send other email because they see it here faster than I can find the address, compose the email and send it.
So, I will say here! Please return our friend to the site! She is a very helpful person and after your consideration, you have found it within your heart to return Zen to the Care2 site and return her account!
I haven't done anything but simply ask for a friend to be returned her account. I hope you see it the way we all do! Return Zen to Care2!!

4 years ago

Great post Ewoud! KUDOS!!!

Yesterday I also sent some polite questions by C2 support form. Did it many times before, but never get any responses so far... The only tech tips I've got were given by  ZEN... So I don't expect THEY will respond me this time, but WE should bombard them to show our solidarity with Zen and protest against Eric's unfair dirty tricks.

4 years ago

Well, the link posted by Monika has gone as well....

Freedom of speech/expression is to be cherised and defended allways and against all possible attack (even if this leads, as we all know, sometimes to rather -staying polite- "bizarre" posts, comments, articles etc), and it's hard to believe that Care2, a site that -it looks like- promotes liberty of opinion and tries to keep the internet open and free (cf the various petitions that circulate on Care2) that Zen was suspended for saying/writing something "wrong" (and even if she did, why are all the others who say/write "wrong" things are still allowed to comment?).

The reason given on the page Monika linked to some posts above (a link that doesn't work anymore) for Zen's suspension was "personnal matter", without further indication.

So be it.

But, with some 23millionsomething members (Shanhai only has 17millionsomething habitants) "personnal matters" should not be a reason to (accept or) suspend someone, as with this rather big number personnal matters loose all importance, at this size only "group matters" are important.

If personnal matters at a 23millionsomething scale still matter, this means that a) non of us is "safe/protected", and b) -as no one is capable of knowing 23+million people- suspension is applied randomly, and without (good) reason, as there are statistically speaking at least -say- 100.000 people (the spammers, the extremists retc) more likely to be suspended than you are.

This makes suspension, any suspension other than for extremism, spamming and some other generally accepted reasons, unjust.

And -as far as we all know- Care2 profiles itself as a "just" site.

So I guess that all of us here at this page join me in my request to end the suspension of Zen.

ps: I understand that Zen helped out numerous people who had trouble making things work on Care2, and my guess is that posts got maybe somewhat overheated......

Knowing that most of us -me included- did actually have one day or another trouble to make this "silly site who doesn't want to do what I'd planned to do", someone who helps out, or at least tries to, others deserve a big thank-you note, and deserves at the same time forgiveness iwhen she/he looses his temper and maybe some good manners. Site-problems sometimes drive you to do/say/write things that you shouldn't.

23millionsomething, and Zen gets suspended?

Please, let's all go back to bussiness, and Zen to Care2

4 years ago

Parzifal, Anonymous posts are an option you can chose for a group posting if you don't want your avatar to be seen. It can also mean that the member left the network. I overlooked this anonymous message yesterday, don't know who did it? But it has nothing to do with suspension - if you are suspended from C2, you cannot post in groups anymore!!




I repeat my advice how to help Zen the best way:


Use the C2 support link



Ask what happened to the 2 groups : "Group Hosts" and 'Need Help in Care2" ?

Please ask how  they can just remove 2 groups like that without a notice to the members and without a good reason? If you are group owner or host, mention it


Anonymous writes above:
4 years ago
Anonymous says in it's comment above
22 hrs ago

'I am speechless, shocked and disgusted that Christeen's C2NN NEWS for Zen has been deleted. I have tried repeatedly to sign the petition for Zen and have been unable to do so. If anybody has any suggestions for me, please let me know. Has anybody heard from Zen?'

has this member gone from c2 and has this to do with the injustice befallen Zen ?


Remember, today Zen is blocked for being a dilligent, most helpful and brave woman, tomorrow it could be you for speaking out, defending a voiceless, not accepting a decision and/or questioning the decision for being banned (even if temporarily suspended) - ... so much about the member who appatently has left (or had to leave) this oh, so social network and I doubt if I really want to know the reason.

I only can say, how much I dislike these power-and-control-games by those, as it happens, sitting on the proper buttons and following orders.

But what I have learnt about this case, it is definitely a shot in the knee by c2 'authorities'

I just hope, c2 in near future will reconsider it's practice to press the button and at least provide serious reason(s) for suspensions


This post was modified from its original form on 19 Jan, 1:19
Thank you Monika
4 years ago

I doubt this message to c2 support will make any change unless we overwhelm the addressee.

What I have written is the following

Gentle c2 support why has the valueable member Zen xxxxxxxxxxxxxx been suspended, why her groups deleted and why is asking about this issue considered 'a private matter' if it concerns hundreds or thousands of people in the network, why is dissent slain such as petitionS to bring back Zen deleted, topics about the suspension of a most respectable member in groups (Zen) closed and activists who want back Zen unwelcome or even considered nasty spammers ! and why is censorship applied by exactly the same people who are so keen to establish a free speech in an open and free society !
Is THIS the c2 I know or has this thing mutated into kill2, namely if caring people (this is what makes out care2) are not allowed to raise the questions on the whereabout of a most helpful and awarded (by c2) member !
This all is asking Parsifal, thanks

4 years ago

About Zen and how to continue protest:

I suggest to use the C2 support link

and ask what happened to the 2 groups : "Group Hosts" and 'Need Help in Care2" ?

Please ask how  they can just remove 2 groups like that without a notice to the members and without a good reason?

4 years ago

Hahaha ZEN topic on FS DELETED !!!


Oh Eric, poor boy, I am really sorry about you

'"what comes around goes around..."



Dear Parsifal Rain, sorry to hear you had to give up your paradise in Craotia, its hard to leave something behind you loved so much.

About your statement on Syria and Germany: due to  my poor english I am not able to reply in the right way.

I myself feel cosmopolitan, not belonging to one nation, I lived in different countries around the globe and was travelling around the world. 


My mother's history as a displaced person during war told me something different about GI behavior in After War Germany. She got much needed support by Americans and I guess she was not the only one...


 I appreciate your detailed statements dear Parzifal, your consolidated , reflected knowledge!


4 years ago

I'm a born German too (my parents were great Wagnerites, this is where my name comes from) but emigrated a few decades ago to Croatia where my wife and me entered upon a heritage in Istria, an islet in the sun where we had excellent micro climate, a paradise which we loved but had to leave there last year when Croatia became assimilated by the EUSSR and gave up all rights to the Islet to the gov.


but Monika, agree with your statement of the NaZi times and admit to oppose every kind of restrictions or limitations, particulary when it comes to the voiceless and needy. This seems to be inuculated deep in my soul.


About burning books, I experienced in the c2NN that several hundred comments, weeks of work and research has vanished there, (same happened to some of my (former) friends, which then left the weird 'social' network) transformed into tin air when it was about time to lay some evidence on the table about the 2011, 2012 planned war against The Iran and the current WAR against Syria which is a complete fabrication, a real deception with assistance of the entire mass media...

The fundamental issue is to address the nature of the conflict.
‘Is this a civil war between opposing factions within Syrian society or is it in fact a war of aggression ?’

What I want to express here and now, c2 ITSELF is even siding with confirmed terrorist groups as it (her bloggers, mindmakers and various members in the News network) blame the Assad gov. for the worst crimes against humanity, which are but in contrary carried out by the allies of the West and their Al Nusra/AlQaeda/ISIL Islamist lackeys to conduct a proxy war against a whole country which is not ready to give up a non-Rothschild banking System (Fed) and is in possession of enormous natural reserves and has huge geo-strategical importance for the war mongers.

So much about that, not to speak about Global Warming addressed so bounteous which indeed has become a religion of guilt and fear to save those banks which deal with climate certificates.... (in fact it is cooling)


About Germany only so much here as I'm definitely not proud being a German citizen and returning citizenship for good:

Germany with his mad gone government, cringing (to the USSA) conniving American occupation army for decades, the daily rape of German women in HEAPS, the bratty knocking-down of children - all by GI's and a media which would not report a single word how the GI's steal, rape, plunder and berserk this formerly beautiful country, a people enthuses with their gov. and only 5 of 100 percent have to complain here or there some minor points where they are not entirely satisfied with the Merkel regime,... about one million of housholds can not even afford to pay electricity because poverty is so extremely increasing, no, Monika, honest:

About Germany, I would only say:

'In case of my death I will put here the confession that because of their exuberant stupidity I despise the German nation, and ashamed to belong to her.'

- Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 - 1860)

and George Washington on freedom of speech - which fits in your group

'If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter'

4 years ago

Please read comments on Feedback and Suggestions about Zen suspension



I wonder how long it takes until this topic on FS will be deleted ?

4 years ago

Dear Parsifal Rain your comment hits the mark....C2 indeed behaves facistoid. Here they don't burn books but "burn" 100s of comments and opinions by deleting them. The outcome is the same: disappeared forever. Plus: the disrespect and ignorance they show against so many members with a differing meaning is facistoid, too. Criticism is not accepted but punished.

As a born german, who is very conscious about my country's history I hate it when people misuse their power, behave like dictators and think they can do what they want and can order someone to stop to voice it's opinion. Certainly not with me. Imagine we'd live during Hitler's time and Zen would be jewish - not for nothing in the world would I betray a friend, wouldn't I help my friend(s). Period.

Very sad what's happening these days at Care2. I remember the times when Care2 still was a small community, familiar and personal. Very different from now and certainly more tolerant.

4 years ago

Welcome indeed Parsifal Rain. Your comments are appreciated.

4 years ago

Thank you for the warm welcome Monika and Lenicka, I thought of deleting my post as it contains personal information which could easily be considered 'touchy'


But well, understand, agree and thanks.


The Ladies, I was surprised too also seing go Christeen's news disappear from the c2NN and wonder if there is no more free speech tolerated when it comes to matters of concern on the one hand and on the other hand betterments and help for those with questions where c2 would never ever provide any answers.

(Free speech in the terms of providing information and show respect, loyality and concern about a former Grand Dame of this social network who had to go as she did not further fit into the system when she only started to raise questions)


There is a quote, the German resistance in Nazi Germany used this time (to compare c2 with Fascism [as some of the c2 members mentioned at Christeen's post, linking to the said petition to bring back Zen] is not my intention but indeed with those ideas of brown tyrants and misanthropes who destroyed information and I would rather call this behaviour (neo)- fascistoid, rather than fascist:

The term 'fascistoid' bears certain tendencies of fascism, without being fascist in final materialisation but is sadly no further explained by Wikipedia - o.k. the quote, I promised:


'Where they burn books, they will ultimately burn people'

- Heinrich Heine

btw, I was under the impression, this news already hit the c2NN frontpage !

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4 years ago

Persifal Rain.

Welcome to this group !!!   Nice that you did found us.

 photo welkom022.gif

Of course we do not delete your information. That's not a habbit in this group !!!

All information is welcome. 

4 years ago

Dear Parsifal, first of all WELCOME IN OUR GROUP !


In this group we have free speech, nothing will be deleted, everybody is free to voice his opinion!! Free speech and freedom in general is of high value for me as an artist, always was.

Thanks VERY much for your informations, I now send a message to Randy immediately.

I guess the reason why Eric removed Christeen's news is his fear it will make it to the front page due to the many comments defending Zen and once there he might lose control over the whole Zen discussion. Thats why he tries to nip the discussion in the bud. All I can say is: he debases himself....

4 years ago

I sent a message to Randy yesterday but I haven't heard anything back yet.

what a grief...
4 years ago

Aloha folks, I'm new in the group.


When I made a c2 search for Zen I found your group, applied for membership  and now will provide my two cents


I made a care2 DNS search (Domain Name System (DNS) is the name resolution protocol for TCP/IP networks, such as the Internet). via a simple firefox tool (show IP Firefox addon)

and found the following contact addresses which should (?) connect to the people who run the website - or at least shows their office. dns information was provided via robtex


Dear group hosts, feel free to delete my comment as it may reveal some unconfortable information but consider, this information is available in the www.


Thanks for your efforts to bring back and re-instate Zen and her groups.

Actually, I think, c2 over the past years has changed much and their former goals have changed as well.

I also think c2 should pay Zen for her tireles work and not suspend.


Thanks for understanding, hope the information is useful; Parsifal

4 years ago

i don't think i'm breaking any rules by posting that link, as his profile is visible to all.
should i get suspended however, you'll know why !

or am i getting too paranoid now ?!

4 years ago

this is the link to the personal profile of Randy Paynter, CEO and founder of Care2:

on his contact tab there is a snail mail address, but no email.

however you can send him a short message by clicking "introduce yourself".

4 years ago


4 years ago

I am speechless, shocked and disgusted that Christeen's C2NN NEWS for Zen has been deleted. I have tried repeatedly to sign the petition for Zen and have been unable to do so. If anybody has any suggestions for me, please let me know. Has anybody heard from Zen?

4 years ago

I'm speechless !!

How will be next ??


This is beyond all normal behaivoir.

And so small minded......

A fact is that one man is capable to delete  23,536,347 million members depending on with wich leg he got out of bed.

Where are the persons above this man ?

4 years ago

All you get is a reference number - no reply. The sign of a good organisation is its ability to take on board constructive criticism. With the monstrous activities going on in the world and the work we all do through Care 2 to combat this I am totally mystified as to why this has happenned. She is being treated like a terrorist. 

4 years ago

Seems CARE 2 is  very afraid of its own members:



All critical comments poor is this?? 

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So Sad About This~
4 years ago

Zen has worked tirelessly & diligently helping others for so long, including myself, for which I am very grateful. I do wish this could be ironed out---===I wish that I could help more.~

********WARNING!!!! Topic monitored by Care2*******
4 years ago



Posts in this topic are monitored by Care2, please be carefull with your comments to not get a Red Alert. There is a maginfier up in the left corner of this topic above the Care2 logo. Not sure if all of you can see it or only hosts/group owner. It can't be found in any other topic which means that all postings will directly be sent to Care2, too.


If I get suspended by Care2 because of helping my dear friend Zen who saved our group from being deleted 3 years ago (the former owner Maria deleted it overnight without a warning and Zen brought our deleted group back) I will not return to Care2 anymore. I am a member since 2006 and never had problems on this site, Care2 is my family and I am here for helping the animals, for fighting against animal cruelty.  The animals are the losers if I am pushed out. I won't accept it and continue my work on other sites. You will be informed by the hosts if it should happen.

This post was modified from its original form on 17 Jan, 20:51
4 years ago

Dear Laura, she was suspended by Eric because


quote Zen:

"I dared to say that he never responds to my help requests, and he says I am always critical of him and of the site.   In the past year or more, I have sent him countless messages and help requests, and in almost every case, he has not responded at all.  So I posted only what was true."


If this is a reason to be pushed out, well, we live not in democracy anymore. Its more then unfair...Zen was a long time C2 member, was part of Feedback and Suggestions for many years and her 2 (deleted?) Help groups had ca 2000 members. Her suspension is not only a disrespect against the tireless work of Zen for Care2 and its members but also a disrespect to all of her group members who found help when needed and who liked to chat in her groups.

4 years ago

I know her, too. Why exactly was she suspended?

4 years ago

Filled in the form

4 years ago

What the hell does THIS mean? He sends me (and also Zen!!) a green star and then he deletes the petition!! Is this meant to be sarcastic or what?


Hi Monika,

CareTwo Support has sent you a Green Star of appreciation!

You are receiving this Green Star for your signature on the petition Please bring Zen Back

4 years ago

Zen wrote me just now :

Please send my love to all the kind people who are helping me, it does make me feel better.  A big Zenhug for you, dear friend

I saw that you wanted a link to where you can complain, there is only the help request form, which goes to Eric.


4 years ago

Thank you for this helpful information dear Anneke !!!

4 years ago

Some possibilies, but only the last one has email-addresses; to be informed about the way to reach the CEO Randy Paynter....

4 years ago

Roxy knows him - it was through her that I got back on!

4 years ago

 Someone here knows the CEO of Care2 personally. But I forget who it is.

And I wonder why they not have no proper Impressum on their site.

It's almost common that respectable sites gives information about officials etc.

4 years ago

Zen wrote me an email, she is very hurt and very sad...


We must dig in and get more infos about C2 officials Lenicka. I asked a friend for help to do a complaint on the site, and I'll post his instructions here (if he replies to me)

4 years ago

 You are absolutely right Monika. And this is not the first time Zen is harassed . Erik must be very afraid for Zen's good work , knowledge and the fact that she answers when somebody needs help.

We have to find the email address of the president and CEO from Care2.

I cannot find it , they have no proper IMPRESSUM.

HE/YOU = Eric
4 years ago

Thanks Ekeim for posting the link of the news, I just left a comment:

I am totally disgusted !!!! Now while C2 has 23 million members, HE thinks HE can behave like a dictator, but WE will not accept it!! WE ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE who did this to our dear friend. Don't put YOUR personal issues on Care2, YOU could have cleared it privately with Zen. I remember the time when C2 was celebrating the 3 mio members, at that time Zen was welcome , wasn't she? WE will not accepte the way YOU are behaving: YOU cannot ignore the desire of so many members who want Zen back. Rethink your behavior and clear it personally with Zen.

What we can do now is to complain on C2. Does anyone know a link for complaints. I never used it before, help is appreciated. Thanks

4 years ago

Eric is abusing his power

but we will not stop to fight for Zen !!

I check out now how to do complaints on Care2, never did before. Does anyone know the link for it? We must BOMB them with COMPLAINTS!!!

4 years ago
Post Removed
4 years ago

Have not found the petition either. Shocking censorship.

4 years ago

This is just crazy - I am gobsmacked!

4 years ago

please read through the comments of this news for more info.

yes, the petition was removed - for the THIRD time !

4 years ago

Yes, the petition was removed...

4 years ago

I'm baffled!!

What does Care2 petition site has for meaning as they can't tolerate criticism in itself?

Will be anyone with criticism now also deleted?

Petition removed!!
4 years ago

The Petition was removed!!! The group care2 support and help is gone too!! What happened? She helped me out alot!

4 years ago


Did Care2 removed it ?

4 years ago

Lynn, could you give directions on how to complain to Care 2. I don't know how, and I am sure there are others who don't know the channels to go through.

4 years ago

Zen is wonderful; she has helped me many times. I plan to send her petition to all of my friends and ask them to sign, tweet and share it. Can't understand why Care 2 would get rid of one of its largest assets. Thanks, Monika for sharing.

4 years ago

Zen's avatar....


4 years ago

Please sign and circulate the petition from our dear friend and group member Christeen! Thank you very much for creating this much needed petition Christeen

Christeen A.


 Please bring Zen Back

You can view this petition at:


(CLOSED) *****ZEN suspended from Care2! Bring her back!!!****
4 years ago
| discuss

Dear all, I have got a personal email from my very dear friend Zen about his suspension yesterday - she brought our group back when the former owner had deleted it. Zen helped me very often when I had problems with postings, she is a wonderful woman and its very unfair that she was suspended from Care2 !! Please sign the petition, bring Zen back immediately!!!


Original Message:

Hello everyone,

With a sad heart, I'm here to tell you that Zen Whisperingtree has been suspended from Care2. She has helped so many people with Care2 problems and because she complained to Eric of Care2's Support Group that he wasn't doing enough to help the Care2 members with their specific problems, she's been suspended. No more Help threads, no more Oasis for the Help members.

I'm not sure if you've ever been helped by Zen or even if you know her, but please pass the word along to all the people who do know her. Perhaps some of us can complain to Care2 to get her back. She's been such an asset to the site.

Thank you, dear friends.

Love and hugs,

Lynn G.

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