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pedal power to combat climate change
6 years ago
| climate change

To start save your money to buy a greenspeed GTE Expedition trike(with rohloff rear 14 speed internal gear hub) and bob trailer. Then sell your motor vehicle and add up how much you are saving on fuel and maintenance. Then use your saving to place the largest possible solar array on your home.

And you will take a major step towards ending climate change and you should make a few dollars in the process. Then you can save up for a year long bicycle touring holiday

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While not purely pedal powered
6 years ago

The E-bike arrives this week. At 300w and 9Ahr I should drop my fuel costs to a basic minimum (and even lower as I believe I can do much charging at work and push the 'dime' into my employers court). The difference in carbon footprint should also hit  a new low as the poor beat-up Civic at 26-40 miles per gallon (40 hwy but 26 'round town and commuting) is still much more CO2 belching than the meager electric used to charge batteries and my fat bod exhales under the exertion of my normal travels.

I am hoping the e-assist will allow me to ride thru the daunting winters here in Chicago which while not Canadian can be rather 'brisk' but the roads are usually fairly clear.

In the next couple of weeks I should be able to get a veiw of how well I've gauged the advantage of my new bike system and I'll pass on the word.


The Chicagoan

6 years ago

I haven’t ridden my e-bike in over a year now. I only average slightly less than 25 miles a day on my peddle bike but when I did ride the e-bike I figured it cost much less than a tenth of a cent per mile to charge it and that was measuring the time on charge if it drew the rated full current so I don’t think a ‘dime’ would be it, maybe ‘enny’.

6 years ago

opps somehow that punctuation gave a smiley it should be penny let's se if it works without the ' now

E-bike Pshaw
6 years ago

So the new E-bike came in by FedEx since the local shops were very thin in selection. I put the bike together and as the frame is a folding configuration there was very little to do...wheels were on, cables attached and wheels/motor all hooked up.

After a unpowered test and a charge to the battery I tried out the powered life.

The first week was fine tho I noticed a lack of range (about 1/3 of stated distance/battery life). I got in the habit of carrying the charger to zap at each end of the commute (7miles or 1/5th of stated range) and it took about 1/2 a charge each end.

Then 2 days into week 2 I was half way home when I noticed the last of the screws anchoring the front disc for the disc brakes had loosened and by the time I stopped it had disappeared as well.

So a couple of phone calls and e-mails I got a promise to send replacement screws and a 'free' barbag to aleviate their guilt. When the screws arrived there were 2 different lengths so I fitted them into the holes and began tightening them till I noticed the wheel was locking up and with one turn I hear a metalic 'pop'. So I remove all the long screws and check the rear wheel disc and lo and behold the rear wheel has thru holes to mount while the front has blind holes into the motor casing. The screws they sent were too long, and now I terrified I may have crunched the motor housing innards.

Alas this was Friday night so I get to twiddle my thumbs and worry till Monday's reply...

I had such high hopes that I'd given the technology enuf time to at least get their %#&!*% together and build their own competence if not the product's quality...but NOoooo, they still have their heads up their a$$e$ and haven't mastered basic manufacuting techniques and service skills.

Well next week I find out if this company is serious about solving my complaints or if I gotta get in their face and just give up and send the bike back as a failed experiment.



The Chicagoan

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