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Beautiful Frog pics and great info
7 years ago

AT -

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7 years ago

Thanks Rita for helping out with posting some pictures for me, as I said I'm still learning and thank you for Joining me my friend. Hugs, Vinnie and old Dottie says woof.

7 years ago

Here is one of my favourite froggy pics.  Enjoy!


Frog on lily
7 years ago

A glass tree frog.  What a stunning chap!


Glass tree frog
7 years ago

Don't know if one can call this chap 'beautiful'.  But certainly in a class of his own.  Species is:  Sphenopryne cornuta



Sphenopryne cornuta frog
7 years ago

The chappy, or mommy above is carrying babies on his/her back.  See the little feet?  


Hi Vinnie and all...
7 years ago

Thank you for inviting me Vinnie.

Great pictures!

Here's a cute one I've found....


7 years ago

Western Cape, South Africa:  Endangered Leopard Toad.


leopard toad western cape south africa
7 years ago


HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAVE OUR FROGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 years ago

Save Our Frogs!
Our wonderful froggy friends are disappearing!

What YOU Can Do to HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some simple ideas to help you get involved at home and in your community.

Create some space for wildlife:
-Plant a tree in your backyard.
-Build a pond for the neighborhood frogs.
-Start composting in your backyard garden or on your balcony. It eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers which are harmful to animals and humans, and it benefits your plants!
-Don't use harmful chemicals in your garden or home.

Renew, Recycle & Reuse:
-Find alternatives to pesticides and ozone-depleting chemicals in your home and workplace.
-Recycle your toys, books and games by donating them to a hospital, daycare, nursery school or children's charity. This way the same toys can make more than one person happy!
-Save energy by turning off lights, radios and the TV when you are not using them.
-Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth and use water-saving devices on your toilet, taps and showerhead.
-Encourage your family to take public transportation. Walk or ride bicycles rather than using the car. When you can, try to organize carpools. This will help cut down on harmful fumes and unnecessary use of our earth's resources.
-Buy products and food without packaging whenever possible. Take your own bag to the store. It will reduce the amount of garbage and waste your family produces.
-Encourage your family to shop for organic fruits and vegetables.
-Start garbage free lunches.
-Bring a lunchbox or a cloth lunch bag.
-Use a thermos and reusable containers.
-Start a recycling program at school.
-Encourage your cafeteria to use re-useable containers and recycled paper napkins.
-Sell coffee mugs to replace wasteful paper and styrofoam cups. Then donate the money to help protect the environment.


Start an environment club. You can hold special environment weeks and events.

Write to your local, provincial and federal government representatives to encourage them to help conserve wetlands and other amphibian habitats.

Write and perform a play or make a video to tell others about our endangered species.

Have your school adopt a part of the Earth. Plant native trees and shrubs on your school grounds or clean up a nearby stream or park with the help of local naturalist clubs.


Between 50 and 80% of all the plants and animals in the world live in the tropics. New species of frogs are discovered in the tropics all the time. Yet, every second more than an acre of tropical forest disappears. The trees are chopped down for re-sale, and what's left gets burned. Sometimes even this remaining land gets flooded by dams built for electricity or waterways. Our planet is losing huge amounts of rich habitat, home to millions of unique species and local peoples.

With their homes being cut down, many species are become endangered. It's been estimated that every hour, one species has completely dissapeared form the Earth!

Scientists and environmental action groups are trying to work with local rainforest peoples to develop alternatives to "slash and burn" agriculture, so that they can grow food and support themselves without having to destroy more forest.

Our own lifestyle choices have an impact on tropical habitats. We can also reduce demand for unsustainable rainforest products by being careful about what we buy. You can also make donations to one of the various Wildlife Conservation groups to adopt an acre of endangered forest and help conserve amphibian populations.

Rainforest Action Network
World Wildelife Fund
National Wildlife Federation
Other Cool Frog Projects:

Frog Force Campaign - a new initiative spearheaded by the Department of Interior and National Wildlife Federation, join in the campaign to raise awareness of the plight of frog species.

Frog Spotting Visit a local pond to hear the spring peepers, bullfrogs and other frog species singing love songs to each other.

A Thousand Friends of Frogs - connects K-12 students, educators, families, and scientists from Minnesota and beyond to study and celebrate frogs and their habitats.

Frogwatch USA USGS has launched Frogwatch USA fo conduct long-term frog and toad monitoring. Frogwatch aims to engage everyday people in conservation & having fun!

Rainforest Alliance Frog Pond Great teaching tool website with fun stuff for learning.

Thanks guys.
7 years ago

Eureka it's just the slimy babies on the frog that makes it look ugly. lol..Thanks Rita for helping to contribute. Yes Karina that looks like the Frog onmy Homepage

7 years ago

Thanks Lita for the info. And thanks Africanbone for the pic. I like the one with babies on her back. It is just amazing how animals take care of their family.

7 years ago

Thanx Vinnie for the invite. This is my first visit & want to thank Africanbones & Karina for the cool pics. Hopefully, some day I too will be able to contribute. I can't do a darn thing on my mac except write. Have a good day all!

7 years ago

Thanks  Vinnie for the invitation. This is my first visit .

Wonderful frog pictures.


7 years ago

Hi everyone,

Thank you, Vinnie for the invitation to join this group.  Wonderful pictures of frogs.  Here's my little addition.  Have a great day everyone!


7 years ago

Lynn....that's one of the cutest pics I've ever seen!!!! How lucky that you got it. Thanx.

7 years ago

You're welcome, Wendy.  Glad you like the pic.  Too bad you can't do anything more on your Mac than type.


Well, it's late so I think I'll head for bed. Goodnight, all. 

Costa Rica Poison Dart Frog
7 years ago

Orange-blue Poison Dart Frog (Dendrobates)

7 years ago

Not sure what kind of frog this is. It certainly isn't as pretty as your poison dart frog, Fulvia but as long as he doesn't look in the mirror..... lol


7 years ago

Hello frogs friends,
Acabo de unirme a este maravilloso grupo.   ¡Qué fotografías más bonitas!

Traigo una de la cual no puedo aportar ninguna información, ¡ya lo siento!

Gracias Vinnie por la invitación, aunque no la haya recibido.


7 years ago

Beautiful!! Frogs & birds must be the most colorful beings in the world.

7 years ago

Isn't he coool?  So many different colors!


7 years ago

My friend Martina in Spain said what beautiful frogs. This is her contribution. The two blue frogs. She has no information on them tho.Vinnie

7 years ago


Mystery frog

Mystery Frog
7 years ago

It almost looks like a Rubber frog. Ain't everyone? And if anyone has any info on these Mystery frogs from Martina like those two bright Blue frogs. Please feel free to Share. Thanks, your Gracioius Host Vinnie and Dottie sends woofs.

7 years ago


Not sure about this little guy but he sure is cute!

7 years ago

D. Fantasticus - Peru

7 years ago

I love looking at these pics. Thanx to all for sharing.

7 years ago

Gastrotheca ceratophys Horned Frog

Horned Frog
7 years ago

Hey Lynn, what's that Latin for Demon frog? LOL..He does have Horns. Thanks everyone for contributing and so glad you like the pictures as much as me my friend Wendy.

7 years ago

Vinnie, I don't understand Latin but it could very well mean Demon frog. LOL  He sure looks mean enough, doesn't he?  Wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley! 

Rana pirenaica
7 years ago

Rana pirenaica

No deja de sorprender que a estas alturas sigan apareciendo en Europa nuevas especies de vertebrados. Pero lo cierto es que nuestro continente, cuyos rincones parecen haber sido escudriñados cientos de veces por los científicos, sigue encerrando innumerables tesoros biológicos aún por descubrir. Eso es justamente lo que sucedió a finales del verano de 1990 en el entorno del Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido, en Huesca. Jordi Serra, doctor en biología del Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología, perteneciente al CSIC, descubrió una nueva especie de anfibio que fue descrita tres años después y bautizada con el nombre de rana pirenaica (Rana pyrenaica). Se trata de una especie endémica de las zonas central y occidental de los Pirineos que vive en los torrentes de aguas frías y bien oxigenadas. De forma ocasional también se han hallado ejemplares en charcas donde se produce una renovación constante del agua. Este anfibio presenta estrictas exigencias ecológicas y gran adaptación a las duras condiciones de la alta montaña. De hecho, las hembras realizan la puesta a finales de febrero. La rana pirenaica es un anuro de talla mediana, de unos 5 cm de longitud. Su piel es lisa, fina y muy viscosa, de un color entre canela crema y gris oliváceo, con discretas manchas verdosas.

7 years ago

Strawberry Poison Dart Frog

Hi Everyone! :-) Great pictures!
7 years ago

This one is cute...

Have a Happy Day, my friends!

Red Eyed Tree Frog
7 years ago


So cute!

Tomato Frog
7 years ago

Love the photos - thanks everyone! 



Sooooooooooooooooo Cute!!!!!!!!!!
7 years ago


The two dancing frogs you posted are so darling.


7 years ago

Love the new add ons. I'm sending everyone a green star for making my day a little better by letting me see these adorable & sometimes kinda scary frogs. I can't wait to hear the frogs again when it warms up. Thank you all & hope you all have a wonderful week end. Peace to all.

Froggie Hero
7 years ago

Mouse Rides Frog in Indian Monsoon Rain Floods

(from National Geographic)


7 years ago

Wendy, thank you so much for sending us the green stars!

Big hugs to you.

Green Stars
7 years ago

I do that to Wendy my friend, when I feel good. I just send everyone a green star because I know I love getting them. They're so bright and pretty and kinda fun.

Lynn G.
7 years ago

You see Lynn that's why Rts have survived forever. If there's ever a Fire or Flood, just Follow thr Rats. They always Map out a place and make Escape Routes. I saw it on Discovery Channel. They are very smart. Gross ? Yes, but it Will save your life. Trust me.

7 years ago

My friend Martina from Spain who uses Google to translate but I guess couldn't said. These are a few New Species of Frogs found in cold and oxiginated waters found in Europe after many, mmany years. How exciting!! This is the Readers Digest Version. lol..

7 years ago

Wow, there seem to be a lot of frog species being rediscovered & even a new species. Very cool.

7 years ago

Aw, this beautiful tree frog is resting his little head. So cute!

7 years ago

Most sleeping animals or Amphibians look cute. But this guy needs to go on a diet. lol Yes, Wendy there is no shortage of different species of Frogs. Like Birds and Snakes, so many wonders in our World. Cool...So glad to see everyone enjoying My Group so much.

7 years ago

Beautiful frogs.

Have a nice time every one.

7 years ago

Australian Tree Frog

This little guy has red eyes. Cute, isn't he?

Aussie Treefrog 8

7 years ago

These pics are so amazing! Thanks to all for sharing with us.

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