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Endangered Species - around the world
7 years ago
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Well, not strictly speaking a 'frog'.  But toady definitely needs some publicity.  These chaps are on the 'RED' book list of endangered species.  Each year we all work together to save the next generation.  Read on and here is the website for more info:





The Western Leopard Toad lives in Cape Town and the Agulhas Plain. As such it shares its home with millions of Capetonians. As toads go, it is larger than most and exquisitely marked. It happily co-exists with humans in the suburbs, and would be just another beautiful inhabitant of Cape Town if it were not for the fact that it is an explosive breeder!


Every year, for a few days usually in August, toady goes a courting. This is unusual in that it is confined to less than a week a year. Thousands of toads migrate to suitable ponds. There the males snore and fight for the females. The females lay their eggs and depart, migrating back to their gardens. The exhausted males follow later when no more females arrive at the pools.

Again, this would be perfectly natural were it not for the fact that we have built roads and highways all around their breeding ponds.


And so every year there is a problem that potentially thousands of toads end up pancaked on our roads


Fortunately, there are volunteers who, every year while toads only have sex on their minds, man the roads, rescuing toads, controlling traffic and preventing a blood bath. We need your help to save our toads. The frenzy lasts for only two to five nights a year, but in that time the next generation of toads is created or doomed.


If you would to volunteer and be part of the action please call the Western Leopard Toad hotline number given below and join the ranks of your local toad volunteer group.

Contact the WLT Hotline 082 516 3602


Volunteers also collect indispensible information on breeding times, numbers of toads and breeding sites. This is done while rescuing toads, but you can also contribute out of season: see below. These data are used to determine conservation plans for the following year, to obtain funds, and to update the conservation status of the species. Please help.


We urge motorists to stay alert in all toad areas, especially on roads surrounding breeding sites.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped with the breeding effort over the last few years. Your help saw fewer mortalities than ever before and that is great news for the Western Leopard Toad.


You can contribute to citizen science!


We need your photos for our extensive identification project! PLEASE take a photo of your toad and and upload it onto our UPLOAD YOUR TOAD site. Follow this link to contribute to citizen science



Toad or Frog ??
7 years ago

Or anything else really - I love this Site -


Great pictures of just about everything on the planet ....

The Western Leopard as posted by AfricanBones


Or how about a TOMATO FROG - do you think its the colour ?


Tomato frog  (Dyscophus antongilii)


Just take a look yourself, easy search at top of page & there are just hundreds of frogs to be seen .....

7 years ago

Great frog pictures, Tj. Thanks for the link, too!


Goliath frog on rocks amongst shallow rapids

7 years ago

Thanks Eureka my old friend for that information on Toads. I know they are closely related. Thanks Tj for that Link to see more Frogs. I don't have time now to check it out. Oh Lynn dear meet my new friend TjH, Host of Tree Lovers. There Terry, Free Advertising. LOL

7 years ago

Vinnie dear, Tj and I are friends now, too. It's nice to see that your group here at FrogsRUs is growing bigger.  More and more people are interested in frogs and their impact in the world. Sending hugs and kisses and a woof woof from Mandy to Dottie. xx

7 years ago


Efulen water frog

7 years ago

Does Care2 think it's funny?  It automatically put it that silly icon in front of what was supposed to say PETROPEDETES....and it substituted the P with a Smiley.  ???? 

Oh No!!!
7 years ago

I don't know who put it there, but that's not nice. Lynn are you sure it was Care2. ?? Maybe somebody was trying to be funny. I just knew you and Terry were going to become friends. I knew it !! O.k. now. This is Vinnie, the Host. Whoever is messing with other people's contributions. STOP IT !! Or you may be asked to leave. Thanks.

7 years ago

Vinnie, it came on the second I posted it. I always look at my post before I exit out and it was there immediately, so it had to be Care2. Can't ask them to leave, otherwise we'd all be out'a here! LOL Don't worry about it. 

7 years ago

Okay this is very easy to explain .... Lynn copied across the name of the frog



How ever when she did so there was no space between the :- after Genus & P at the start of Petropedetes ..... if you put the the keys : - P  together with out space between them you will get ......

Just like if you do : - ) together without space you get

So yes in a way it was care2, unfortunately Lynn unknowingly activated a SMILEY shortcut ..... If you copy & paste anything or are just writing, always make sure there is a space between :- & any other letter or you may get a

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