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5 years ago

took my dog swimming in a nearby pond. a group of tadpoles were circling us, they looked like small fish with a tail, no legs yet. but the faces were froglike, and you could tell they were just babies.

5 years ago

How cute. I remember catching tadpoles as a kid.

5 years ago

Thanks Siouxz, for that cute story. Do you have a camera? Can you take a picture next time you see them and share them with us? If not, that's o.k. Goodnight

5 years ago

So sweet...I am ashamed to admit that tiny tadpoles in a pool always reminded me of sperm.Sorry for being so twisted...

5 years ago

Tania, you're so right. I LMAO!! Not really because it's still there. We must have the same twisted sense of humor!!!

5 years ago

Hehehe,that's what makes me feel nasty about myself reading Siouxz's romantic view.It's like when we lay on the grass and start to see shapes on the clouds:it reveals our true twisted nature

I know...i absolutelly missed the point...Sorry,Siouxz...

5 years ago

thanks for sharing this

5 years ago

 Tania my friend. OMG...I think your brain and Wendys'  is still back on Scotsmen. LOL..tehehe, Vinnie and Dottie say goodnight you Naughty girls, unlike me. A nice old Catholic school girl. lol..Well, the old part is True. tehehe

5 years ago

Oh, right Vinnie....I used to be Catholic too!! Me & my old girl Surya say good morning. I do have to ask tho...what's Scotsmen besides being men of Scotland? I'm old too & want to make sure I'm being compared to something good.(but not necessarily good). Have a great day all. Gotta go to work. Someday I too will be able to put little things on my post!

5 years ago

Wendy isn't in the Thistle with us?I'm inviting her RIGHT NOW.Vinnie...what can i say you busted me...

On 2nd thought
5 years ago

No Souixz, don't post any pictures of those Tadpoles that Tania says looks like Sperm. I don't want my pages to get sticky. LOL..Aren't we girls naughty? tehehe

5 years ago

Now I know I joined the right group! Yes, Vinnie I got your instructions. I must go back & write them down so I can figure it out. I'm so out of the loop that I just got my first cell phone. I can't even do the colored print. Well, at least I know how to get here & that's what counts!! Now I'm off to check out those Scotsmen! Thanx Tania.

5 years ago

Hi grrrrls!For some reason i couldn't post anything for several days...I hope u grls r doing fine!

5 years ago

sumbody mention Scotsmen! ...You girls are really naughty with  twisted minds! You make me .....saw a film recently aboot tadpoles....but it wiz a sex education programme! 

5 years ago

Hey Iain, thanx for the star & one right back at ya! I don't know much about Scotsmen except they have one of the hottest accents ever! We have a Scotsman on our community radio station & I could listen to him talk forever.

5 years ago

Sex education programmeThat's my boy,back in town!Wendy,scots got the hotter-sweeter-eatable(does that word exist?)thing on earth:EWAN MCGREGOR

5 years ago



Jist minded there the noo that a used tae love frogs, there wiz one that i will always remember for the warmth and laughter he gave me when a wiz a wee boy!

Oki-Doki then, here's a wee video taken of him!

Thanks Iain
5 years ago

I never watched the Muppets. My children to were to big by then. But I'm glad it made you happy as a Wee Lad. Thanks for Posting that cute, happy video for us. Maybe it will settle down our Tania.  Oh, Siouxz, what have you started ? LOL... Goodnight or Have a nice day to all my dear friends all over our World. xo

5 years ago

We used to watch the Muppets back in the 70's all the time. That show was for adults (at least that's what we told ourselves). There was much adult humor on that show! Thanx Iain for the memories. Here's to another steamy day. UGH!!

5 years ago

who doesn't love the mike myer's scottish accent.

5 years ago



SHREK ROCKS................




SOMETHIN YER NO TELLIN US WENDY!!!!!!!!!!!! Anither steamy day!!



Aye buddies!
5 years ago

Just to show all of u that i like clean things too,i invite u to see this Muppets version of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody

I got it on my page also,it worth it every secondLuv to all o'u

some froggy jokes!
5 years ago

A man walks in to a doctors office with a frog on his head. The doctor leaps up and says: "Good grief, how on earth did you get that great ugly thing!"
The frog looks down and replies: "I dunno Doc, it started out as a little wart on my bottom!"

What kind of shoes do frogs wear?
Open toad!

A teacher had a 5-year-old come up to her and said that he found a frog. The teacher asked, "Is the frog alive or dead?"
The student replied, "It's dead."
The teacher then asked, "How do you know for sure?"
The boy said, "I pissed in its ear."
Aghast, the teacher said, "You did what?"
He said, "You know, I went to his ear and said, 'PSST!' and it didn't move. So, it must be dead."

5 years ago

Jee,buddie you can find jokes about everything!Just one thing:next time don't use that dark font!I had to copied n pasted elsewhere to read itOr is it the world famous invisible ink?


note:i also use the invisible inkso i had to edit the post

This post was modified from its original form on 28 Jul, 6:59
5 years ago

Those jokes were funny. Not guffaw funny, but definitely chuckle worthy. I can't tell a joke to save my life. I see what you mean Tania about the dark font. Luckily it's normal on the e mail page (or whatever you call it) so I was able to read it. Oh oh! There's more steamy days & nights ahead for me. I don't know if I can take many more. It's time to turn the fans on. Later all. I hope you have some great days ahead. Enjoy!!

Oh you guys. LOL
5 years ago

Storms, lightening outside, gotta go. Just stopped in quick.  Oh Iain, Wendy means the Extreme Heat Wave America is having. Get your mind out of the gutter.   Now we have our own naughty boy. tehehe. Yes, Tania that dark color doesn't work well. I could barely see it. Thanks for letting Iain know.  Oh Wendy dear at least I have Air when I have Power. Really gotta get off and Unplug everything again. Hugs to all, Vin and whimpering Dottie. xo

5 years ago

Thaks fur keepin me right girls!  Sorry fur the dark font  and being a naughty boy! with a twisted won't happen again!! honest!

Sorry yous are huvin a bad time wi the weather Wendy n Vinnie. Hopefully it will change soon! Really nice here in Scotland the the 20's!


One day this frog was bored, so he decided to call the psychic hotline.
The psychic asked the frog "what do you want to know"
"Tell me something about my love life" said the frog.
"In the very near future you are going to meet a very beautiful young woman" said the psychic.
"Cool, where? at a disco or a party?" said the frog.
The psychic replied,
"Next month in her biology class!" ..

5 years ago

 vivisection love dearest're so cool...

5 years ago

Oooh Iain....that was a bad one!! Yes, we're having terribly hot, humid, stormy weather this summer. I don't do well above 78 degrees & 40% humidity. I'm really not a summer person. Vinnie, I hope you don't get too many more bad storms this year. Sometimes Lake Mich. saves us from storms & generally keeps us a few degrees cooler. Oh, Iain...just don't forget where that gutter is in case you need to get back in. (insert devilish smiley here). Peace people & frogs.

Sorry Wendy!
5 years ago


Hope your weather has improved over the pond! Talking of pond.....


Kin anybody tell me....Whit Frog Below Is The Odd One Out? Look closely now!!


...Nae peekin at the answer below!










Awright, there's nae difference!!! bit it wiznae me who thought aboot it.. HONEST wiz that wee devil  oan ma shooder..


 noo whars that gutter????  


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