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7 years ago

Sorry I have'nt had a chance to stop by more offen. Im still getting use to communicating by computer. And trying to do alot of good for the aniamls. And say hi to some other groups. I was pretty busy this summer caring for some wild baby european sparrows four of them. we did every well together, the sparrows grow strong enough to fly from me after four weeks. At the same time with the sparrows we also had all the baby chickens fifty for care. But we all made it though just fine. The weather has been different up here, not a bad summer just stange storms. Today we got hell with the rain,thank goodness it did'nt last long for the garden sake. Trying to enjoy whats left of our summer up here in the north county. Winter will be coming soon, I will have to say good by untill next year to my dragon fly friends. Have a wounderfull weekend. Thank you. Take care and keep the Faith.

Hello Elizabeth
7 years ago

That's o.k. Hun, we have all been having problems and still try to do what we can. Always glad to see you. Have you read Tadpoles Thread?  The "Girls have Gone Wild".  LOL...I finally have pictures of my old pup Dottie on my Page in the Gallery. She helped me Rescue a baby Bird that fell out of a tree from a Severe storm. For weeks we covered him from the extreme heat and I threw seed down his Gullet and Water, the he grew feathers and Flew the Coup. Dottie still looks for her little baby. Awww.

7 years ago

Hello Elizabeth!And hello Vinnie!And the secuel,girls go wild 2(it's party time)it's in Iain's thread Welcome to Frogland now;we discovered which frog are each of us and Lynn and Wendy are planning a margarita froggy party!

7 years ago

That's right, Elizabeth and Vinnie (Hi, Vinnie dear). We gonna pahtay!!  It's margarita time in Frogland, so come join us!!   Tanya, thanks for spreading the word.

7 years ago

Got power back now. Wow, what a storm. I was at Meijer shopping when it hit. I had frozen food & couldn't wait for it to stop raining so I ran for it. I was soaked down to my birthday suit. I didn't have the brains to get my keys out of my purse while still in the store. But...I'm painting my warts up pretty & will be there shortly. Margaritaville, here I come!

7 years ago



7 years ago

Maybe a frog kin wear a kilt...What am not sure's ible ta do's playing a bagpipe... 

The Kilted Frog!!
7 years ago



Loads and loads of fly's and fleas tae feast oan in here my friends! Spread the wurd tae the other frogies tae get over here and feast away!!


Watch whit yer doing though, too much feasting will get ye tongue tied!


fly's and fleas, fly's and fleas..  come in and party!
















7 years ago

My flue is flawed

My fly has flee

So what, said I

Will that do to me?

I'll eat a flea

that came and flew

right into my head

That's what a froggie will do!

Rribbit, Rribbit

7 years ago

Jee,fellas...this is too much fur mee poor froggie tongue... 

7 years ago

 Well done Lynn, hidden talent's there buddie!


Hey Tania, keep practicing and yer tongue will get stronger pal!


(not in Lynn's league but will give it a go!)


The flea's and fly's flew fast past my pond,

A quick flick of my tongue is like a magic wand,

So all the flea's and fly's stick to my tongue,

A froggy feast for me, YUM, YUM!..... Rribbit

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7 years ago

thread full of my dearest friends.
You know,I just HAD to come.
tongue lessons? lol,Iain,you are an amphibian genius.

7 years ago

Yay, Iain! You rock at poems. Or is it "you rocket poems"? Either way, good job!!

7 years ago



7 years ago

Hi Jenny!!!

7 years ago


one humanity
Hold the shell to your ear and listen to its message for the weekend...Don't forget to take time out for YOU!
love to all of you.


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