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Check it out Folks.
7 years ago

Frog Poster Extravaganza: 29 Frogs and a free poster!

To celebrate us now having our top-selling poster printed on recycled paper, we are giving away a FREE SAVE THE FROGS! Neon Frog Art Poster to everybody who orders the fabulous 29 Frogs poster this week. Oh yeah, you get a free SAVE THE FROGS! bumper stciker thrown in. The posters look amazing, they help spread the word, and they make great'll love them!!!

Order the 29 Frogs poster here...and get a free Neon Frog Art Poster!

29 Frogs Poster

Awesome free poster featuring the Grand Prize Winning Frog Art of Elizabeth Hinson:
Neon Frog Poster

Free sticker!
Frog Sticker

The hopping yellow frogs
That I saw at the zoo
Are now sadly endangered
And who can help them? YOU!

A good way to get started
They have a helpful gift shop
With gifts for dad and mom

Due to deforestation,
Which is trees being cut down
If you were now a froggy
You’d be wearing a frown

We all can use less paper
And it will help the frogs
‘Cause paper cups and paper bags
Are all made out of logs

The save the frogs’ great gift shop
Has re-useable bags
It also has great travel mugs
So have a look, don’t lag!
--By Jade Nevins, Ontario, Canada, 12 years old

7 years ago


7 years ago

Beautiful, Vinnie. Thanks!!

Hi Tania and Lynn, my friends
7 years ago

Thanks for checking it out. That is a beautiful Neon Poster. Ain't ?

7 years ago

Hey Vinnie, wish a had time tae look at this earlier! That's a brilliant birthday card they have eh?? Lots of interesting links tae follow! Thanks fur posting buddie

7 years ago

You young lady, have some SERIOUS SKILLS. IMPRESSIVE.
thanks so much for posting this.
really beautiful.
just got internet restored. The hurricane did a lot of damage to vt.
leaving to go west tommorow. I hope.
see ya all on the west coast, soon.
and of course the desert will feel good after this much water.
peace and love.

7 years ago

Thanks for the info. Very interesting.

Frog posters..........
7 years ago

Great Vinnie..thank u much. Such beautiful posters. Hi to Iain...where r ya dear? Hey what's this talk about?????? I love "reckless talk".............. Makes me feel soooo

Frogs and oh I forgot...
7 years ago

Is anyone as sick of these damn Oprah posters popping up everywhere you click..................ENOUGHHHHHHHHHHHHH...I have a headache already............

7 years ago


7 years ago

Hi Toni...yes I'm sick of Oprah, but it says I get free Butterfly points. Do you know if they're automatic or do you have to go to her page? I'll suffer if I can get the points. It's good to see you, as it was suspected you were abducted by aliens. I hope you didn't get the probe!! Can I ask what your pic is? I can't figure it out. My eyes are getting old.

7 years ago

hey Toni!It wasn't reckless was reckless gossip, the Thisle,atchoo...!

I'm sick of Oprah too...


7 years ago


Just because she's generous, big deal,it's a needed tax write off.

you don't see deepak chopra spamming the boards.

This post was modified from its original form on 14 Sep, 8:16
7 years ago

deepak rules!!!his a true philosopher.

Me too!
7 years ago

I appreciate the 50 Butterfly Credits, but I agree with my friend Toni. Enoughhh.  And when Kadyan Won to run the Sanctuary in India whom I Voted for he didn't go around all over the place boasting. And he works hard with his family running that place. Yes Tania on Deepak. Siouxz, her Studio in Chicago  is named Harpo Studios. And I agree, I think it's just for a Tax write-off. Goodnight gals. Dottie already knocked out. lol

Dam spamming b.s.
7 years ago

I was trying to type a post, and that oprah message kept coming up, and I kept losing all my post.
YOu're successful,big woop
don't care....

don't freak out
7 years ago

care2 has decided to use my lakota name,no idea how this happened.
it's tasunka maza (iron horse)
I prefer siouxz
no changes were required,????????????

7 years ago

Tasunka Maza, I don't know how Care2 changed your name to your Lakota name, but would you mind if we just stuck to Siouxz? It's so much easier to write and I like the sound of it. Ok, Iron Horse? lol

please do
7 years ago

I prefer it, myself.
Think it has something to do with a petition I signed.
I sometimes use that name on petitions.
my friends all call me siouxz.

7 years ago

thanks for the info

7 years ago

If you go to your profile page, or account management you can edit your name to read whatever you wish ... I'll run up a picture share for instructions if you need ??

Yea, our helpful Terry is back.
7 years ago

Do you like the Billboard Terry while you were away? Glad you're always so helpful. I've been busy running my Horse group I had to take over as the the Host was missing for a year. And I'm a Native American, Comanche , so I had to. Hope you check it out or did I already invite you? All us Mad folks are there too. LOL..You can't escape us. Goodnight or Good morning to you. xo

7 years ago

That's really interesting.

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