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The Aral Sea: world's worst ecological disaster
7 years ago

Can anyone here add information, corrections, actions, and/or opinions about this topic?

Not directly about frogs, I know, but indirectly such actions, immoral attitudes, and the world's lack of response cause long-lasting devastation in so many ways...

On this day (22nd October) in 1990, the Royal Geographical Society claimed the Aral Sea had suffered the world's worst ecological disaster.
The devastation was largely due to the Soviet construction of irrigation channels to divert the two rivers that fed the Aral Sea, the Amu Darya in the south and the Syr Darya in the northeast.
The irrigation channels were poorly constructed, allowing water to leak out or evaporate, resulting in wastage of between 30 and 70%.
This situation has never been rectified.
The Aral Sea lies in central Asia, between Kazakhstan in the north and Uzbekistan in the south.
In 1960 it was the world's fourth-largest lake, with an area of approximately 68,000 km², about the size of the Republic of Ireland.
By 1998, it was only eighth-largest, and had shrunk to 28,687 km².
During the 1980s, the water level fell so low that the sea split into two bodies of water, the North Aral Sea and the South Aral Sea. The artificial channel which was dug to connect them had disappeared by 1999, as the two bodies of water continued to shrink.
Whilst there is some attempt to resurrect the North Aral Sea, the South Aral has continued to shrink, leaving behind vast saltpans which, together with the higher concentration of pesticides in the area, has resulted in severe health problems for the area's four million inhabitants.
The fishing industry has been decimated and the climate has changed, with short, dry summers and long, cold winters.
The incidence of cancer has increased tenfold, and death from lung disease is among the highest in the world, as the result of salt and toxic chemicals being picked up by winds and dumped as toxic dust on surrounding areas.
Having read this about Aral Sea: world's worst ecological disaster today I am alarmed that:
--- it happened at all
--- it hasn't been rectified
--- the perpetrators haven't received (as far as I know) punitive actions
--- the world's communities aren't intervening with aid etc
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That's o.k., Jenny my friend.
7 years ago

Glad for your concern to share. Anytime water is affected I'm sure it affects frogs, birds and people so at least here people would read it and be aware. Couldn't send you a green star so here's a hug. xo

7 years ago

I was going to suggest you post in watershed thread.
You smart girl. Already thought of it.

7 years ago

Thank you Vinnie and Tasunka! If I find out anymore I'll be back

7 years ago

I greatly appreciate information about this situation from
Lisa [in Watersheds]. There is good news as progress is made to restore the Northern waters...I hope the Southern Aral will be restored as well. I still wonder if the human population have been compensated in any way.

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