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The FEEL GOOD POND...Chapter 2..
7 years ago

 Too be Continued stories my Fruddy friends. The other Thread was getting too long and took too long with my junky computer. Reflect, Smile and Relax my Friends. Huggles from Dottie too. xoxoxoxo                        Garden Pond  

Hi Wendy and Siouxz.
7 years ago

Yes, Wendy you were missed. I figured you were busy. I've got so much going on too. So glad to see you, I'll try to find a Lily Pad picture for you. O.k ?   Siouxz, you're funny. Ha, ha. Avocados, not butter. You do know that it is a Fruit and the highest Calorie food source in the world? They say 300 Caloreis and they're expensive because they are hard to grow. Huggles Fruddy Buddys. Love ya all. Goodnight from me and old Dottie. xoxoxoxo

7 years ago

so good for your skin, and your heart.(the good fat)

definitely pricey.

they do call it nature's butter,though.

I try to eat a portion,like 1/8 of one. I put on that five pounds,I needed. So,no more splurging on fattening foods.

7 years ago

I love avocados! I usually just make guacamole & eat them that way. They do have a high fat content, but it's the good fat. Yum!! Gee, Siouxz, what's it like to have to put on weight? I always need to lose it! I guess neither way is good. Too thin or too fat...not good. Vinnie, you have a lot on your plate. I don't know how you do it. Don't worry about lily pads for me. I can always visit other thread. Thanx for the thought but you have more important things to do. Fruddies Rock!!!!!!!!! You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet dreams to all. My old gal Surya sends her best to old Dottie!! Woof woof.

7 years ago

Dang it Vinnie, I tried to send you a star but couldn't. How about a BIG HUG instead? I sure wish I could get those cute smilies to work here.

7 years ago




7 years ago

Saw this sign when going for a walk during the holidays!



Hugs Fruddies

7 years ago

HA HA HA! That's pretty funny Iain. I just realized today when I went to take Surya for a walk that I had stepped in doo doo & then got it on my jeans...and that happened in my own yard! I had to finish my walk with poop all over my shoes & jeans. At least I didn't get splattered. Eeeuuuw!!! Here's a good one...I was working in my garden last year & was trying to break up some lumps of clay. One lump wouldn't crumble right & when I took a closer look. found out it was cat poop! Another time I was cleaning out my cat's litter box when the scooper hit an obstacle & a piece of wet litter landed in my mouth!!! I learned real quick to always keep my mouth shut when doing that chore. Can anyone top that for grossness?? Yes Siouxz, Vinnie's something else!!! I don't know how she does it! Woofs to Fyre from Surya. Fyre, I like that. I just adopted a girl cat & am looking for a cool name for her. She's a beautiful long haired grayish/tannish color. Any ideas? I'm collecting names. It's good to be back!!!!!!!!!!!!

poop stories
7 years ago

I have loads,lol

throw fyre's piles over the fence into the desert brush,into a cactus filled waste (pun intended) land. The wild animals ,insects and whatever else,love it.

names; I've got many,here goes, feather, sadie,misty, gaby(after giffords).

marley,(after bob), dakota, honor,truth, more. Love naming things.

for the tan color,all I can think of atm,is khaki......good luck


Neato Sign Iain.
7 years ago

I try to clean it up as soon as possible but I've stepped in some too in my own backyard because I can't see it with dry leaves on the ground. However some people never clean up after their dogs or use leashes. It is Bio-degradable tho unlike plastic water bottles all over the Park. Man this Topic is getting %#&!*%. hahahaha, Goodnight my Dear friends and for the Compliments. I'm really just an old Grumundgeon who is able to laugh at herself. Dottie sends slobbery kisses to Fyre, Surya, your Fur-babys Sarah and Wendy, Siouxz, Iain who loves it. LOL...

sad poop story!
7 years ago

Aye, a jist love slobbery kisses Vinnie.. 


Great that ye kin  yer dog poo Siouxz


Working at the school sometimes a little kid will come tae ma office crying,  holding a shoe covered in dog poo! (ma job to clean).. Despite several signs around the playground and grounds of the school banning owners from walking their dogs, I'm afraid some owners jist dinnae care!


Some names eh...... Bonnie (as in Scotland), clio, bunty, clarise (sotl), gloria, pippa, tinkerbell, zara, mitzi...oh!  and one more after a friend of mine on care2, and the cats colour.. Tania  Hope they help ye oot Wendy!


You lassies are ..  and of course say hi tae awe the fur-babies..



nae mair slobbery kisses, so am hiding!






my jaccuzzi breaks down
7 years ago

just as I am covered in doggie slobber.
oh my,will have to wait till after the holiday to have fixed.
will have to shower,kinda like it,though.
The polish have a curse " a dog should lick your face" maybe danuta has heard it.
boy,am I

my post is lost in cyberspace
7 years ago

just saw it post,then gone.
anywho,just said I,like being covered in doggie slobber.

see told ya, it would post as soon as I write this one.


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7 years ago

Frog Poetry of the Week In order to save the frogs leaping by fresh water ponds We can't just wave our magic wands. We must take action To see a reaction. Even though these words are succinct, Frogs need our help to keep from becoming extinct. --Kelly Stephens, 12th grade, Mountain View High School, CA

Hello & Goodnight my Fruddy Frds. xo
7 years ago


Have a Peaceful weekend or a Wild one.  LOL..Dottie says woofs.

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