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Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish Friends.
6 years ago

                                    Symbols   I'm not sure if I have any Jewish Friends but have a Blessed Holy day.xoxoxo

You do vinnie
6 years ago

, and to all that have no religious reason to celebrate,as myself;



6 years ago

Vinnie dear, you do have a Jewish friend. Me!  Thank you for the Hanukkah wish. It's a very happy holiday and I'm looking forward to lighting the Menorah, as I do every year.

Mandy and I wish you and Siouxz a very Merry Christmas, which I celebrate also because of the fact that none of my in-law children are Jewish. We're one big happy family. As far as the Chinese year, I'm a Monkey so I have to wait for that, Siouxz!

Big fruddie huggies.

Happy Winter Solstice too.
6 years ago

I tried to find a Pretty Menorah for you my friends. Wow, Lynn, now I can ask you about some terms Judge Judy uses that I don't understand. I assume you know Hebrew. I Joined a group called Jewish and Christian Believers but the group is dead, not even a Host. Goodnight Fruddies. xoxoxo

believe it or not
6 years ago

lynn may not speak hebrew,but I do;

all middle eastern languages,plus understand yiddish ( a form of hebrew and german), and aramaic....was one of the only people who understood the Passion by mel gibson ,without subtitles.

so without delay'


hag samayach shel hanukah.

le hadlik ner shel yom tov.

boray pre ha goffen.

subtitledd; happy holiday,of hanukah,to light a candle for a holy day, and bless the wine..

I'm full of surprises,lived in the middle east one for two summers growing up...

have a knack for languages ( my folks spoke 11 between them),latin (my mom)

and aramaic both dead languages,lol


6 years ago

Wow, Siouxz!! That was perfect. I don't speak Hebrew, but I know the words from certain prayers. I understand Yiddish but when I try to speak it, I mangle the language. It's a bastard language....mostly German-like, but mixed with other middle eastern languages. My parents both spoke the language so that's how I picked up what I know. I even know some curses. lol "Gay cocken aff en yom". (Go sh*t in the ocean).   Try saying that to someone you're mad at, but make sure they don't understand Yiddish!!

Love you guys. Fruddie kisses.

6 years ago

Vinnie, the terms that Judge Judy uses are Yiddish not Hebrew, so if you want to know what something means, I should know the answer. She puts in a lot of Yiddish words when she speaks and it's funny to hear her.

Hi Nyack
6 years ago

Well, Happy Yule-Tide to you dear old friend Nyack, who sent me my first Testimonial,yes I remember. Also, yes it can also be spelt Chanukah, but I couldn't find one. Thanks and for stopping by....Siouxz you are full of surprises, omg...Lynn I'll ask about Judge Judy another time. Now I'm beat,beddy by time with ole Dottie. Goodnight fruddie friends and hugs to all. xoxoxoxo

6 years ago

partly hebrew,the word yahm,meens lake

yom means day.....

a hebrew curse....lech le azazel( go to hell)

6 years ago

You're right, Siouxz. Yom means day. I didn't realize that I spelled yahm wrong. You're a fount of information. Next time I want to find out about a Hebrew word, I know who to ask! lol

Hi Nyack, Happy Yule-tide to you. Doesn't matter what we celebrate. We're all people who care about each other's traditions. That's all that counts.


Fruddie huggies!!

6 years ago

Wow, Siouxz, you never cease to amaze!! I feel like a new born baby when I read all your accomplishments. Wishing peace & harmony to you all. However & whatever you may celebrate.

further comments
6 years ago

azzazel,in hebrew,really isn't ,since jews don't believe in hell...

it is taken from the aramaic.

studied languages in school,as well as inheriting an ear,for them.

the tip is learning the root of words, but reading backwards was hard,at first.

would love to learn how to read and write,chinese, as we will all have to know it soon.,no joke.

Happy winter solstice( yule),.fruddy hugs,to all.

Chinese ?? Oh no!!!
6 years ago

 OMG,  You guys. I can't turn my back for a minute. Naughty words ?  Really ?  LOL..This time we can't blame Tania or The Thistle for starting such nonsence. It's our very own Siouxz. lol.. Well, again didn't get to Open any cards or send any. Beddy by time. All my Junk mail is going into Inbox  and I just spent two hours emptying it out and now too tired to Sign Petitions. Goodnight or Good morning, Fruddie Buddies. xoxoxo

6 years ago



6 years ago


6 years ago

Happy Hanukkah

6 years ago

Wonderful tag, Rhonda. I thank you for it. How did they get the dog to sit so still with a yarmalke on his head? So cute!

Yes, Vinnie....Siouxz's right. I did start it but it was just for learning, not to be naughty. Yeah, right!!

Season's greetings to all and to all a good night. Gotta go! Big hugs to my fruddie buddies!!

Sooo Cute.
6 years ago

Thanks Rhonda, and little Gansta Chihuahua. What an Awesome picture and it looks Hand-made. Someone took a lot of time on this. That doggie is so cute with that blue scarf with The Star of David on it. It kinda looks like what our Catholic Priests wear when they say Mass. That just makes it more Special. Yarmalke, huh ? I wondered what those little caps were called. See I learned another new word. I thought it was 8 days of Oil for the candles in the Menorah ? Explain, please anyone. Goodnight fruddie buddies. xoxo

knew a dog
6 years ago

that was trained by some religious jews,they taught him not to touch his food,till they said it was kosher,lol

the dog was amazing, if you said it was non,he wouldn't eat it....

the things people teach their dogs amaze me

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