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Save The Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs!
6 years ago
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At one time a common sight at lakes, ponds and streams throughout the Sierra Nevadas, California's Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog are now completely gone from over 90% of the sites they once inhabited!


Background: The California Fish & Game Commission is considering by a petition by the Center for Biological Diversity to list the Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog (Rana sierrae and R. muscosa) as threatened/endangered under California's Endangered Species Act. They vote on February 2, 2012 and we need to make sure they know that wildlife enthusiasts from California and beyond support this listing. Feel free to edit the subject or body of your letter to increase the chances it gets read. Thanks!


6 years ago


6 years ago

Thanks for Posting Teresa. Hope it helps.

6 years ago

I just signed also. Many thanx Teresa

California Protects Declining Mountain Yellow-legged Frogs
6 years ago

Mountain yellow-legged frog

With more than 75 percent of California's high-elevation frog populations gone, we welcomed news that both the Sierra and Southern mountain yellow-legged frogs are getting state protection.

Once plentiful in high-elevation lakes in California, today the frogs are rare owing to stocking of nonnative trout in mountain lakes and streams that formerly had no aquatic predators. Pesticides that drift from farmlands are also a threat -- contaminants can leave frogs vulnerable to disease or kill them outright.

Thankfully, after a Center for Biological Diversity petition, the California Fish and Game Commission last week voted unanimously to protect both frogs under the state Endangered Species Act. The Sierra Nevada population is on track for federal protection, too, under our landmark 2011 settlement with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to speed decisions on 757 species. Center efforts have also changed California's trout-stocking program; the state now has a policy to cease fish stocking and remove nonnative trout from core yellow-legged-frog areas.

Read more in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Hiya Teresa
6 years ago

It said the petition was now inactive!


Let's hope the yellow-legged-frogs are once again plentiful in California's lakes, eh Lynn!

6 years ago

Thanks to all who read and participated in this issue.  Newspaper says it all....

6 years ago

teresa for the thread,and lynn for the article

The way I read it,the fight is just beginning.

Being put on the endangered list is a start,but an admission as well.

Now ,is when they need our help the most.

We need to keep their plight alive,so that they may stay so.

well done,teresa.

at least now we know.One day they may swim in the lakes of cali,once again in decent numbers...we can dream.

6 years ago

Thank you Teresa

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