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Acheivements & Milestones. Part 4..Animals Only Plz.
6 years ago

Center for Biological Diversity

Stop Keystone XL

Dear Vinnie,

What an incredible 24 hours.

With a massive outpouring of support from grassroots activists across the nation, we blew past our goal of 500,000 signatures.

Since we sent our call to action yesterday to stop Congress from ramming through this disastrous tar- sands pipeline, more than 793,000 people spoke out with an unmistakable message: Say NO to the Keystone XL pipeline.

40 conservation groups from around the country and mobilized their supporters and activists to speak out against Keystone during a frenzied, 24-hour push that started at noon yesterday.

We're proud to say that more than 24,500 Center for Biological Diversity activists added their voice to this massive effort. This quick action is what we've come to depend on. Thank you.

Every one of those signatures, which are being hand-delivered to Congress this afternoon, is a call to reject Big Oil's relentless lobbying machine. Stopping Keystone XL will be a powerful blow against the oil industry's corrupting influence.

The Center and our allies were the first to file legal challenges against the Keystone XL project when we found out that crews in Nebraska were clearing the way for the tar- sands pipeline even before it had been approved.

Since then, we've been fighting the project every step of the way. President Obama heeded our call last month in rejecting the pipeline, but Republicans in Congress are determined to push it through — no matter what the environmental cost may be. We can't let that happen.

Here's hoping today's incredible outpouring of opposition from every corner of America will finally take Keystone XL off the table for good.

Thanks for your swift action.

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


P.S. We knew the fight over Keystone XL would be intense because there's so much at stake. While oil companies stand to add to their staggering profits, Keystone XL would leave behind oil spills, environmental devastation and, climate catastrophe, and it would damage risk the habitats for of more than 20 imperiled rare and endangered species, including the whooping crane. We'll be counting on you in the coming months to keep up the pressure.

Thank you Vinie
6 years ago

good luck

1,000 Dogs Rescued in China
6 years ago
6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Good News for Jaguars
6 years ago

bci head3



MOU with Panthera Launches First National Jaguar Conservation Plan


New York, NY - A significant victory was made for the future of the jaguar last week in Tegucigalpa with the establishment of Honduras' first ever National Jaguar Conservation Plan by the Honduran government and wild cat conservation group, Panthera.  


On March 1st, Panthera's CEO and jaguar expert, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, and the Minister of Honduras' National Institute for the Conservation and Development of Forests, Protected Areas and Wildlife (ICF), José Trinidad Suazo Bulnes, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) launching the National Jaguar Conservation Plan and initiating a stronger commitment to conserving jaguars in Honduras and securing the Jaguar Corridor.. Located in the heart of Central America, Panthera's scientists recently confirmed that Honduras serves as a crucial link in the Jaguar Corridor, which seeks to connect and protect jaguar populations from Mexico to Argentina to ensure their genetic diversity and future survival.  


At the ceremony, after a two-week tour of Panthera's jaguar conservation projects in Honduras, Dr. Rabinowitz stated that "Today's signing signifies Honduras' commitment to the jaguar, recognition of the country's role within the Jaguar Corridor, and a significant step forward in conserving their incredible natural heritage." Attendees of this historic event included a representative of the office of Honduras's Vice President, Victor Hugo Barnica, and representatives from the United Nations, World Bank, USAID, PROCORREDOR, CATIE, and Proyecto ECOSISTEMAS.  

Yippee !!!
6 years ago

   for the Jaguars. --  1,000 dogs rescued in China good news too altho a bit graphic.

6 years ago

Wonderful news about the Jaguars and dogs Vinnie. Thanks for sharing say hi to Dottie,


 ching, ching!

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Endangered Southern Frog by Lynn.
6 years ago
Endangered Southern Frog
7 hrs ago
| News

Endangered Southern Frog Protected From Development

Mississippi gopher frog

Good news for a one-of-a-kind frog in the South: The Mississippi gopher frog will get more room to live under an agreement just signed by the Center for Biological Diversity, Gulf Restoration Network and Columbus Communities, the developer of a planned 4,800-acre community called "Tradition" in Harrison County, Miss. The agreement outlines steps for a land exchange between the developer and the U.S. Forest Service to protect one of the gopher frog's last remaining breeding ponds.

Once common throughout Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, the stubby, spotty Mississippi gopher frog is now nearly extinct because of fire suppression, drought, pesticides, urban sprawl and highway construction. Today it survives in just four small Mississippi ponds. As the result of a Center suit and settlement, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listed the gopher frog as an endangered species in 2001; it proposed to protect 7,000 acres of "critical habitat" (also due to our legal work) about a decade later. According to recent surveys, there may be fewer than 100 adult frogs of the species remaining; the latest agreement will certainly improve its odds of survival.

Read more in the Bastrop Daily Enterprise and learn about saving the Mississippi gopher frog.

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Thx. Lynn
6 years ago

Always good news for our froggies. Moved you here because it was in the wrong Thread. Will write to you later about Tag my friend.

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