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New Species - Super Tiny Chameleon
6 years ago
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Super Tiny Chameleon Species Discovered

Super Tiny Chameleon Species Discovered

An extremely small new chameleon species was discovered by German and American scientists. Named Brookesia micra, it is just 16 mm to 29 mm long and was found in Madgascar.

From the photo, one can see how it has been so easy to overlook and for a very long time. About 400 species of reptiles live in the natural areas of Madagascar, and many chameleon species are also found there. Quite a number of the large island’s endemic species are miniatures like dwarf lemurs, frogs and chameleons, such as Brokkesia micra.

“It is not accidental that the smallest species of a given taxonomic group often occur on islands.  It is a typical and well known phenomenon,” said lead researcher Frank Glaw. (Source: IDW Online)


Endemic species that are newly discovered are often living in a compromised state due to destruction of their habitat. Also, they tend to live in a fairly small space and only there, which makes protection of certain wild natural areas even more important. A few square kilometers of land is all some of these species have, but in Madagascar currently illegal logging has become even more of a problem due to lack of conservation enforcement which has occurred because of political instability.

Of course there are also climate change impacts causing disruption of living conditions in certain areas. Animals living there are having to move north in order to find cooler temperatures, and land that is not so dried out.

Typically, the animals people identify are large and impressive, but who will care about what happens to the tiny creatures like these dwarf chameleons? One thing we can all do is reduce our climate change emissions.

If you want to read the whole study, go to the PLOS One website.

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6 years ago

WOW Lynn, there soooooo tiny!  A very interesting and uplifting post

6 years ago

now that's small. Is it an endangered species,officially?

cute little guy.

love chameleons,do they change color as well?


6 years ago

Siouxz, it is an endangered species due to the destruction of their habitat. Illegal logging is a particular danger to these tiny creatures.

Because they are chameleons they do change color, taking on the color of their surrounding area so as to avoid predators. (sp.)

6 years ago

  Mother Nature always amazes me! 

Gold Star for Lynn.
6 years ago

Correct Lynn on both questions. I love Biology, Entomology, Geography, any (ology), And I read a lot of Nat.Geo and watch theirs and Animal Planet Channel. You can learn a lot on T.V..  They are on the Endangered Species list and all Chameleons change colors. What a little cutie. O.k, I gotta go to bed with Dottie now. My nose just blew my brains out from my allergies which are killing me Goodnight Fruddies. xoxo

6 years ago

But what a cute little bug, Lynn!
A big hug for everyone!

Paedophryne dekot
6 years ago

The new species of small frog Paedophryne dekot.



How's this for a sweet surprise: Two new species of frog—each smaller than an M&M—have been discovered in Papua New Guinea, a new study says.

Paedophryne dekot—dekot means "very small" in the local Daga language—is about 8.5 to 9 millimeters long. The bumpy-skinned P. verrucosa, meaning "full of warts" in Latin, is an average of 8.8 to 9.3 millimeters in length.

The previous tiny titleholders, also frogs in the Paedophyrne genus, were about ten millimeters long.

Not only are the newfound frogs the smallest known in the world, they're also the smallest tetrapods, or vertebrates with four legs. The planet's tiniest known vertebrate is the Southeast Asian fish species Paedocypris progenetica, with mature females measuring just 7.9 millimeters.

"I'm always amazed by the size of these small frogs you find—it's really pushing the limit of what's possible," said Robin Moore, an amphibian expert with Conservation International (CI) who was not involved in the study.

Tiny Frogs Tough to Catch

Vertebrate zoologist Fred Kraus found the two new species during a 2011 expedition to an isolated mountain in southeastern Papua New Guinea. (See more pictures: "Thousands of New Species Found in New Guinea.")

Kraus, of Hawaii's Bishop Museum, had previously identified Paedophyrne as a new genus of frog, whose members live solely amid leaves on the rain forest floor.

The frogs probably evolved their small sizes to fill a role in the environment that wasn't being exploited by other creatures, Kraus noted.

For instance, these mini-frogs can eat diminutive prey such as mites, which wouldn't sustain larger frogs, he said.

Scientists located the teensy creatures by listening for their calls and trying to zero in on the sources of the sounds.

In Papua New Guinea, Kraus and a team of local assistants would put their faces close to the ground to spot the frogs then try to catch the amphibians with their bare hands—not an easy task.

"These things spring much like crickets do," Kraus said. "One instant they're here, and in a split second they're way the hell over there."

More Mini-Frogs Waiting to Be Found?

In general, the discovery suggests that more, as-yet unknown tiny frogs are probably hopping around the world's leaf litter.

"Additional miniaturized species no doubt await discovery or description in other poorly surveyed areas of the tropics," the study team writes in their paper, published December 12 in the journal ZooKeys.

"That's what's exciting about this field," CI's Moore added. "You know that new species such as these are going to continue to be discovered."


6 years ago

that chameleon gif would be like godzilla to that little guy,lol

love to all fruddies.

fyre went to the vet yesterday,a 25% blood test and xray in 6's gonna be a long year,lol

6 years ago

Siouxz, a 25% improvement is better than no improvement, or worse, Fyre getting worse. So keep your chin up. It's a good sign that he's showing some improvement! Sounds like a tough furkid!! Give him a kiss for me and Mandy says woof.

6 years ago

Martina, thank you for the article about the tiny frog. It's so cute!

Hi Fruddies
6 years ago

Martina, I love that Vibrant green leaf he's sitting on. 2 A.M.  Gald Fyre is feeling better. Kisses to him and Mandy from me and Dottie. xoxo

6 years ago

Hugs and smooches to Floopy too, Martine from us. xo

6 years ago

Jist poppin in tae see how yees are awe doin fruddy buddy's!

Hey Siouxz, try tae look oan the bright side pal,  as Lynn says,  25% is goin in the right direction fur Fyre! Al keep ma  fur a speedy recovery buddie!


Fur awe the group and their fur babies, Dottie, Fyre, Mandy & Floopy!

thanks fruddies
6 years ago

I'll take any improvement I can get.
Having this fabulous support REALLY HELPS.
WE LOVE YOU ALL.I would absolutely not get through all this worry without losing my mind.without you.

6 years ago

I thought you all might enjoy seeing this picture of a dog named "Dick". Do you wonder why his owner gave him that name?   LOL

6 years ago


omd,=Oh my dog(god spelled backwards),that's quite the birthmark,lol

freaking hysterical.....dick

not good enough for a dog,just a crooked president....

balls and all..........2 cute

6 years ago

Thanks for the information.

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