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6 years ago
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Victory: Another Law Enacted To Protect Frogs


At the request of SAVE THE FROGS!, on January 24th the City of Santa Cruz became the first city in the USA to ban bullfrogs. More recently, on February 28th I spoke to the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, and they followed suit by voting unanimously to ban the importation, sale and purchase of American Bullfrogs in the county. We are now moving to the state level and hope to soon make California the first state in the country to ban these non-native predators that are imported into the state by the millions each year for use as pets and frog legs. Read the San Jose Mercury News Article by Jason Hoppin here.

Frogs Victory

Pacific Chorus Frogs (Pseudacris regilla) are a common prey of American Bullfrogs.


6 years ago


It's great to see students helping out, so I was excited to see this letter to the editor appear in the February 21, 2012 Santa Cruz Sentinel, the most widely read newspaper in town. The Save The Frogs! Club of Santa Cruz High School is our first official high school chapter.

Santa Cruz Bullfrogs
A week after this article appeared, the Board voted unanimously to ban the purchase, sale and importation of American Bullfrogs.


Save the Frogs Day - April 28th
6 years ago

More great news coming soon!

Thanks for all your support,
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Save The Frogs Day 2012

6 years ago

Great news Lynn, thanks for the info..

6 years ago

    Thanks Lynn, for all that good news. That Pacific Ocean light green frog blends so well with those leaves. Cool..

6 years ago

Save The Frogs Wins $5,000 Grant


Thanks to a $5,000 grant from the Helen and Allan Ridley Charitable Trust, SAVE THE FROGS! is educating thousands of San Francisco students about the importance of amphibians! Through the San Francisco Tadpole Headstart Program, which is led by SAVE THE FROGS! and our partner Tree Frog Treks, we have already given 21 free presentations on amphibian conservation to nearly 2,100 San Francisco students. Tree Frog Treks compliments the presentations by bringing live native San Francisco tadpoles into classrooms to teach students about metamorphosis and threats to local frogs. Our goal is to get San Francisco kids excited about frogs and interested in protecting them. You can learn more about the San Francisco Tadpole Headstart Program at:

San Francisco Tadpole Headtsrt Program
SAVE THE FROGS! Biologist Michael Starkey with San Francisco kids.

frog presentation

michael starkey

frog presentation


MICHIGAN: Mayor Tom Lowry Declares April 28, 2012 "Save The Frogs Day" in Three Rivers, MI

Save The Frogs Day Proclamation Three Rivers

Thanks to Vic Eichler for making this happen, and for organizing a Save the Frogs Day event again this year. Learn about Vic's event on our Save The Frogs Day 2012 Events page.

Save The Frogs Day 2012

6 years ago

Great news Lynn, and fantastic that so many young people are getting involved in such an important subject! Thanks for keeping us updated on this

From "Save the Frogs"
6 years ago

Here's a slide show for you all to see with lots of froggies.

Free PowerPoint: Wild World of Frogs 2012

You can now download the Wild World of Frogs 2012 PowerPoint from our Slideshows page. This is the very slideshow I use at most of my presentations. Please pass it along to your fellow teachers and biologists. Thanks, enjoy and good luck!,138,Slide

Nyctimistes dayi


Save The Frogs Day - 4/22/12
6 years ago

Happy Earth Day,

Michael G. Starkey
SAVE THE FROGS! - Advisory Committee Chair, Ecologist

leptodactylus fragilis
Leptodactylus fragilis is one of Belize's many beautiful frog species.

amphibian conservation, passion
Giving a presentation to the students of Blue Creek School, Belize, about the importance of amphibians in the environment. I am eager to go back!

Thank you for your support! Together we can SAVE THE FROGS!

save the frogs belize
With the staff of the Belize Zoo

smilisca baudinii

Mexican Tree Frog - Smilisca baudinii

6 years ago

when I lived in puerto rico,they had coqui's singing tree frogs

very small, sweet chirping

Hope everyone has a wonderful Earth day, as everyday should be.

I was locked out of the care2 site for the last 3 days...finally got back in about an hour ago...

have a great day fruddies!!!

6 years ago

Siouxz, me too and my friend Beka in Greece. Well, I guess that's better than being Locked-Up. LOL...I have thousands of mail to go thru and catching up. Cat Lovers had a Birthday Party for me but I was in the basement with Dottie. Finally got in to thank everyone. Still picking up your cards and comments and thank you soo much for all the birthday wishes. They mean a lot to me. Luv all my Fruudies. me and Dottie

6 years ago

Oh, Vinnie....I missed your Birthday!! I'm so sorry. Were you having a storm on your day & that's why you were in the basement? I've missed so much by not being on. Hugs to all Fruddies & a Happy belated Earth Day.

Thanks Wendy dearest.
6 years ago

Yes, We were under Severe Thunderstorm Alerts. Spring in Tornado Alley is no fun. There is no other reason in the world Dottie and I would go down to that dank, moldy , spidery, dark basement unless the T.V. was beeping away. So glad to see you always Fruddy Buddy. xoxo

6 years ago

Thanks fur the birthday wishes fruddies..


Widuv loved tae hear they tree froggies Siouxz


Groups are pretty quiet because of care2 problems,  and this time of year people are busier wi spring cleaning, decorating, or gardening


Hi Wendy Dawl... always nice tae see ye pal


Sounds like a creepy place that basement Vinnie. You and Dottie take care buddie


hugzzzzzzzzz to all...

Save the Frogs Drum Day
6 years ago

Please join me at San Francisco's Sharp Park May 19th for Drumming For The Frogs, a musical protest against the City of San Francisco's illegal killing of endangered California Red-Legged Frogs. Please bring a drum and a friend, and spread the word: this is an incredible opportunity to make our voices (and drums!) heard on a day when politicians who oppose environmental protections will be visiting Sharp Park. This will be fun and educational, plus it's great to be ACTIVE! I can't wait to see you there!

Pseudacris cadaverina starkey
Pseudacris cadaverina photo from Anza Borrego State Park, CA, by Michael Starkey


just might
6 years ago

although all my best native drums are back east.
I think I will be in california at that time,much further south however.
You never know,though
thanks for the heads up Lynn.

6 years ago

Boy, it's been a long time since I've been in here. Took a fall and landed on my coccyx bone. Ouch!!!!  Still hurts, but thankfully no broken bones.

Here's a tidbit from Save the Frogs:

Stauffer's Treefrog, Scinax staufferi
Stauffer’s Treefrog, Scinax staufferi

Hope everyone is ok. Sending love to all. xxxx

sorry to hear about your accident
6 years ago

Lynn, I have trained myself how to fall properly.
Having taken many spills myself.
It was a great thing to learn. I've saved myself from getting really hurt a few times. Thanks for the info. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. !!!!

6 years ago

Sioux, this was a very unexpected fall and I couldn't catch myself. About 10:00 p.m., last week, in the middle of trying to plunge my toilet, it started to overflow. I bent down to turn off the water supply to the toilet and as I was getting up from the very narrow space between the toilet and the bathtub, I lost my footing, grabbed hold of the shower curtain (as if that would have helped. lol) and went down hard hitting the edge of my scale with my coccyx bone and my neck on the toilet paper receptacle. I was so shocked and scared that I burst into tears and sat on the floor crying like a baby. Sh*t (very apropo) happens!!!!

Lynn dear
6 years ago

So glad to hear you didn't break anything. I've been crying for days now as I'm in Excrutiating pain. My lower disks in my spine are going fast and may need surgery, fer sure. Am in pain right now but must try to carry on. Lisa B. just made me Co-host of Watersheds group if anyone wants to Join. Luv all my Fruddy-Buddys and please stop throwing yourself around in the bathroom Lynn. lol. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

6 years ago

Hi Fruddies, av been hopin aboot Jersey Island awe week!  lol. Lovely Island.


Hope yer well oan the road tae recovery Lynn, sounds a sair yin... 


Hey Siouxz, a kin fall properly annaw, mostly oan a Friday night fur some reason! .....


Great tae see ye kin keep yer sense of humour when in so much pain Vinnie. Ye huv great spirit buddie and a hope ye get the surgery ye need, and yer pain eases soon!

6 years ago

 Couldn't send you greenstar Iain so,  .  I've always been Blessed with having a sense of humor, no matter what the circumstances. I think God  chose me for that for a reason. You silly boy..So you only fall on Friday nights, eh ? Humm, could it have anything to do with  LOL.. Nighty, night  Beloved Fruddies from me and old Dottie.  New Achm. & Miles. Part VIII. Really Uplifting. Enjoy. xoxo

6 years ago

How could ye think that of me Vinnie!  Toooo much !!! Niver!

6 years ago

I don't choose what day of the week I fall....


6 years ago

Woooooooooohooooooooooooo That's a great answer fur me noo.. Thanks fur that Lynn  




 and Auld Dottie, Fyre, Mandy etc..



6 years ago

Hey you guys are too funny,but come to think of it.....I too seem to be "falling" more matter what day of the week!hugs to all of you

6 years ago

Hey Dianne, am startin tae get worried aboot awe this fallin aboot! Maybe us fruddies huv caught sumthin eh!! .....nut, huvnae got a scooby doo whit it could be!


Hope awe the rest of fruddy buddies, and fur buddies are ok

a lot of friskiness
6 years ago

I've missed...

didn't realize my falling tip would lead to so many puns....

walk much? No but I trip a lot,lol

The only falling I want to do anymore is falling asleep or in love.


love to all fruddies,woofies,hoofies and the few fangs in the group.

good thing I don't wear lipstick.

Love from the horse and wildfyre,would love to nibble your ears

Fallin down...
6 years ago

And we've all fallen Hard for you Siouxz, sis. Iain, I think all us Fruddies and Hoofies are just getting Old.. Come on!  Admit it...LOL...Had to wait for storms to pass then had trouble agin LOGIN onto Care2. what the hell? Now too sleepy. Signed a few Petitions and am hitting the sack now. Anyway computer messing up, and Danny my computer guy was going to try and fix it from his house to my house via computer but thunder and lightening prevented us from plugging in. Maybe he can fix it tomorrow, as I'm running without my Virus protection. It says it's Expired and I don't have the money to buy more but I'm sure Danny has some new Free stuff up his sleeve after he gets home from work. He's a nice guy. Goodnight all my friends from me and Dottie says woofs to all fur or hoofy babys. See ya again when I can. Still in mourning but all your Love has helped sooo much. Iain, Siouxz and others. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Dianne Lynn
6 years ago

 Et tu?  Fallin down. Couldn't send some of you guys green stars so    and fer sure this time  ...

6 years ago

Jist as weel ye dinnae wear lippy Siouxz, a wid huv a helluva explaining to doThere must be some lucky guy oot there fur ye fruddy

Gettin auld Vinnie .... no me fruddy buddy, am still a wee innocent Scottish taddy!    Hope yer feelin a wee bit better every day pal! Wish the weather wid calm doon fur ye as it canny be fun stuck in the hoose!

 wildfyre kin nibble ma ears onytimehope he is fully recovered noo

    av jist clocked a juicy meal there awe mine! bye..

oops, huv a great weekend fruddies...

6 years ago

sorry to hear about your puter problems

you could download AVG,antivirus for free,that's what I've got.

There are a lot of free do not track apps as well.

The weather sounds horrible, think of moving to a warmer climate?

Has saved me some old age suffering..........I hate getting old.

Will have to have fyre retested to know if he's cured,hoping he is.

No worries,Iain,I have a great guy who I never talk about....Believe it or not,he is uninterested in my computer world...Has to deal with my craziness all the time,this is his respite,lol

Fruddy hugs, have a great weekend everyone.Hope this post reappears,am convinced it will disappear as soon as I post it.

6 years ago

Hi, you guys!  I'm goin' on a "trip", so see you next "fall"!!

I don't know if I can get this to post. I've had a problem with Care2, so here goes. Hugs to all fruddies and doggies .

6 years ago

Have a good trip Lynn.

6 years ago

Thanks for the thought Dianne, but I'm not really going anywhere. It was a the continuing joke about tripping and falling. You're a sweetheart!

6 years ago

was coming here to crosspost this petition;

Dianne,thanks for saving me the trouble and saving the frogs.

Dubbing you an honorary Fruddy...

fruddy hugs...hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Lynn...2 funny..... out at anchorage,and I don't mean alaska,lol

6 years ago

Petition yet signed!

Hugs to all of you.

6 years ago

We need to save frogs! I don't want to see them disappear in my lifetime.

6 years ago

When We Have All Gone

A water way altered
a creature disturbed
a world-wide crisis
a silent word.

Amphibians alike
all cower in dread
their homes demolished
their legacy dead.

Help from the humans
is needed, a fact
to keep our frog friends
alive and intact.

By Cody Devine, USA, Age 14


Hi Fruddie Buddies - I haven't been here in awhile!
5 years ago

The Critically Endangered Togo Slippery Frog (Conraua derooi)

The Togo Slippery Frogs are highly aquatic, seldom venturing far from water. They are amazing swimmers, and will dart underwater at the first sign of danger.

Conraua derooi

The frogs are known to live on only two streams in the world, both in Atewa Forest Range Reserve. The frogs are threatened by proposed mountaintop removal mining that would clog their streams, and by poachers from nearby villages who eat the frogs. The Togo Slippery Frog is unlikely to survive without a concerted effort on our part and yours to protect the Reserve as Ghana's 6th national park (Atewa Hills National Park), and to educate the locals and train them to grow alternative food sources and earn money through innovative means such as beekeeping and mushroom farming.

5 years ago

Voice of the Youth

"Hello, I am Harshita Mishra of 10th standard studying in Delhi Public School, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. I was just surfing the net when I saw your amazing page. It is good to know that somebody really cares about planet Earth. I want to get involved with you people. Not just me, I want my entire school and the complete society to work with you people and save the planet. What can I do? You people are doing a great job! Kudos!"

Bufo canorus
Yosemite Toad (Bufo canorus) photo courtesy SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Beth Pratt


5 years ago

Neat to hear kids are into the environment. They are our future. Kudos to the kids.

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