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Acheivements & Milestones- Part VI..Animals Only Plz.
6 years ago
300 Pit Bulls Rescued in Phillipines.
1 month ago

300 Dogs Rescued in World's Largest Dog Fighting Ring Bust

Hope they can be saved and re-trained. But they were bred to hate other dogs. I pray for them. 

6 years ago

Two great feel good stories Vinnie. The pit bulls still have a long journey ahead, let's hope all goes well eh! Thanks for posting

Good News from Audobon Society
6 years ago
special update banner  

Birds Get Needed Water at Klamath Refuge!


Greater White-fronted Goose | Credit: Gary Kramer/USFWS

Migratory waterfowl like this White-fronted Goose now have a chance to continue their migration north. Thank you for taking a few moments to speak out!

Photo by Gary Kramer/USFWS

Recently, we alerted you to a tragedy unfolding in the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge. Because of a shortage of water in the Refuge, thousands of migratory waterfowl were perishing on their way north for spring migration.

Soon after the almost 20,000 emails you sent hit, the Department of the Interior found the means to get new releases of water into the Refuge, and it looks like the birds will have what they need through the summer.

Clearly, public attention and involvement does make a difference. Thank you for speaking out.

The Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge is a critical stopover for migratory waterfowl, and it deserves our attention. This much needed water is just a temporary fix — fall allocations will be critical as well. A longer term solution is needed  to ensure this kind of crisis doesn't continue to occur, and Audubon will be working towards a more permanent solution. With your help, the birds that use the Klamath National Wildlife Refuge will continue to find the water they need to continue their migration.

David Yarnold

David Yarnold
President & CEO

Three good stories now.
6 years ago

Three Milestrones in one week Iain. Just added another important story. Really happy about my wolves.

Iceland Halts Whale killings.
6 years ago

Dear Vinnie,

Fin Whale

Great news: Iceland has announced that it will suspend its hunting of fin whales this season!

This is a huge victory for fin whales, which are already listed as an endangered species and could very well be hunted to extinction if this senseless slaughter were to continue.

And it’s a victory for BioGems Defenders like you, who came to the fin whale’s defense through your online activism, your donations and your commitment to stopping the hunt.

Since 2006, Iceland has killed 280 fin whales, in violation of the international moratorium on commercial whaling. In 2009, the country even increased its self-allocated fin whale quota to 150 animals per year -- more than three times the limit that the International Whaling Commission (IWC) considers sustainable for the species’ survival.

In the last several years, Iceland has exported millions of dollars worth of whale meat, blubber and oil to Japan, Norway, Latvia and Belarus.

With Iceland flouting the ban on whaling, NRDC sprang into action, launching an all-out campaign -- headed up by actor and marine mammal activist Pierce Brosnan -- that urged President Obama to impose sanctions on Iceland. We generated more than 100,000 messages to the White House.

In September, President Obama responded by imposing diplomatic sanctions on Iceland, stating that Iceland’s actions “undermined multilateral efforts to ensure greater worldwide protection for whales.”

Now, in the face of declining demand for whale meat and rising salaries for whalers, Kristjan Loftsson -- CEO of Iceland’s only fin whaling company -- has called off the hunt for fin whales this season.

This is the second year in a row that fin whales have avoided slaughter in Icelandic waters, but we must remain vigilant. Minke whales are still being killed in Iceland. The country issued itself a quota to kill 216 minke whales in the 2012 season alone.

While the diplomatic sanctions issued by President Obama were an important step, he failed to impose the kind of tough trade sanctions on whaling-connected companies that could stop Iceland’s slaughter of whales forever.

And if Iceland resumes its hunt of endangered fin whales next year, we must stand ready to fight back with a campaign that demands the strongest possible economic measures be imposed -- for the sake of fin whale survival.

I hope you’ll take a moment to share this exciting victory with us -- a victory that you helped make possible.

Thank you for fighting tirelessly with NRDC to help save the endangered fin whales of Iceland. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Frances Beinecke

P.S. Learn more about our campaign to Stop Whaling Now.


About Whales.
6 years ago

This is from my Hotmail. Natural Resources Defence Council. I know it's a little hard to read but worth it for now anyway. But as Mr. Beinecke says, "We must be ever vigilant".

And now for something
6 years ago

completely different, but a milestone.
Am in San Diego and just got a call from the vet.
We were there on Monday for a recheck.
Things looked bad when the xrays showed no changes.
The blood tests came back and the v irus has subsided.
His titer went from 1-16 down to 1-4 almost normal. The vet thinks the xrays showed scar tissue perhaps.
Anyway this is excellent news. Thank YOU all for holding my hand for the last six months. We love you very much.

So happy tae see this news Siouxz,,woohoo
6 years ago

Jist noticed this post, sorry, been really busy...


Aye, there are different kinds of milestones Siouxz and am sure all in this group and all who know you will be over the moon at yer guid news!


Way tae go Fyre Fighter                          Let's go Siouxz!

6 years ago

in tears of hapiness for your concern and friendship..
It's times like these when you know who your friends really are,both irl,and here.
thank you so much for friendship,it has helped me through this time of need more than you could know......

fyre fighter,I like that nickname,I think it will stick.


nice of ye to say Siouxz
6 years ago

Yer welcome buddie, dinnae ken how am gawny explain tae the wife the lippy awe oor ma face!! 


Fyre is brave, has great spirit, and a true fighter against the odds, jist like a real fire fighter eh! Also the love of a caring owner/companion makes his recovery even more awesome Siouxz. Love and big hugs tae ye both

6 years ago

OMG! I can't believe all the good news I'm reading!! Siouxz, great news about Fyre. Yes, Iain, he's a fighter. Animals take on their human's spirit...and human's take on their animal's appearance's in some instances. Keep on keepin' on, Fyre! You too Siouxz. I know how difficult it is until you know your best friend is out of the woods. Oh, those poor pit bulls. Hopefully, they can find new lives. Even euthanasia is better than how they lived before. Prayers. Fantastic news for the fin whales...bad news still for minke whales. One step at a time. Later fruddy buddies.

Helloooo Wendy dear
6 years ago

Missed you Wendy. Hope all is well with you. So glad to see you. Yes, all this good news came out in about a month.  Siouxz, Firemen are my Favorite people in the whole wide world , especially Volunteer Firefighters like here in Town. They risk their lives for us for free. Dottie says woof-woof to lil' Fyrefighter. I like that nickname too. Found the pictures of Fyre, so cute. Thx. Did you get my E-mail address ?  Severe Thunderstorms tomorrow so don't know if I'll see ya all but Love all my Fruddy-Buddys. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

good to hear from
6 years ago

you wendy.,And thanks for caring...fyre is lying here by my side as I type this,with an occasional grumble.

He still has some soreness in his lungs..

The firefighters in Vermont are volunteers as well,Vinnie...the daughter of my stable owner is a fireman,lol

here in az,you have to pay for it privately. They literally will not put your fire out if you don't shell out the fee first...

well,az sux,we all know that...will be in vt. soon,and then san diego,or is it,san diego,Vermont,san diego....anywho...getting fyre out of this infected city is key to wanting to least for awhile....I think there should be a law in this state forcing real estate agents to notify their clients about valley fever,their sales would suffer,but less dogs would die!

Vinnie didn't get a pm from you,would love your,when I head out to sea,I can keep up with my new family

sending fruddy woofy hoofy love to all.

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6 years ago

Guid luck oan yer travels Siouxz, if ye kin remember whar yer gawn!!  hey buddie, ye get lovely fresh air over here!


Always nice tae see ye Wendy. Hope you and family are well! OH!  and Mandy to.... Also  to Fyrefighter and doting dottie


Hope yer weather improves Vinnie, unusually hot over here,,mid 20's!!


To all fruddie buddies, have a nice day and enjoy the weekend


Haya Fruddys
6 years ago

Iain, we lost power almost all day and night. Trees down everywhere, winds at 50 mph ( miles per hour) hail. OMG.. The house was so dark and I had a whimpering Dottie tripping me up as I made a cold sandwich and fed her by lantern. Yes, the winds are strong in  too, up in Edinburg Castle, where I went. Siouxz, I sent my e-mail in a reply to a card you sent me. Will send again tomorrow. Exhausted now. But more storms tomorrow not so severe I think, if not I'll see you guys as soon as I can.   From Dottie to all her  buddies. And from me to yous guys   Now   xoxoxoxo

6 years ago

Cannae be much fun fur ye Vinnie wi awe that rotten weather!!  it improves for the both of ye very soon!


Wish a knew ye when ye were in Scotland, and we could have met each other. I've already met Janet (from California), who joined the wife and I on holiday up the north of Scotland and also a couple of Scottish Islands. In a couple of weeks we're meeting Jilly who is also on The Thistle group at care2! She was my first "friend" when I joined care2 more than 3 years ago. Her parents only stay a half an hours drive from our house! Cannae wait tae meet her in person fur the first time.. A feel such a lucky guy to be surrounded by so many really good friends! awe ma fruddie buddies and fur babies..


Enjoy the rest of the weekend all... 

6 years ago

Hello everybody! Just wanted to say thank you all for letting me be here,and I'm honored and privileged to be here with you all!

6 years ago

Hi Ancil! Welcome to our fun & informative group. Iain will probably enjoy some male company. He's pretty much been King of the Pond since we started. LOL!! Stop in as often as you like. We're all really nice fruddies (people). Oh, Vinnie. how horrible!!! Wisconsin has been a scary place to live lately. Surya too is afraid of storms. She pant & paces & drives me crazy...especially at night. I'm always calm like Cesar Milan says to be, but it doesn't matter to her. She's never liked loud noises. Wow, cool is it that you've actually met some of your Care2 friends. Awesome!!!! Are you really planning on moving, Siouxz? Come on Fyre... you can beat this thing!! Stay safe Vinnie & Dottie. A safe & fun Memorial Day to all.

About the weather
6 years ago

to Wendy for giving my new friend Ancil such a warm welcome.  Ancil  for stopping by. I see you changed your Avatar. I told you the folks here were super. Have you checked out the photo gallery yet ?  Iain Sweetie, looks like you have some competition. LOL.. Still have birthday cards to get out before I unplug everything again because Severe Thunderstorms again tomorrow then finally a quiet week. God I hope I don't lose power again and my trees don't fall on my house. So cool you got to meet some Care2 friends Iain. I was there in 2004.  Will see you all again when I can. If I didn't pick up some cards it's because I didn't get to them in 14 days. That's one of the things I'm putting in the Suggestion Box on "Suggestions and Feedback" Group when I can. Have about 1,000 e-mails backed up but what can you do in the dark with no power ? Gotta go, big hugs to all my Fruddie-Buddies and Dottie says woofs to Fyre,Mandy,Surya and all fur-babys. xoxox

hey guys
6 years ago

not leaving,just taking some time to rig new boat.

and visit vt. somewhere in the middle.

will be around here and there,getting satellite modem I think for the boat,then wherever I am,should be able to check in.

not leaving till the end of the week.

I have gotten so much more into this place than intended,friends like you all make it soooooooooooo worth it.


siouxz and fyrefighter

6 years ago

Hi Ancil, nice tae see ye buddie  The female fruddies are awesome, so you should have fun and enjoy this group .  Watch oot tho' because they like tae tease you!... I've been sent tae the naughty corner a few times for no reason!! So glad a noo huv somebuddy tae back me up! ...


Hope all fruddies and fur babies are safe and well...

6 years ago

 Siouxz!!! did ye take awe the fruddy buddies wi ye???  


Am really busy annaw and huvnae posted much lately!


Hope all fruddies and fur babies are well!

6 years ago






Hope all fruddies and fur babies are well!

time calls
6 years ago

and have left Vermont for san Diego. Am now sitting in the aft cabin of the boat while fyre whines and complains.Not a lover of travel. He's been upset since leaving the "grassy house "as he calls the cabin in vt.
Having never been on a boat he's got a lot of learning to do before this life will feel comfortable. Big lifestyle change. All I have is this stupid phone so very limited here.Sending salty kisses to all my lovely fruddies.

6 years ago

Hey Fruddies, Hope all is well with everyone. Siouxz, Are you sailing by ocean or inland waters? I've probably missed you telling all this since I've been pretty much hit & miss here lately. Poor Fyre. I hope he's not sea sick. Iain, I hope things are going well in Scotland. The weather here has been very hot with wildfires breaking out all over the place. Vinnie, I hope you've had a reprieve from those horrible storms. Poor Dottie. Surya doesn't see or hear very well any more, but storms still bother her. Stay safe Fruddies, & right back at ya with a fresh water kiss Siouxz.

To Be Continued
6 years ago

Iain don't worry about not having time to stop in. I've been trying to get to Thistle for days and can't seem to find time after wasting so much cleaning out hundreds of e-mails all the time. I need to contact Zen or Eric about this. So time consuming, keeping me from Important work here. Thx. Wendy dear, yes the storms have stopped, in fact the now the grass is dormant or brown. No rain at all like out West, yet up North in Minnasota they are flooding, Mother Nature sure is fickle. Starting new Thread as this is getting to full. Luv ya all, Dottie sends woofy kisses to Surya, Fyre, and all ur fur-babys. xoxoxo

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