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Really Cool Amphibian Slideshow.. Enjoy Fruddys
6 years ago
Natural Light Cool CreaturesGreen iguana in Guyana.
Photo © Tim Boucher/TNC
Natural Light: Cool Creatures
Get up close and personal with neon green lizards and wide-eyed frogs in this dazzling slideshow of reptiles and amphibians.
6 years ago

I like them all,but I really like "Blue Jeans".

6 years ago

agreed,aside from the name blue jeans is definitely the coolest looking.

thanks Vinnie for the show.

Dianne we must have the same taste in frogs,lol

fruddy hugs and fyrey kisses

Me three
6 years ago

I love those miniture Poison Darts the most. They are so beautiful. I just want to hold them in my hand and pet them like a dog but then I'd keel over and no not from beer. lol..But I like that Lime green on that Lizard too. I like that snake too. Now

6 years ago

Guid slide show Vinnie. Aye, al go wi "blue jeans"  annaw girls  


Whoever took the pic of that snake (open mouth) wiz awfy close eh!


Keep behavin yersells fruddies..

6 years ago

will I behave myself while I'm still kicking...

"I'll sleep when I'm dead" wade garret,movie...Road House

Thanks for the beautiful message Iain.

Thank Goodness I was right and Vinnie has stayed with us.

Just have decided to keep her laughing as much as possible,so excuse my sometimes weird jokes.

Gotta keep up my reputation of being totally bent. Speaking of which has anyone even heard from Jenny/Thubten?

Totally miss her. Hope one day she will rejoin us,and this is only a much needed break.

Fruddy hugs,from me and fyre...still cruising on the pacific..hoping to beat valley fever before ever going back to az...unfortunately have a dental emergency and will be going for a day next week.

This post was modified from its original form on 15 Aug, 12:44

This post was modified from its original form on 15 Aug, 12:45
6 years ago

 That's whit a like tae hear Siouxz! NIVER YA BAMPOT! 

So, yer totally bent are ye, .. didnae think ye swung the other way, but a kin assure ye, it diznae bother me pal

Jenny/Thubten annaw!  who widuv thought eh!!

Aye, a miss them annaw Siouxz, and also Lynn! A actually miss her scolding me and sending me tae the naughty corner!A think am starting tae go off the rails again!!..             

Well, nae time tae hing aboot, things tae dae,

people tae see!!... 

Hey Vinnie, how dae a find they poison dart thingies??

TTFN fruddies  .....Dottie and fyrefighter


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