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5 years ago
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WWF - Extraordinary New Species Discoveries in the Greater Mekong

Offbeat  (tags: new species discovered, wildlife, animals, nature, animalwelfare, animaladvocates, animals, wildlife, wildlife, unusual, pictures, odd, off-beat, news, animals, bizarre, interesting, world )
Dianne Ly - 34 seconds ago -

A new species of tree frog discovered in the high-altitude forests of northern Vietnam has a complex call that makes it sound more like a bird than a typical frog.

5 years ago

Great news; it's always good news when we discover a new species instead of making one extinct. Thanks Dianne for sharing.

5 years ago

Aye, fab news Dianne and like Nancy says better than getting sad news of a species becoming extinct. Now they have found one in that area, let's hope they find more new species there!

Thx. Dianne Lynn...
5 years ago

 I concur with all the above Fruddys... Nat Geo Channel was showing Viet Nam, the other night about some really cool underground caves. And the wildlife diversity. Then on Animal Planet once I seen Jeremy Wade, Marine Biologist and extreme angler, catch a gigantic Catfish that was eating men in the Mekong Delta River in VietNam. Very interesting country, but what a horrible War it was and took a terrible toll on our servicemen. I lost a Grade School friend after he went to High School and got Drafted off to VietNam. We were good friends and used to write poetry to each other. Then the letters stopped as he had been killed. I still miss him, but the country itself has a lot of beauty to offer. Nighty-nite. xoxo

5 years ago

Vinnie, what a great entry. I, too, was alive during Viet Nam. Then I spent all of my time hating the country because I was afraid my husband would be drafted, and I thought it was a civil war, and we had no reason to be there. I also didn't agree with the Dulles' Doctrine. Any way, I didn't think of the beauty. Amazing how times changes feelings. Give Dottie a kiss and hug from Molly and me.

Right Nancy...and Fruddys
5 years ago

And I was lucky I didn't lose my brother sooner. He was drafted but failed because of his eyesight. Dottie sends a doggie     to Molly and all fur babys.  Sweetie, aye ye are  "Spot on"  

   when we don't lose another Species to Extinction. Glad I stopped in but must go to bed now. So tired.  

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5 years ago


VIETNAM: New Giant Flying Frog Discovered Near City of 9 Million
Animals  (tags: goodnews, GoodNews, animalwelfare, animals, animaladvocates, wildlife, wildanimals, protection, habitat )
Cal - 7 hours ago -

Measuring 10 centimeters long, the new species is described as a giant flying frog. Flying frogs don't actually fly, but instead use webs between their hands and feet to glide from one tree to another

Thx. Dianne Lynn and Cal..
5 years ago

Leaping Lizards, Batman..  Yes, I believe because there are Foxes and Squirrels that fly due to Webbed feet that act like gliders. Good to see good news, now if we can keep them safe from Extinction. xoxo

5 years ago

How neat and exciting. Maybe they can fly away from their most dangerous hunter, man.

5 years ago

I just saw the article, was going to post it.

Thought I  would check to see if anyone already had....Dianne,thanks

they don't really fly like Rocky the flying squirrel,( I loved that show Bullwinkle,was a riot)

and so,back on topic,they have super webbing in their feet and jump long distance giving it the appearance of flying, and we had singing frogs in the trees when I lived in Puerto Rico.

The Coqui is the ( I guess now that it's a state) state animal, they are everywhere and

you can hear them singing at night there,such sweet chirping.

Fruddy hugs; from Fyre and Me.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

5 years ago

We ar sooo alike. I loved Rocky and Bullwinkle too. My favorite cartoon was Bugs Bunny. Voted the most violent cartoon ever and yet we didn't go to school with guns. Right ? Sunday on Nature which used to be called  "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" on PBS  telly had a documentary about the Coqui  and it is a singing frog. It showed how wildlife has been preserved for 50 years from man because of the U.S. Embargo on Cuba. What a diverse beautiful array of creatures. It is worth watching if you see it listed. Bubble hugs Sheddys. xoxo

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huvnae got a clue whit's hapnin tae ma
5 years ago

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5 years ago

Gee whiz, ma last post is somehow at the top of the page, how tf did that happen!!!


Sorry,   is that something Vinnie or Siouxz kin fix!!

5 years ago

I'm not a host,Iain.

probably will show up if you rewrite it,that's what happens to me.

Can't tell you how many times I have to rewrite posts that went missing.

I saw the Rocky and Bullwinkle atop the page,and thought it was an ad.

How DID you do that???sis.

Put a pic on your page.

splashy hugs from me and Fyre ,even though I am posting from the desert at the moment.

Back for a few weeks, this traveling back and forth is getting complicated,but it's a breeze compared to having to travel all the way to the caribbean every year.

although it's colder here than ever expected...came back to 30 degree weather from the sixties in Mexico, the customs guy blamed us for the cold weather,our car has Vermont plates...lmao

5 years ago

Vinnie,we are too alike

you wrote sheddys,I forgot we were in the fruddy group as well

so I wrote,splashy hugs

we are quite the pair,duh

I feel like a jerk,lol

here I'll rewrite,fruddy hugs from me and fyre sends woofy kisses.

I Dunno??
5 years ago

What happened to your post. I too had to do one twice on some group.  Yeah, Sis we are quite the pair. However I didn't put up those posters of Bugs Bunny and Bullwinkle. Iain is most likely the culprit. He said he posted something that showed up on top. Maybe that was his. Was it Sweetie?  Fruddy Hugs to you and Fyre from me and Dottie. xoxo

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meeeeeeeeeee a culprit!!......
5 years ago

Aye, it wiz me fruddies  dinnae ken whit happened! A wiz trying tae post it fur the two of ye and well...Ye see the result!! 


Al see if a kin dae summit aboot it later!


Hugs tae the sisters, Fyre and Dottie..

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