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Achievements & Milestones, Part X..Animals Only Plz.
5 years ago
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Endangered Species Act for Wolverines!!
9 hrs ago


Endangered Species Act Protection Proposed for Wolverines

American wolverineOne of the West's rarest predators is finally on its way to federal protection. Under the Center for Biological Diversity's 757 species agreement, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service just proposed Endangered Species Act protection for American wolverines -- feisty, solitary hunters that once roamed a large swath of the mountainous West but are now severely threatened by climate change. There are only 250 to 300 left in the lower 48 states.
The Center has been working to protect wolverines, whose population has shrunk drastically, since 1995. Federal listing for the animals will likely put an end to Montana's plans to allow wolverine trapping and could bring reintroduction of the rare creatures to Colorado. But frustratingly, the Fish and Wildlife Service says the listing can't be used to address the biggest threat to wolverines: the global climate crisis.
"The wolverine has a reputation for killing prey many times its size, but it's no match for global climate change, which is shrinking spring snowpack across the West," said Noah Greenwald, the Center's endangered species director. "If we're going to save the wolverine and countless other wildlife species, as well as the world we all depend on, we need to take immediate steps to substantially and quickly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions."  
Read more in the Los Angeles Times.

Indeed Iain...
5 years ago

So very sad    for such a formidable animal. They are marvels. I seen it on Nature on Sunday night before Downton Abbey...

Good News from Snow Leopard Trust..
5 years ago


Kyrgyzstan's snow leopards get a bigger, safer home!
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Major Win for Kyrgyz Cats

Dear Vinnie,

Great news for Kyrgyzstan's snow leopards: The country's most important nature reserve will be enlarged, protecting prime snow leopard habitattwice the size of Manhattan from mining and hunting.

A wild snow leopard on the prowl

A Bigger, Safer Home
Facing increasing pressure from mining companies and hunting interest groups, Kyrgyzstan's Sarychat-Ertash State Nature Reserve has long been a home under threat for the country's snow leopards. Now, thanks to the successful lobbying of a coalition of NGOs including the Snow Leopard Trust, the Kyrgyz government has agreed to enlarge the reserve and officially establish its borders. Read more about this crucial success on our blog.

Check this out Fruddys...
5 years ago

What good news for this Gorgeous Creature.  As our Beloved Steve Irvin would have said, "By Crikey, ain't  that Sheila a beauty" ?  Fruddy Hugs,from me and Dottie. xoxo

5 years ago

great news fur the snow leopards Vinnie

Good News Petition..for all Countries..
5 years ago


February 2013Take ActionDonate

The Big StoryPolar Bears U.K. Supports Stronger Protections for Polar Bears The United Kingdom has joined Russia in supporting a U.S. proposal -- championed by NRDC -- to ban the global trade in polar bear parts at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species next month. With the polar bear sliding toward extinction, it is unconscionable that Canada allows more than 400 bears to be killed each year. Other key European nations are still undecided -- and their votes could determine the polar bear's fate. Ask U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron to rally the European Union to vote for stronger polar bear protections. Take Action

Let's turn things around for Polar Bears..
5 years ago

We can make this happen if all the U.K. and  U.S.A.   signs this quick petition. Thanks to all Fruddys. xoxo

5 years ago

I signed it Vinnie

5 years ago

Signed buddy, a love polar bears.xo

5 years ago

Signed buddy, a love polar bears.xo

Hi there,Sis
5 years ago

signed...have you ever heard of the rare bi-polar bear??

it can't make it's mnd da ting!

Thx. Sarah...
5 years ago

That is good news about that journelist exposing that place and not backing down. Thx. Hun. xo

Haya back Sis...
5 years ago

Ha, ha, ha. You sooo funny. Bi-Polar Bear. My ex-hubby was bi-poler, but that was no fun. What a wild ride.   Fruddy Hugs to all from me and Dottie to Fyre, Mandy, Chow-chow and kitty. xoxo

Polar Bears.
5 years ago

Hi Vinnie .. signed.

5 years ago

Whit a lovely name JOY, sorry a missed yer Welcome to the group thread. Hope ye enjoy this fruddie group!


Guid joke that Siouxz  .............. Hiya Vinnie


Love, hugs to all fruddies and fur babies 

5 years ago

Vinnie, You are so right Bi-Polar is difficult to live with, but proper medication and taking the medication makes a world of difference. My daughter is an environmental planner; does well with medication; without not too much fun, but from what I have read Polar Bears are Bi-Polar; they have their ups & downs. Gotta hope they stay on their meds! LOL. By the way Vinnie, you do a great job with this thread.

Hey Fruddy-Buddys...
5 years ago

Thanks Nancy for the kind words about my Thread.    I try. Originally my Sis Tasunka  is the one who asked if I could create a place for Good News. And anyone can Post any Good News they find about any kind of Animal, not just Horses.  Sweetie you didn't miss Joy on a Welcome thread because I haven't had time to do one. I'm so busy right now with Sewer problems and nobody will give you credit so I'll be sopping up gunk from my fllors and bathtub, toilet till I get my SSI check on the 1st. I can't do laundry, take a shower, do dishes or flush. What a mess. I went down to the basement and tried to clean some Gunk out of some of the pipes  and found shredded apaper everywhere which means I have a mouse. Yuck..I'm soooo sore all over.  Unfortunately my ex-hubby would not beleive he needed his meds. It was the whole rest of the world who needed them, not him.  Hoofy Hugs to everyone from me and Dottie. xoxoxo

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5 years ago

Signed.    Hi .... all  ... 


it's the weekend get comfortable
     .. and have a great weekend.

5 years ago

So wish a could help ye oot Vinnie, it pains me tae see ye struggle like thatYe huv great spirit tho, so nae matter whit life throws at ye, you will conquer buddie


Tae cheer ye up a wee and..... fur being ma pal


Love the cute teddy Joy

Thanks Fruddies...
5 years ago

Yes, Joy dear that is a cute teddy and thx. for signing. Sweetie you are right. I am Blessed that GOD gave me great inner strength and a Mother who taught us to never give up. My so-called friend never came over so I called a Roto-Rooter company I used last time and he tried to charge me $ 220.00 for the 1st hour and $ 190.00 for every hour after that, but with all this rain and heavy snow and ice we're getting I couldn't give up. So I kept plugging away on the phone and used someone else I used before. I told the lady I had $ 120.00 on me and could get more from the bank on Monday. Bob finally should up at 6"30 p.m. and it took him 4 hours to pull out all those tree rooots. He was cheaper too. $ 150.00 for the 1st hour and  $ 120.00 after that so my bill should be another $ 300.00 or so. I waited till he was done to tell him that I don't have that much in the bank and can I make payments evry month till paid off. He said "Yes, I remember you and trust you. So right now my Sump Pump is going off and I'm not running to throw down paper everywhere. I'm here with my Family. Thank you for your offer my friend. God looked out for me and I never give up but am sore as hell all over so off to bed with me and Dottie. "I got er done". Never surrender is my Motto. Hoofy Huggles to all from me and Dottie. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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5 years ago

Because yer sore..( gentle)..Fruddy hugs, or hoofy Huggles will dae fur me buddie

 so glad that ye got they pipes sorted oot Love yer spirit pal Big hugs tae you and Dottie

5 years ago

Dear Vinnie, hope you had a good rest and may God Bless you for all you do. Love and Hugs to you and Dottie.

Encouragement Graphic #5Encouragement Graphic #4

5 years ago

Hello Iain A... Thank you for the.

Good Night

Good Night (it's night here.. 11.20, I am off to bed)

Yer welcome Joy....
5 years ago

A said earlier a like polar bears, so here's a wee vid ye might like..


Aww Nawwww.....Jist found this Vinnie......BAD NEWS!!
5 years ago

<:article id=singleArticle class="single-article" itxtHarvested="0" itxtNodeId="119" checkedByCssHelper="true" data-story="383101"> 

Polar bears face disaster THE fight to stop endangered polar bears becoming extinct was in ruins last night after pro-hunting nations derailed a plan to stop them being hunted as trophies, ornaments or rugs.
Published: Sun, March 10, 2013

Polar-bears-face-extinctionPolar bears face extinction

Britain expressed “disappointment” after an international conference refused to give the Arctic bear the same level of protection as tigers, giant pandas and gorillas.

Officials were forced to abstain on the vote at the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species summit

Officials were forced to abstain on the vote at the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species summit in Bangkok because they were obliged to follow the EU line and our European partners have not reached a consensus.

Although as few as 20,000 polar bears exist in the wild hunters in Canada still have permission to kill them.

5 years ago

Oh... these hunters. Wish someone will hunt them down.

5 years ago

Vinnie, Vinnie, it seems bad luck hunts you down, but God bless you and your strong spirit; I am so glad to know the last man who came was decent and helped you. They say and I don't who "they" is what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, and in a sick, twisted way I believe that. You certainly are strong and a joy to know. Amazing all the good work you do; I guess you don't have time to complain (as I have to admit, I would) you just keep on going and doing good things. Know you and Dottie are in my thoughts and prayers. Joy, love your beautiful little puppy. Take care everyone and have a good week.

Why can't you catch a break
5 years ago

poor sis, have more in common with the polar help!

You are such a trooper;I ADMIRE THIS IN YOU ,so admirable.

I hope one day things get easier for you, maybe a tropic island home awaits you in the future and balmy breezes, no stupid snow and frozen toes,or as I call them popsicle toes.

You are like the energizer bunny, just don't get arrested for battery,lol

Iain, soft kind,such a gentleman when your not a funny pal.

I hope Vinnie knows how much we both adore her...I know you are reading this, Sis.

so please know YOU ARE LOVED!!


hugs from me and the miracle dog Dottie is such a comfort to you at this point,give her a big kiss from us.

5 years ago

Thank you, Nancy. Yes, that's my beautiful dream dog, I live in an aparrtment where 90 % are Muslims, so now you know why she/he is only my dream dog. How are you doing, Vinnie? Take care.. love n hugs to you and Dottie.

Blessings Graphic #37

    ... to all you Fruddy- Buddys.

I am a Comanche Warrior...
5 years ago

   Yes, it looks like we lost this Battle for the Polar Bears but WE Will Win the War.  Was just gonna peek as I'm sooo exhausted, but had to thank my precious family Sis, Sweetie, Nancy, Junee, Joy and your Wish dog. and everyone else for your constant support. The bill finally came to over  $ 500.00 as it was a weekend. And I was so happy to start collecting on my ex-hubby's SSI, in May but then got a letter where they are cutting $ 80.00 off my Food Stamps. Man, they just won't let you get a foothold. I take two steps forward and one step back. Gawd !!  Yes, poor Joy can't have a fur-real doggie so I told her to Post her Wish dog when I have my Party. No Sis I won't get arrested for Battery but did get a Ticket for now wearing a Seatbelt two blocks from my home. With all the Jerks running Stop Signs and Speeding, I was Pissed and the Cop told me to shut up or I might get arrested. I was Livid. After 2 in the morning, gotta Hit the Sack with Dottie. Thank you Sweetie for the Gentle Hugs.

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5 years ago

Dear Vinnie: This is for you.

Encouragement Graphics

... you are a real warrior, Vinnie and a great encouragement to all. God Bless and watch over you. Love and Hugs to you and Dottie.

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