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Welcome 6 New Members ~~
5 years ago
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      Loesje V., from The Netherlands and  Tin Leng Lim from Malasia. Man they came far.    Henceforth, Ye Shall be known as Fruddy-Buddys. xoxo


Tin leng

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5 years ago

Welcome to our new members. Great Group and lots of nice people starting with Vinnie.

Thanks Nancy..
5 years ago

Awww, Shucks. How sweet of you to say that about me my friend. Couldn't send you a greenstar so this is for you Nancy   .  Posted that story you sent me about the Frogs with Backpacks.   Trust me  soon you will learn how to do this stuff too. Fruddy Hugs from me and Dottie says woof-woof to Mollie. xo

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5 years ago

Thanks for posting and thanks for the flower and smiley face. Mollie says the same to Dottie.

Our newest Fruddy...
5 years ago

  Our newest member Gysele. This is her doggie Queenie who was recently kid-napped but she got her back., thank God. Gysele, Henforth ye too shall be known as a Fruddy-Buddy. Hugs to you and Queenie from me and Dottie says woofs. xo


5 years ago

WELCOME everyone, nice to have you with us! Gysele so glad you got Queenie back, she's a beautiful dog, what a face!

A Proper Welcome..
5 years ago

   Gysele and Queenie.   "Henceforth Ye to Shall now be called a Fruddy-Buddy. That's our loving Nickmame for our little family here. Can't wait for you to Post some pics of your Fur-Babys in  "The Play-Date". I'm sure everyone would enjoy them. Please Share. Fruddy Hugs from me and Dottie says A-hooo. xo


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Hello Gail and Kiki `~~
5 years ago

      And a proper hello to Gail and her Kitty Kiki. Dottie, Queenie, Mollie and Fyre,  say woofs to Kiki. xo  

5 years ago

A BIG welcome to Gail and her kitty Kiki! We're happy to have you join us.

5 years ago

tae aw new fruddy buddy's

Another new Fruddy-Buddy ~~
5 years ago

  another new Fruddy-Buddy. Michela from Italy.



          Michela M

5 years ago

A strong welcome to all new members. I am sure that you will enjoy this group. Lots and lots of nice people.

Another new Fruddy...
5 years ago

            Sherri G. and her cute Pomeranian. Now you too are a Fruddy-Buddy, Sherri. xo

5 years ago

Welcome Sherri G and your beautiful fur baby. Enjoy one of the best groups in Care @.

5 years ago

Welcome Sherri, glad to see you here, it's a great group, you'll love it!

Vinnie I like your new look! BTW Sherri's pic is a Bichon if I spelled it right

5 years ago

u_3e2a191e photo u_3e2a191e_zps92162b40.gif Sherri G

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You're Right...
5 years ago

Penny, I stand corrected.  It is a Bichon cute doggie.    Junee, cute graphic and  Nancy,  Girlfriends,     Fruddy Hugs to all from me and Dottie says woof-woof to all Fur-Babys. Posted some new photos in Play-Date  Fruddy Buddys. xoxo

5 years ago

Sherri  Always nice tae see new fruddy buddy's


These are great graphics June Ye brighten up awe yer groups wi cute pics


Like yer new avatar Vinnie, hugs tae you and auld Dottie


Hiya Posh Penny, missed ye pal  In fact, missed awe ma fruddy buddies

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