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Achievements & Milestones: Part XIV...
5 years ago

Fantastic, this should help make a difference, thanks Vinnie!

Yes, Penny.
4 years ago

And I like the video so we get to see a cutie Prince and I get to listen to that British Accent I 've loved since I was a little kid, which is why England was the first place I ever went to in my older years on my FIRST aeroplane ride. Really !!!

Got this good news..
4 years ago

Hope this comes up aweright!!


 It didnae..will try again later!

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4 years ago




yeah, did it.....

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4 years ago

thanks for sharing Iain

60 New Species Found in Suriname 10/03
4 years ago
60 New Species Found in Suriname
Michael O.

A Lizard for a change...
4 years ago


Supposedly "Extinct" Pinocchio Lizard Pokes His Nose Out

Science & Tech  (tags: animals, discovery, Ecuador, endangered, good news, interesting, news, science, Tropical Herping )
Kayleen - 10 hours ago -

Thought to be extinct for 50 years, this incredible lizard species has just been rediscovered in the cloud forests of Ecuador. Only the male has this noselike appendage which attracts females. Logged in Doomwatch Legacy by Sunstroke author David Kagan.
Thx, Fruddys...
4 years ago

I was going to post that Sweetie but wasn't able to get on the computer. And Kelly I was gonna post the one about Suriname too but couldn't because of tornados. One more storm Sunday then quiet weather till next Saturday. Yippie!!  Thanks for posting for me my friends. Fruddy Hugs from me and Dottie. xoxo

4 years ago

Hope the weather has eased buddie and that you and Dottie are safe.

4 years ago
Post Removed
4 years ago


Future of Amur Tigers Is Getting Brighter!     With great photos too..Enjoy Fruddys..

4 years ago

Loved all the good news and absolutely loved the pics!!  Thanks Vinnie!

4 years ago

caught up Vinnie  thanks for sharing

Great news for Puppies..
4 years ago


In a victory for animals, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Planning Committee voted this week to reject a controversial proposal to build a breeding...

read more

4 years ago

Great news; adorable puppies, awesome friend to post for us.

4 years ago

I am very happy to hear this!

4 years ago

Hooray! It's fantastic news, I can hardly believe it, what a victory!!

4 years ago

Well done, FOUR PAWS  !!

Thank you , Vinnie, for sharing the great news ( also on behalf of Beagles ) !

Froggy big hugs

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