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Have A Great Week Fruddys~~
5 years ago
| Vinnie


Lilac is soo Soothing...
5 years ago

 I find this photo so relaxing and hope you will too. I added lilac and pink because I find it calming. This is for all our friends in The Southeast Coast that were hit my Tropical Storm Karen. For us here in The Midwest  with Tornados and The Plains with that massive Blizzard that was even Named. When you get power back on, hope this photo lifts your spirits. No, Sweetie not that kind of "spirits".    Fruddy Hugs from me and Dottie.  xoxo

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5 years ago

Fruddy hugs to you sweet big Sis. 

Hugs from me and a healing fyre

He has an ear infection and is taking medicine for it. ..

Mucho hugging to you and SWEET Dottie; )))

5 years ago


5 years ago

Sweetie you just can't help yourself, can ya ?    Sis, Dottie and I are sorry to hear Fyre has an ear infection. I know when my Allergies act up, if I lay down, the fluids run into my ear and cause great pain. Sending you both healing Fruddy Hugs and you too Goofus, Sweetie.

5 years ago


Ma Fab Four...........
5 years ago

Hope you 4... Vinnie n auld Dottie......Siouxz n Fyre  are oki-doki noo.  Sorry av no been in the group much lately! Too much elsewhere's gawn oan!


Really appreciate yer friendship and awe that yees dae fur me


Fruddy Hugs awe roond...  Am taking Fyre n Dottie fur a wee walk afore a go ...........      woohoo


Fab Four...



5 years ago

Be careful there pal, fyre can pull very hard. 

80 +lbs. Of pure muscle pulling, can take down anyone! 

Thanks for the Beatles metaphor, I would be George Harrison if given the choice. 

In fact my first fyre, there was one from the 90s, that came saddled with the name George before I changed it, they look alike which is why the reuse of the nickname. 

Their proper names are quite different. 

Fruddy hugs, sis, Dottie, and Iain, nice to see you both, a wee moment between us original fruddies!

ye got it Siouxz.. the wee moment bit :)
5 years ago

Nae probs fur me fruddy buddy, am the lean, mean, muscle machine!!!!

5 years ago

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Hey Fruddys ~~
5 years ago

Glad to see my Fav people too. Sis, you know I loved George the best too. When Dottie was younger she would pull me down the street but now can hardly walk. Trinity Bell, I was worried about you. I had you on a list of people to check on, but now I can scratch your name off. I hope you are well dear. Has anyone heard from our Tania and Greg ? I've sent her a few notes and no answer. Or Jenny too. I hope they are alright. Fruddy Hugs and woofs to Fyre and all fur-babys .  xoxo

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