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The Feel Good Pond: Play-Date # 11...
2 years ago
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 A Tribute to America's cleanest little Sweetheart.. RIP, Cupie-Doll.. xo

 O.k,  so I didn't exactly Embed this Video right, but it works. Just Click on the time # 3:31  Above.  "On The Good Ship Lolipop", from 1934.

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2 years ago

Nice,Vinnie.Hope you all have a great weekend.Hugs.

Fyre wishes everyone a happy "kiss me I'm Irish"day
2 years ago

2 years ago

I forgot to mention that the Video is of the late Shirley Temple. Non scandolous Child Star. "Thanks for the Memories", Cutie. xo

2 years ago

Thanks for sharing Vinnie and Tasunka! Happy St. Pat's Day to all of you; we are green, you know.

2 years ago

happy st patrick's day


Hi there Fyre, me old Irish dogsbuddy Emoticons  .....and here's one fur auld Dottie Vinnie How is she?

2 years ago


1 hrs ago

Take a look at the state of wildlife welfare, and you will see that the biggest threats to animals' existence are us. Between poaching and the destruction of habitats by industry and climate change, humans are drastically reducing important habitats and the creatures that dwell in them. The species in this gallery have had dangerous brushes with extinction, but because of the tireless work of conservation groups and recovery programs, they are still among us. Here we celebrate their survival.

Great info there, a like this yin..
2 years ago

Threatened Species

Golden Lion Tamarin

No, you’re not looking at a Dr. Seuss character from the children's book The Lorax. What you see here is a golden lion tamarin, an arboreal primate from the Atlantic coastal forests of Brazil. There were fewer than 200 of these monkeys left in the 1970s, but thanks to Brazil’s recovery efforts, along with the help of the U.S. National Zoo and other zoological programs, today approximately 1,600 golden lion tamarins grace the tropical forest with their bright orange monkey manes. This jump in population is due to strong rehabilitation and reintroduction programs designed to spread the tamarin's genetic diversity and range. So far, these programs have been successful, but forest degradation, which includes damage done by industry and climate change, still poses a major threat to tamarin survival.

2 years ago

Thanks Sweetie. should have put this in the "Achievements & Milestones" Thread but this o.k., as long as people see it. He's a cutie for sure. Fruddy hugs xoxo

2 years ago

Awesome picture, Iain, he's beautiful and does have a lot of crazy. Good that they have been protected and not gone extinct. Let's hope their and our good fortune continues.

time to remind everyone to keep our oceans clean
2 years ago

2 years ago

2 years ago

Tasunka and Holly, What great messages. Thanks for sharing. We all should apply that to our lives. Take Care and have a great week.

2 years ago

Hiya fruddy buddy's..... av been really busy with Alison's family. It wiz her dads 80th, and her brother from America was staying at our place. Last time they were all together was 15 years ago, so it was nice to see them all together again. Work was super busy with the kids doing the play Joseph. Making props, chairs backwards and forwards for the audience, and wiz ma job tae video it. They put on 4 fabulous shows to packed audiences,.... then it was their Easter Disco.............. Then the clear up

Too much to catch on, so al jist wish yees awe a Happy Sunday and am gawny get ready tae get blootered wi ma pal Ryan fur ees birthday the morra!

Happy Sunday!
2 years ago

Wow! You have been busy my friend! Hope you have a great day today 

2 years ago

Sounds good, Iain, I am jealous; I am an old grandma who gets to see her grandkids six times a year at most. Enjoy the kids in your family because they will grow up. Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family.

2 years ago

fruddy buddy's.. woohoo
2 years ago

Thanks Nancy, not to auld tae party a hope!


over at the Thistle we're having a birthday party and....


Yer awe invited,





i think its time for a sexy party stewie south park


shake it like a salt shaker


When a wiz younger


dancing baby


 A bags the yin in the red Ryan


that's hot ready to party


whit are ye doin man?

ace ventura dancing



Guid tae see the girls huvin some fun

hawaii women belly dancing


Gee whiz, even the fur babies are joing in!!

you can drunk call me anytime


Keep them comin Jimmy

here's a round on me enjoy your night corona Look efter us pals...if i get drunk stick this label on my head

2 years ago


2 years ago

ok,iain,,,,here is some party music,I and I bring the ganja......SHAKE YAH BOOTY!!!!!!!!

YAH MON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIG UP!!!!!

IRIE ITES!!!!!!!!!

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2 years ago

wow, shake the booty Kaya, or is it the Laffy Taffy


Liked the catchy tunes sooo much a never really noticed the videos!!

2 years ago

Sean Paul looks like my fiance's son javan,lol......great picks,Kaya.

2 years ago






right now someone is thinking of you ok its me



2 years ago

2 years ago

Best Group Ever. Hope things are going well for you and Dottie, Vinnie. You are still in my thoughts and prayers, and Mollie sends a doggie lick and paw hug.

2 years ago

Just stopped in to check the groups but can't think. Dottie has been barking for hours. Thanks for the videos. I'll check them later when I have time.Thanks Nancy and Dottie says woofs to Mollie. However wrong thread for this so just read it and forget it. Have fun here only remember ? No, Dottie is not doing better. This weekend will be our 1st major Thunderstorm and probably our last together then I'll be all alone in that ugly, dark damp spooky basement alone. She's still eating good and making good poop and pee but her back legs are not working so I have to hold her up and my back is breaking. Just waiting till after my Birthday which is Good Friday and Eaaster weekend because I don't want to Bum out my friend Patsy who is driving me. She has Dottie for years and I know it will be hard on her too. May 1st would have been her 15th birthday. Don't know what to do, can't think. I know I'm Ramblin on but really don't know what to do. Thanks for all the Love and Hugs my dear family. God, I'm so tired and sick to my stomach. Gotta go to bed and hope she stops barking soon. Fruddy Hugs. from me and auld Dottie xoxoxoxoxo

2 years ago

BTW..Sweetie that is a nice picture you gave Nancy. She certainly deserves it. She is an excellant friend and cohart. LOL... Holly you're silly as us. I really like that "Lil Chick who says  "Aww, this is Bullshit".     Kaya, mon I sure could use some Ganja now. I have a pounding headache, and that's good medicine which God planted on Earth...Such a Wise Man. LOL..xoxoxo

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2 years ago

The picture is fur you Vinnie, my very good friend


A ken it isnae much, but here's a big hug fur ye


A hate the thought of you both suffering, and in pain. It's a sad time for you Vinnie, and we're all here if ye want to rabble on anytime ye want. Sometimes words arnt what ye want, it's somebody jist tae listen. Love ye pal, and take care eh...if possible, give auld Dottie a wee gentle hug fur me

2 years ago

WE here for you vinnie,love you.hi,iain.hi everyone and hugs.

2 years ago

Ok pals, could be last time on for a wee while   Busy weekend and going on holiday this Sunday.

Take care and behave yersells!!  ... Ye ken a will eh!!!



happy easter

2 years ago

Cute! Enjoy your holiday,Ian.Please come back soon,you gotta motivate the women to come to group!lol! Have a great weekend,everyone!

2 years ago

main man is spread too thin?

I notice we are all so dependant on him,lol

it's rare to find such a sweet and funny guy,I guess we'll adore you for as long as you will let us..


2 years ago

sis,please read what I wrote in the fang;ib thread

there with you,YOU ARE NEVER ALONE

so no matter what,we are your family now!!!!!!!!!!!

15 years is really old,so let her know you love her,and don't beat yourself up

you were the best mom she could have ever had, and all things come to an end

it's up to us to make it a good memory

I hope you go read my note to you,I have seen that the reason we are all here

is because we're all not quite there,lmao ( a joke I saw, trying to cheer you up)

2 years ago

Sacre Bleu Holly !!!!.... ye left oot wan of ma eyes!!!  Ian.. is the English way

Iain.... with 2 s   is the Scottish way!!  .... al forgive ye this time . Thanks fur the nice wurds buddy

Thanks also tae you Tas, a really dinnae mind being spread oot noo and again!!..ya bampot  

Wise wurds fur Vinnie and auld Dottie pal

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz to all

2 years ago

Vinnie,sorry about Dottie.Tas is right,you did well by her,and this can be a good memory after the normal grieving process is done.In the good place,maybe you can see her again,and she can be friends with my dog there.IAIN.....sosorry I made you lose an apologies.Will this make up for it?Have a happy and relaxing weekend,everyone.

2 years ago

May God bless and care for all of you wonderful souls (two-legged as well as four-legged) Vinnie, I know words can't help, but there's no doubt you are the best Mom ever and Dottie is the best baby. Peace be with you; it's difficult. My last baby to leave me was Jessie. She lived until she was 20; she is still living in my heart and always will. The same will be true with Dottie.

2 years ago

2 years ago

Happy Easter; Happy Passover, Happy Spring, Happy Re-Birth Day, Happy Earth Day to each and everyone of you. May you enjoy family, friends, environment, and our beautiful planet.

2 years ago

2 years ago

Thanks Fruddy-Buddys. Yes, Sis, I went and read the Proverbs about a pot to burn the bad and evil. Or is there another one. Trying to catch up on my groups and messages. My last night with Dottie so if you don't see me it's because I'm crying too hard or damn Thunderstorms. Tornado Drill Thursday unless storm is too bad. Will be so scared all alone. Love living alone just not during Tornado season. Fruddy Hugs to all from me and Dottie says woofs to Fyre, Mollie, Mandy, Lucky, Princess, Thor Attila the Hen and all her Fur-Baby friends. I will give her a big gentle hugs for all of you after I muzzle her. BTW,,I know you have all gone thru this too and I feel for your loss. Also can you say a Prayer for Mystic's Mommy who just had eye surgery and her hubby is in Chemo. Also Franco DiPaslma who is waiting for his 14 year old boy doggie to go to the Rainbow Bridge too. So much pain everywhere and Love. xoxoxoxoxo

2 years ago

you are never alone

always lurking to make sure my family is alright

it will be ok, be strong

have been in your place,and worse

watching my dogs through strokes and paralysis,cancer

never knowing peace or life without pain, Dot had a great life,and any one who is lucky to know you,agrees

2 years ago

Thinking of you, dear Vinnie .. praying and sending Light  !!

2 years ago

Vinnie, you and Dottie are in our hearts. Love you and hope we can send the strength to help you through this pain.

2 years ago

Hi fruddy's and a special hi To you Vinnie. Thinking of you and ma furbaby pal auld Dottie. Such a sad time fur ye, so you cry all ye want buddy and don't hold back. It's hard tae have good memories when in so much pain, after the loss of a loved one. Know that we are crying with you, and when, or if needed, we will all be here fur ye. Sending love and hugs your way my friend    take care eh.

2 years ago

Thinking of you Vinnie sending lots of  never easy to say goodbye to our precious fur babies ♥ goodbye and kiss for Dottie ♥ take care 

2 years ago

Lots of love and blessing to all of you, but especially, Vinnie and Dottie.

2 years ago

Vinnie, you and Dottie have been much in my thoughts. It is so difficult to part from those we love.

2 years ago


2 years ago

I am sorry for Dottie,but remember that you have friends here,so you are not alone right now.Feel hugs from the Almighty and from us,all of us , as you go through a difficult time.

2 years ago

.....a saying that I saw earlier today.So true.I do not observe traditional holidays,but I do try to,in some way,make a holiday each day.Surely there is something to celebrate.....the good weather,the fact that we are loved,the fact that eternal salvation is available to us,the fact that God is available to us.A celebration can be elaborate,but it need not be.A cup of coffee,(or whatever you like),as you watch the sunrise,or your flowers,or even just as you close your eyes and picture what it is that makes you happy if you are unable to go there.A moment with a friend or loved one.A concert.A song on your music player.A movie.Find something to enjoy each day,to make it a celebration.Then thank God for these things.This makes life worth living,even if the rest of your day is difficult.Don't wait for a certain time or event or until you can afford something expensive or have the energy to do something elaborate.Celebrate now,enjoy the beauty and simplicity that is life.Tomorrow is not promised,so do it now,make peace with Almighty now.Say those kind things and do those kind things to your loved ones now,however simple they may seem,do it.I hope that you all overstand,and implement this simple but profound truth.You will be really living at that point.


2 years ago

     So glad I was able to get on. Yesterday my Reply Box didn't work anywhere except on F & S, which is is where Eric really needed to know. Dottie is Gone. I whispered all your names and her Fur-baby friends in her ear. I'm a wreck and can't think. Just went to fill up bags of sand and put around my home for the Severe Thunderstorms coming in tonight and for the next few days. Sure is gonna be spooky without old Baby Dottie around. Wrong thread for this ? But I wanted you to see her how she is now playing in her Wimmin pool. Love and Hugs to all my little family here and I can't thank you enough for your words of encouragement. Me and the Spirit of Dottie who says bye-bye to Fyre, Mollie, Nala, Dunder, Lucky, Princess, Mandy, Thor, Kiki, Queenie, Attila the Hen. Gail Courney has a Rabid Hen who terrorizes her farm animals in England. Trying to picture that in my head. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

2 years ago

Cam't say much except I love you, and I do understand your pain, but Vinnie, you are amazing and you have such positive vibes that all of us will be stronger because of your positive example.

2 years ago

aye yer right Nancy, we awe draw strength from each other when needed. That's whit guid friendship is awe aboot eh.

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