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Global Warming
6 years ago

So, Carol K (Good Morning!!!) What would you say is the VERY BOTTOM LINE??

Is there Global Warming that Man Has Created, or is it a NATURAL warming and cooling as we have had for as far back as my history reading has taken me, and there isn't much that we can do about it?

Is it a money making gimmick which will allow governments to squander tax payer money all over the world for more studies etc etc or is it something that people 1000 years from now will be talking about and saying that in the 21st century, people spent years and ZILLIONS of DOLLARS in other people's tax money to find out that this is something that WAS, IS and ALWAYS WILL BE?

Thanks for all of your hard work Carol.


6 years ago

My own conclusion is that since there was global warming recorded long before industrialization (a most extreme example handily outweighing the present conditions occurring in the 1300s) as well as the ice age occurring well beyone the scope of measurable human impact on the environment, it appears to me that this is a dance of pseudo-scientists more interested in securing funding and politicians who find it convenient to scare a significant portion of the population into blindly following under pain of destroying the world out from under themselves.  Junk science to the common is truth, to the observant is fraudulent, and to the politician is useful.

6 years ago

I would also add that this conforms to the Hitler/Goebbels formula for the Big Lie.  The three tenets are:


1.  It must be a big lie as the people will see through small lies but will not believe that anyone could have the audacity to tell a huge lie.  (I would add that if Obama believed in global warming he would not hold the record for presidential travel running the 747 and accompanying aircraft transporting the secret service and the vehicles all over creation.)


2.  It must be stated with authority (i.e., Jews are not inferior because Uncle Adolf says so, but rather because a raft of anthropoligists say so, or updated, because a raft of scientists on the government payroll say that global warming turned climate change is real, it must be real).


3.  It must be repeated often (as global warming is).


It amazes me how many people are buying into an idea which doesn't even make sense, let along come with any proof other than the esteemed reputations of scientists who have already been caught red-handed deliberately giving false information to protect their little theory.

6 years ago

I am so remiss in setting out Obama's jet travels and neglecting to make mention of Al Gore, High Priest of Global Warming, who has a love affair with private jets.  Oh, but he buys carbon offsets say his supporters.  That is like saying [insert person of your choice] secretly belongs to the KKK and regularly participates in lynchings, but donates to the NAACP, so its OK."

6 years ago

I also forgot to mention Al Gore's home which consumes 12 times the electricity of the average Nashville area home.  You would think a True Believer would not want to be upside-down on this issue, of course I am satisfied that the only element of Global Warming in which Gore actually believes is its political utility.  By contrast, George W. Bush, who is generally regarded by environmentalists as an enemy, has a home which is a veritable showplace for a mimimal environmental footprint.


If the movement's own High Priest shows every evidence of not believing himself, then why in the universe should I even consider it, even in the absence of knowledge of significant evidence to the contrary?

6 years ago

Carol, you do have people thinking and responding and so glad to see it.  Jim, bottom line for me is gimmick.  David, you have the facts there so well and thank you for that.  


I would add one more consideration to the politicians,etc.  I do think that this is one of the key points for the push for the New World Order, as well.  I cannot find the article I had read on this but I do honestly think that when this started with Gore and the Clintons, it was one (of many) issues to encourage the New World Order, hence why they have pushed to make this a UN priority and why they use this as a topic for foreign policy with all the major nations, too.  It was promoted by the EU, also.

New World Order???
6 years ago

Thanks Linda for your input, and when you mentioned that(meaning (NWO) of course I perked up. I'd guess that would have been a possibility, with Clinton, and the Bush's and now B O via his puppeteers, (namely Soros) but some others, as well, like the Prince over there in the nether lands of the Middle East and possibly even Gordon Brown? from the UK. Never would have suspected Al Gore, but then, when you are talking politicians, should anything be surprising?

I think that your initial response to me, re: too many countries would not give up their positions, is really the thing to continue considering. And now that the NWO is beginning to become known by so many people (thanks to computers - and theorists) I think that its likelihood is becoming less and less as the days go on.

I hope that I am correct, because if a new world order came to being, the middle class would no longer be allowed to exist. All we'd have left would be the very very poor, (the peasants or slaves) and the extremely wealthy who would be all of the Chiefs - and they would probably be BARBARIANS too. I can't see how an NWO could be beneficial to anyone but a select few. Maybe this was Adolph Hitler's idea too with his plan for an ARYAN NATION, but even that would have resulted in a very few people populating the world and those would be the absolute HAVES and the HAVE NOTS as far as I could see.

I do think though that the push for the NWO started way way way before we'd every really known about and Al Gore, a Bill Clinton etc. Just how far back to the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers go?

In about the mid 1970's I used to have a lady friend whom I considered VERY INTELLIGENT and apparently she did a lot of reading. She and her husband owned a business in New Jersey and were quite well off. But their wealth did not make them BETTER than anyone else. They were just like every day ordinary people which is something that I really liked about them.

Anyway, she had told me about a few books that I should read and one of them was entitled something to the effect of The Fittest of the Fit which I thought would have had to do with health and exercise and she corrected me on that - in that the way she described it, it would have sounded like a ONE GOVERNMENT WORLD. I don't remember when it was written, but I think it was along the lines of a book entitled 1984 which I believe was written by George Orwell in 1948 and was way ahead of its time. Well, the two books were not related, but they priedicted how life would be, going forward by a number of years. If you've never read 1984, you should try and get a copy. It will really make you think very hard about this world. The other book, I have not been able to find, but I seem to think that she mentioned a name like Sidney Sheldon,as its author, butI haven't seen a book by him that would come anywhere close? Maybe someone out there can help out on that one.
Catch you later.


6 years ago

I do think in relation to Global Warming they should have gone over a longer time span than a 100 years, this does not give the data that we need to know, there has alway been over time cooling off and warming up of the Global indeed looking at the records from time past give's us some examples,


I have obtain information relating to Britain, please click on the dates this will give a good idea if there maybe or may not be Global Warming and if man did have an impact as what has been said today.



Much of the information contained in these records must of necessity be 'tentative' to say the least! Up to about 1000 years ago, we only have archaelogical evidence to reconstruct the record: some Roman chroniclers provide cursory evidence for the Romano-Celtic / British era, but it is not until roughly from AD 800 that documentary records make a major contribution - and of course, the era of instrumental record doesn't really start until the 17th century, and even then, inconsistencies / errors in the instrumentation make the early record questionable.

Prior to the age of scientific enquiry, the climatological data have been reconstructed using 'proxy' data, such as tree ring records (dendroclimatology), ice-core sampling, estate records, tales of war and the administration of great kings, monastic lists etc.

Use this matrix (below) if you have a particular year, or period in mind; if you want to see how the various events fit into the overall picture, use the TIME-SLICE option. You can also return to the main 'MetIndex' entry page, and use the "Site Search" facility, courtesy of Google.






















This graph will help put the "ups and downs" of temperature into some historical context; remember though that for years before instrumentation, the graph is estimated from proxy records, and individual workers have different interpretations of the raw data.



Page 1



6 years ago

These notes should be read alongside the data contained on this site


In an attempt to make it easier to pick out 'wet' from 'dry', 'cold' from 'hot' events etc., I have colour-coded according to the following scheme.

(='hot' or 'cold' events) hot cold R
(='wet' or 'dry' events) wet dry S
(=stormy [i.e. windy] events) 

When looking at the files for more specific dates etc. please note carefully the following:

(a): It is not always clear what area of the country (England / Britain / UK) we are talking about; best to assume, if not otherwise stated, that notes apply to the 'English Lowlands' from roughly the Humber Estuary across the Midlands to Dorset/ Devon and southeast of that line. If no details are available for area affected, then it is assumed to be for 'London/South', and so annotated.



(b): For winter events, it is not always clear, where a single year is given, whether this relates to the year of the December, or the January / February etc. I assume it relates to the latter, but sometimes the entries imply otherwise. There is further confusion possible for events in the far past with respect to winter, as the year was often reckoned to start on Lady Day (March) of one year and end 12 months later. Thus "January 1504" in the contemporary chronicles might actually be January 1505 by our reckoning!

(c): Something to remember is that rivers up until the 18th century would not have been managed in the same way as we are used to. No major banking to restrain the flow, and in general, rivers would have meandered much more, been slower-moving and would have both 'flooded' and 'frozen' much more readily than English (or British) rivers do now. 

(d): With very early occasions (roughly prior to AD1000), there is considerable doubt as to years, never mind actual dates.

(e): Much work using dendrochronology (dating via tree-ring widths), depends on the crude relationship that a warm year >> implied enhanced tree growth (wider tree rings in spring/early summer), provided there is enough moisture. However, this latter factor is more difficult to assess, and so some caution is always advised.


Page 2



6 years ago

Retired meteorologist works on 'world's longest weather record'

Jim Rothwell with his study, the Central England Weather Series, which is at Nottinghamshire County Council archives service
Mr Rothwell said his interest in the weather stemmed from World War Two

A retired meteorologist has spent 20 years producing what he believes is the world's lengthiest weather record - spanning two millennia.


Jim Rothwell, 80, from Southwell, has gathered data for central England, from 56BC to present day, using more than 40 different data sources.

The octogenarian said the labour of love would be of interest to anyone wanting to put historical events into a weather context.


"I wanted to make a historical record as close as I could to fact as I knew it," said Mr Rothwell, a weather forecaster for the Met Office for 38 years.


"It's very interesting to me. It's part of me. I remember what happened on any given day by the weather."


By painstakingly cross-checking sources he has managed to produce a climatic profile for each month back to 1659.


Between 1167 and 1659 Mr Rothwell has reports for each summer and winter but said the data prior to this was a bit more sporadic.


Sources have included published papers, university and council archives and history books.


"The records show that the warm weather in October that we have witnessed this year is not unique," said Mr Rothwell.


"All sorts of unusual weather has occurred during all the seasons in central England in the past."


The Central England Weather Series includes information about a famine in 1258, which killed 20,000 people, and a thunderstorm in the summer of 1588, which destroyed two Nottinghamshire towns.


Mr Rothwell said his personal interest in meteorology stemmed back to World War II.


"During the war weather reports were secret," he said.


"As a young boy I remember going to bed and being surprised to wake up to six inches of snow. I wanted to know why," he said.


His records have been donated to the Nottinghamshire County Council archives service and will eventually be given to to the national Met Office archives.


Until then, Mr Rothwell said he would continue to add to the collection.


Extreme weather reports

1258: A very wet and cool summer led to the failure of crops and an appalling famine which was one of the worst in English history. Twenty thousand people starved to death in London alone.


1458: Floodwater and ice floes destroyed the bridge over the River Trent after a very cold and snowy winter.


1588: A severe thunderstorm accompanied by a tornado and large hail destroyed the towns of Lenton and Wilford, killing five people on 17 July.


1635: A severe winter blizzard led to snowfall with drifts up to 20 feet deep.

6 years ago

Monks' diaries to help weather forecast

Freezing of the Venice lagoon
Old records were used in the Edinburgh University study

Medieval weather records, including details from monks' diaries are helping experts work out how and why climates have changed over the past 500 years.


Edinburgh University scientists found the historic data, such as harvest records, matched modern computer simulations of climate patterns.

Researchers have assembled climate models to account for past events.


They expect the models to work well for forecasting future climate conditions, especially predicting temperatures.


Greenhouse gas emissions will have more of an impact in shaping future climate change.


Professor Gabi Hegerl, of Edinburgh University's school of geosciences, said current human behaviour is "definitely going to shape the climate in a significant and visible way".


She said: "Our work shows that external influences on the weather are important, and that even small changes in factors outside the climate system have a significant effect.


"The climate models seem to be working quite well for the past, so we should expect that, at least when it comes to temperature, they will do well for the future. It indicates that the predictions might be on target."


She added that the archives revealed a considerable amount of interesting information, particularly relating to the last 300 years.


She said: "500 years ago ago, the records were quite sparse, but there is a lot of data going back to the 19th Century and quite a lot of data from the 17th and 18th centuries.



"About 1675 it gets quite sparse. Before that, we're working from monks' diaries and harvest records and all kinds of indirect evidence about whether they experienced warm or cold summers and winters.


"The records are much more accurate when you go past 1675 and the good thing is a lot of interesting things happened after that time.


"About 1700 and the early 19th Century, for example, there were very cold winters. That's been captured quite well in the records."


The computer simulations took account of influences on the weather, such as volcanic activity, variations in the sun's temperature and, more recently, an increase in greenhouse gases.


The study was carried out by the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with the Justus-Liebig University of Giessen in Germany, and the Universities of Bern and Madrid.


The study, supported by the Natural Environment Research Council, the US National Science Foundation and the European Union, was published in the journal Nature Geoscience.


“Start Quote

The records are much more accurate when you go past 1675 and the good thing is a lot of interesting things happened after that time”


Gabi Hegerl,
Edinburgh University

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Global Warming / and Cooling
6 years ago

Another thing, besides all of what is recorded during recent years, would be to take into consideration that change of Land Masses that over the years have either gotten much larger or perhaps even smaller, due to the eruptions of Volcanoes. What about some major sized islands in the various oceans that developed after a volcanic eruption from under the sea? Does anyone suppose that perhaps the state of Hawaii at one time wasn't even where it is now, but because of an eruption it was formed NATURALLY. Surely, no body just went out to that part of the Pacific Ocean and "built" it so that we'd have a vacationers paradise. And we know that the soil in Hawaii in most areas is considered VERY VERY RICH Volcanic ash. Maybe to some people it doesn't make a difference, but I once determined that Pineapples from two different places had extreme differences in taste simply because both Puerto Rico and Hawaii, which are both major producers of Pineapples, have two entirely different tasting fruits. My own personal opinion is that the Hawaiian Pineapples are much sweeter, thus much better.
I'm of the opinion that there are occasionally new bodies of land, however small, discovered throughout the world occasionally even through the present time.

6 years ago

There are volcanoes under the ocean and they erupt occasionally; thus the formation of new islands and land masses.  This is a natural process.  I might add that research has shown that the temperature of the Pacific Ocean has dropped, not increased.  That is where the "Ring of Fire" exists and so it would, IMO, discount drastic global warming.

6 years ago

If Global warming was real wouldn't the political right be embracing it? also I've noticed that those on the politically left who are screaming the loudest are also offering solutions that curtail our freedom and make money off of it. I've also noticed that they are against any kind of energy that actually works. they hate nuclear, they hate coal,they hate fossil fuels now that wind energy sort of works they are finding ways to poo poo that too. It seems to me that their real agenda is to return us to the dark ages. As far as I'm concerned the political left is far more dangerous to our freedoms than Al Qaida.

6 years ago

I look at the people who preach about global warming and see how they live there lives and from what I see from al gore and Obama it's not real . Also I don't know if any of you are aware but al gores on stock in a crude oil corporation .

6 years ago

Do read Michael Greve's review as it is definitely worth reading.  Too bad that Obama jumped on that bandwagon and has put so much effort there as there are many more things that need attention and global warming is not one of them.  


The idea of being more energy efficient, being "green", etc., are not bad concepts at all, but to think that it is a matter of critical concern globally is far from the fact; it is just Nature following it's own cycle.

6 years ago

Carol, this was a wonderful article.  While working at the U of Washington I met a Grad student (actually titled Fellow) in Chemistry.  He took me to the lab and tried to explain his research to me (Chemistry is not my subject, unfortunately).  What was the most interesting was his discussion with me regarding the very subject of scientific research.  The particular research he was doing was being done by approximately 200 or more scientific groups around the world and it was a race to see who would find the "answer" first or, who would get the recognition for resolving the scientific issue.  The hours and hours, money, etc. involved was unbelievable.  His project had been started by grad students under the supervision of one of the Professors 15 years earlier and he was the 6th Grad student to oversee the project.  All of this time and money spent was riding on their being the team that found the answer first.  What was sad was that 3 weeks after he gave me the tour of the project, a group in France got the answer first so all the years of research were for nothing; they had to either find another angle that this could go and move their research in that direction or find another subject for research and begin again.  What was even worse was that after all of the different groups dismantled their research and started on new research (approximately 2 years later) they found that the French group and falsified a great deal of the research and that they did not find the correct solution.  


The result of this and my point is that where we are so quick, do to our lack of knowledge of scientific research and/or matters, we accept what the researchers have to say without question; why not, we don't have the knowledge always to dispute them.  Yet in doing this we are quite often being manipulated just as I believe the global warming group are trying to manipulate us.  Sound researchers; scientists that have been studing this for years and years, these people say that global warming is a condition that recurs and can be proven now by the data that has been collected over several hundred years and substantiated by evidence discovered that covers several thousand years.  But they are ignored because someone else is doing research that is dependent on keeping up the myth that it is caused by the stamp of people on our environment.  They have to keep this myth alive in order to justify the hours and hours and millions of dollars spent on "useless" research.

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