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Newt Gingrich's $500 cheque bounces for Utah primary
6 years ago

Newt Gingrich's $500 cheque bounces for Utah primary

Newt Gingrich speaks to supporters in New Bern, North Carolina, 10 April 2012
Newt Gingrich's campaign is $4.5m in debt

A $500 (£314) cheque issued by the cash-strapped campaign of Republican candidate Newt Gingrich bounced, it has emerged.


Election officials in Utah told US media they contacted the Gingrich campaign over the unpaid filing fee for the state's primary in June.


Mr Gingrich has vowed to stay in the contest following Tuesday's exit of Republican rival Rick Santorum.


But front-runner Mitt Romney is expected to wrap up the race by June.


Utah election officials say the cheque bounced on 27 March. The fee must be paid by 20 April if Mr Gingrich is to qualify for the ballot.


Last conservative standing?

Following Mr Santorum's departure on Tuesday, Mr Gingrich appealed for donations online.


"It is now a 2 person race," the former House Speaker tweeted, calling himself "the last conservative standing".


Mr Gingrich's campaign, which cut a third of its staff in March, told ABC News on Tuesday it was $4.5m in debt.


It was reported last month that the Gingrich campaign's latest fundraising tactic was to charge people $50 to have their photo taken with the candidate.


Texas Congressman Ron Paul has also said he would not drop out of the race, although he and Mr Gingrich lag far behind.


Mr Romney is expected to gather the 1,144 delegates needed to clinch the party's nomination by early June.

6 years ago

I think that it is time for him to bow out; you can't run in the negative and the reputation of checks bouncing is not good, either.

6 years ago

Poor Newt...out of campaign money.  I honestly feel he did a good just wasn't good enough to grab the nominee position.


Hopefully, Mitt will find a nice cabinet job for Newt.

6 years ago

Diane, Newt should have bowed out a long time ago, it just shows too me, how irresponsible he is with money, he must have known that he did not have the funds so why carry on in a hopeless position he is in, what he should done, is cut his coat according to his cloth, and not to spend money on fruitless campaign, it's as been clear for sometime that he would not win the nominee so why carry on.


in my opinion he is no more than a hanger on like Paul hoping for something that is not there, so no, I for one do not feel sorry for Newt, as he brought it on himeself.


6 years ago

Newt has had problems with his campaign from the get go.  At the very beginning of the campaign some of his staffers left because he cancelled several campaign rallies to go on a cruise - then he cancelled some of his appearances because he wanted to take a book tour.  Then he and his staff neglected to pay the fees to register in a couple of states.  The only reason he is trying to get on the Utah ballot is because Santorum is gone.  And, now, trying to float a $500 check!  Doesn't sound like any organization remains!  If there was any in the first place.  And here was a man with incredible debate skills and he shot himself in the foot.  No one to blame but himself!



6 years ago

Ray...." cut his coat according to his cloth."  How interesting. I have never heard that parable before.  I love it. I have to ponder it a bit to make sure I have the correct understanding so that some day I would not use it wrongly. Did it mean that Newt did not have the money so he should not have spent what he didn't have? In other words be careful what you do?


Thanks, Anita

6 years ago

Anita, Margaret Thatcher said the quote in her speech in the 1980's, 


What it means, if there is a cheaper more cost effect way of doing something then use the more cost effected way,


it has been clear that Newt was going no were with his campaign, so the only option he had was bow out, this would have been the more costly effected way for Newt in these elections.


However, Newt carried on, for me this would be a concern, if I was an American


if Newt did have ability to be President and to run the Country in a more effective way and pull America out of the mess Obama has got America into then Newt would not acted in such an irresposible way and bowed out

along time ago.


In my opinion, Money runs through Newt's hand like water running through a tap. 


I always love Churchill's and Thatcher's quotes another one of Thatcher's quotes which I do think is great is


"If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman".




6 years ago

You know, something is wrong, when we think about it, with why a campaign to run for President has to cost so much.  And then we think about who makes a lion's share of the money; the media; TV, Radio, Newspapers and it is all for advertising.  Then the traveling expenses.  Why can't the TV, Radio and Newspapers give free spots and space for the candidates?  It just seems that there has to be some way to bring down the cost so that special interest groups and Super PACS don't have to play a part.  Some means to even the playing field for all who desire to run.  Further, why should the President get the benefit of tax payer supported transportation, etc.

6 years ago

Ray, I do appreciate your translating the phrase for us.  As is typical, the meaning that the UK has for it is different than the U.S. meaning and that has to do with the fact that so many "English" words have taken a meaning in he U.S. more influenced by the German influence I suspect.  At least that is the way a teach explained it to me once.  Where you refer to the hood of our car as a Bonnet, we call it a hood; now when you see us referring to the hood you would think possibly we are talking about a type of hat or something attached to a cloak to keep the head warm; we do, as well, but we also refer to the part of the car that covers the engine.


We have a trunk to our car that is in the back of the car where we put things like luggage when we travel by car, etc.  I think you call that a boot, or am I wrong.  


So it is easy to see that the translation in common usage could be different than the "scholarly" version. Love Thatcher's quotes, as well.


Did more research and here is another meaning:  If you cut your coat according to your cloth, you only buy things that you have sufficient money to pay for (




Meaning: said to emphasize that someone should do the best they can with the limited money they have

6 years ago

Linda: The only reason this primary was so expensive (since we had a bunch of whole slate debates early on that should have been enough to get candidates' points across with minimum cost) was because Romney spent multimillions on negative campaign ads against all his opponents except Ron Paul. The other candidates didn't do that until after Fl and even then never had the dollars to do what Romney did. I'm waiting to see what he does against The One but if he follows the usual approach of GOP establishment candidates will soft pedal his ads and comments. Sorry but my impression of the Beltway controlled establishment is the real enemy in politics is the conservatives in the party and not the radicals on the Demagogue Party.

6 years ago

Linda....I hear you.  You are correct in that TV, Radio, and Newspapers get all this money to run these ads.  The campaign staffers are the last to get paid.  Just a few years ago I heard that John Glenn still owed 2M from his Presidential run.  Some ad takers also never get paid.  It is a very expensive undertaking.  The will heeled will always give just enough dough to make an impression on the candidate.  In a way I kinda like the Super Pacs because little me can give a mite and then all the mites are added together to make difference.


We complain but we still have the greatest system in the world, I mean we did until 2008.  But after 2012 it will get better. Yes, Yes..It has to. 2nd Chron 7:14

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