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How About another Day Brightener???
6 years ago

Ever since Jan Brewer put Reg 1070 on the table and the illegals all started heading west, it's really got California in a TIZZY. Don't Move to California! Now In the wake of recent Koran burning, rumors are circulating that radical Muslims are planning to go on a rampage in Los Angeles, killing anyone who is a legal U.S. citizen. Police fear the death toll could be as high as 23!

6 years ago

Jim, would you agree that California needs to be a country not a state?

6 years ago

Jim, they say 'truth is funnier than fiction' and that's damn close.


What a beautiful state gone to waste with the way it is run!   I'd hate to lose it as one of our 50 (or is that 57? lol), but would require a huge amount of effort to bring it back from the brink of the disaster created by Liberals.  


6 years ago

If it were not for the strategic location and the additional ocean ports, as well as the beauty of California, I would let Mexico have it back.  What does need to happen, though, is that the entire 9th Circuit Court of Appeals needs a total change of judges and this time they need to be more closely regulated so that they maintain Constitutionality and that they are following it closely.  Next, they need to pass a law that there is a separation of State and Hollywood, not just State and Religion as Religion is not their nemisis in California, it is Hollywood. Then there needs to be a complete change in political leadership in that State; but the Illinois needs that as well.  I had read a post somewhere where the person was discussing the need for change or something in the liberal states of Washington and California; I wanted to laugh so hard as they forgot that in between California and Washington is Oregon which has Washington State beat hands down when it comes to liberal leaning State; at least Washington is has the Eastern half that is as conservative as you can get; Oregon does not even have that.  


But, back to California; Hollywood has too much input and then you have the 9th Circuit and together, they are caustic to conservative politics or positions, both biased beyond words.

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