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IRS Loophole Gives Billions to Illegal Immigrants
6 years ago

There is a major loophole in IRS that has been allowing illegal aliens to receive billions of dollars and it was first brought to media attention in Indiana.


It is the use of IRS Form IT 10.  Following is a video regarding this that people might find interesting and can be found at the following web link:


Here is another one that explains how they don't have to have a social security number to file for tax refunds and child tax credit.

Apr 30, 2012

Indiana NBC affiliate WTHR’s Bob Segall does an exposè that shows illegal immigrants have found a loophole in filing taxes, and the IRS knows about it.

Even without a Social Security Number, illegal immigrants are able to file tax returns and some are claiming children that live in Mexico, getting refunds bigger than $10,000.

Ultimately this is costing American taxpayers $4.2 billion a year.


Both videos are well worth viewing.



6 years ago

I saw that very recently, and just wonder, if that wouldn't be just one more form of a Tyrannical move by virtue of the LACK OF OUR RESPONSIBLE APPOINTEES in Washington taking on the responsibilities of the oath that they supposedly took prior to taking their positions.
This is crazy, if not purely illegal. Then, I can't blame them. From Now on just call me Pancho. I have to run now to the Latino Help Center so I can pick up my next cash infusion. LOL


6 years ago

LindaC, thank you so much for putting up this thread.   This has been in the news lately and PD overlooked it and its importance.


Can you believe this?   No measures in place to detect this fraud???????


Can our government ever do anything right??????  We have over $60 billion a year in fraud and abuse in our social programs.



6 years ago

Don't thank me, my Aunt Jo sent me the information so I went out and researched and found these two liinks.  Can you believe this?  And the IRS knows about it.  



6 years ago

We in the UK can't believe this, Linda with not long had a meeting in the UK, just can't believe our luck, Uncle Sam here we come or should I say, Linda and Diane here I come, LOL 

6 years ago

Ray, we will just change your name to Ricardo and you just slip across the border and you can become one of the 1% overnight.  Seriously, isn't this really amazing?  Only in the U.S.A.

6 years ago

This is the skinny regarding me. I can't take anymore. I am going off line and look at my old pictures in a box when days were better. Reason:  Our daughter wants some for her scrap booking so if you thought I was going off my  rocker, no way. Not yet anyway....LOL


Remember, Vote in November.

6 years ago

Tell your daughter that we will have to set up a date to scrap book, LOL.  I could use some relaxation from the plague of Obama.  LOL

6 years ago

Any normal President in their right mind, would do everything in their power to deport all Illegal Immigrants, not make them millionaires, I have seen somethings in my life, but this does take the biscuit.


wait for the ObamaCare come in, you we have to pay for all their healthcare, housing and food, and not forgetting the welfare benefits. 


I would say,  American's don't half look after their Illegal Immigrants.








6 years ago

Ray, I do love that phrase, we say "This takes the cake" but I think I kind of like "takes the biscuit" much better as it is better for my diet.  LOL

6 years ago

Not a shock as it is what I would expect from the liberals and especially from Reid or Pelosi, especially.  They all need to go.

6 years ago

The liberals have been pushing hard for our country to be a government controlled nation.   This is no surprise.   We have Americans who pay taxes and don't get tax refunds because they straddle the line and they are hurting...they could use more tax  deductions so watching the liberals vote against doing this is also no surprise to me.


The best thing that Americans can do for their country is to vote for Mitt Romney in November.   We have to stop the liberal decay that Obama has placed at our feet.

6 years ago

Wow... that SOB, he's as crooked as they come. I'll be sending this article out to everyone I know. Him and Pelosi have done nothing but run this country into in the ground. I truly believe that most of our economic problems are the result of illegal immigration; mortgage and bank meltdown, etc. Linda, I know we've had this conversation before but I believe most people don't want Amnesty for Illegals. Most of the people that won their primaries in recent elections are anti Amnesty. Check NumbersUSA and ALIPAC.

6 years ago

Joan, I would agree with you about the amnesty and don't want you to think that I don't.  I would love nothing better than to send them all home; but how?  That is the question.  I guess where I am coming from is we all agree that amnesty is not the answer, we all agree that they should be sent packing, but the question then becomes how are we going to implement this.  I am all in favor of sending them home; I lived in an area where I was a minority to the illegals but talk as much as we did, boycott the fruit industry, etc., we didn't accomplish a thing as the owners of the orchards were not particular and saved a lot of money paying illegals under the table.  We reported to the State, to the INS, and everything else we could and nothing changed, nothing.  Further, they had Social Security Cards, at least State picture ID cards if not drivers' licenses, etc., so it became very difficult to determine.  It would require a verification check on each and every one of them, which we were told the State did (In Washington when you are hired you have to give your employer your social secuirty card and drivers' license or state picture ID card and they are to photocopy them and forward the photocopies to the state where your citizenship is to be confirmed but it doesn't happen and this only stops about 5% of the illegals.  If they find someone that is here without the proper visa, they send them home but year after year we would see them returning for the spring, summer and fall season to work in the orchards.  The were caught so infrequently and the punishment was to do exactly what they would do in the late Fall, anyway, go back to Mexico.  I know of one guy I worked with at the manufacturing plant that was caught by the State safety inspector, terminated from employment by the company, told by INS that he had to return to Mexico within 14 days, and it never happened.  He was staying with his "uncle" and never left the US.  He found another person to hire him as a tree pruner and never left the city, let alone the Country.

So, how is it to be done?  What is the cost to do this?  Who will enforce it? Yes, send them home; I agree 100%, but how is it to be accomplished?

6 years ago

Linda, I don't have the answer to this either. But I think implementing E-Verify, cutting out the freebies, the welfare, and this loophole would be a start. Then go from there. I just hope that Romney doesn't waiver on the stance he took on immigration in the beginning of his campaign. I have a feeling with the endorsement of the Bush's, McCain, and one other proAmnesty supporter, whom I can't for the life of me remember right now, I think he's going to flip on this. I think that would be a HUGE mistake if he tries to go after the Hispanic vote instead of the people that are fed up with illegals.

Romney Will Probably Cave
6 years ago

I believe this was addressed a while back with this clue.  A cow bred and born in Canada gets Mad Cow Disease and the Gov. can trace its calf to a stall in Washington.  How smart is that?  They have the wherewithall to do that.


So no one can tell me that there is no way to get rid of all of the illegals in this country. No way!  They just don't care nor do they have the heart to do it.


Now that we have "hate laws" we have to shut our mouths when we see something suspicious as we the victim would be arrested.  We are all victims of this horrendous loss and cost of our freedoms while protecting the felons who break our laws.


I am equally disgusted of seeing these young girls pushing fancy baby strollers with the baby in designer fashions and they never have on a wedding ring but stupes like us pay for their upkeep. See the guy on TV who is in prison but has fathered 30 children?


Nuff said, I am going to get a spot of coffee. 


P.S.  Romney?  He knows as well as the GOP does; where do we go? They take us for granted as we are not (most of us) Independents so we won't vote Obumo or stay home.

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