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6 years ago

Carol, stellar!!    I love Wednesday Wit and thanks for posting the archive link.   There's a lot of good "stuff" there when we need to lighten our mental load.  

6 years ago

Carol, you out did yourself today; these are better than ever.  Thank you for lightening the day; after the DNC last night we all needed this so badly.  


Appreciate the new thread and the links to the others.  Sometimes I wish Wednesday was the only day of the week so we could constantly enjoy your Wednesday Wit, but then what is there to look forward to, right.


6 years ago

OKAY, I was wrong, you have "one uped" last week Carol.  These are great.  It was nice to have a diversion and some laughter; please keep them coming. 

5 years ago

Carol, these are fabulous and just what we needed today.  Thank you so much for reminding us that there is humor in all situations and that we can come here to find a common ground; you are awesome.

5 years ago

Carol, no words can describe how much you cheer up a person and you sure did a great job today; love all of them.              

5 years ago

Oh Carol, you did it again.  Excellent.  I can't stop laughting at these.  Thank you for the uplift this gives ones spirits.        

5 years ago

Carol, you hit two favorite; I love Earl Grey tea so I was waiting to see what this would be and it was great.  Then you found another favorite, classical music and so was waiting for this one, too.  


I have to say they just bet getter every week.  Thank you so much.

5 years ago

I would love to have the sense of humor and talent to come up with these.  Thank you, Carol.

5 years ago

Carol, once more you made my day.  Has been a rough couple of months with some personal things going on and your Wednesday Wit has brightened things for me and allowed me to share it with someone else that needed a good laugh; we appreciate you so much.  

5 years ago

Thanks Carol!!!

5 years ago

Thanks, Carol!!!   I won't forget to pay my exorcist!       

5 years ago

Carol, this is perfect for the day and thank you so much.      


5 years ago

I finally took a little time to read the last several weeks worth of Wednesday Wit posts. Most if not all were very good.

Carol's last one reminded me though about that exorcist tale.

I was at a meeting once and heard one of the speakers talking about various things, and he realized that my boss was in the crowd. (For those who aren't familiar with my past livelihood, it was with an Automobile Financing Firm in New Jersey and my boss' name was Patrick.

As the speaker went on and after covering several subjects, he very casually remembered to put his DIG into the owner of my company. His statement, which went over quite well was, "Now if any one of you really want to get back on your feet rather quickly, JUST MISS SENDING PATRICK HIS MONTHLY PAYMENT and MR. PETERSEN WILL PUT YOU ON YOUR FEET JUST AS QUICKLY.

And for all of you IRISH PEOPLE out there, (I'm going to pick on LInda and Diane today) here is a cute story that one of my Irish Maryland Friends just sent to me:

Paddy, had long heard the stories of an amazing family tradition.

It seems that his father, grandfather and great-grandfather had all

been able to walk on water on their 18th birthday.

On that special day, they'd each walked across the lake to the pub on

the far side for their first legal drink.

So when Paddy's, 18th birthday came 'round, he and his pal Mick, took a

boat out to the middle of the lake, Paddy, stepped out of the boat

...and nearly drowned!

Mick just barely managed to pull him to safety.

Furious and confused, Paddy, went to see his grandmother.

'Grandma,' he asked, "It's my 18th birthday, so why can't I walk 'cross

the lake like my father,his father, and his father before him?"

Granny looked deeply into Paddy's, troubled brown eyes and said,

"Because your father, your grandfather and your great grandfather were

all born in December, when the lake is frozen, and you were born in

August, dip %#&!*%.

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5 years ago

Wow, those were great. Thanks for a Smile or so, SOMETHING that is very much needed this morning after having gone through yesterday and the disappointing results


5 years ago

Perhaps this story isn't quite appropriate for Wednesday Wit, but I just received it from Monique, and although I've seen it before (quite a long time ago) I think it might be appreciated by most of you. It's sort of a tear jerker, so have a tissue handy, but it turns out to be a very happy story ultimately, and might help to reinforce our faith which, perhaps we all need today and going forward. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

A drunk man in an Oldsmobile

They said had run the light

That caused the six-car


On 109 that night.

When broken bodies lay about

And blood was everywhere,

The sirens screamed out eulogies,

For death was in the air.

A mother, trapped inside her car,

Was heard above the noise;

Her plaintive plea near split the air:

Oh, God, please spare my


She fought to loose her pinned hands;

She struggled to get free,

But mangled metal held her fast

In grim captivity.

Her frightened eyes then focused

On where the back seat once had


But all she saw was broken glass and

Two children's seats crushed


Her twins were nowhere to be seen;

She did not hear them cry,

And then she prayed they'd been thrown free,

Oh, God, don't let them die!

Then firemen came and cut her loose,

But when they searched the back,

They found therein no little boys,

But the seat

belts were intact.

They thought the woman had gone mad

And was traveling alone,

But when they turned to question her,

They discovered she was gone.

Policemen saw her running wild

And screaming above the noise

In beseeching supplication,

Please help me find my boys!

They're four years old and wear blue


Their jeans are blue to match.

One cop spoke up, They're in my car,

And they don't have a scratch.

They said their daddy put them there

And gave them each a cone,

Then told them both to wait for Mom

To come and take

them home.

I've searched the area high and low,

But I can't find their dad.

He must have fled the scene,

I guess, and that is very bad.

The mother hugged the twins and said,

While wiping at a tear,

He could not flee the scene, you see,

For he's been dead a year.

The cop just looked confused and asked,

Now, how can that be true?

The boys said, Mommy, Daddy came

And left a kiss for you.

He told us not to worry

And that you would be all right,

And then he put us in this car with

The pretty, flashing light.

We wanted him to

stay with us,

Because we miss him so,

But Mommy, he just hugged us tight

And said he had to go.

He said someday we'd understand

And told us not to fuss,

And he said to tell you, Mommy,

He's watching over us.

The mother knew without a doubt

That what they spoke was


For she recalled their dad's last words,

I will watch over you...

The firemen's notes could not explain

The twisted, mangled car,

And how the three of them escaped

Without a single scar.

But on the cop's report was scribed,

In print so very fine,

An angel walked the

beat tonight on Highway 109.

He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare.

This morning when the Lord opened a window to Heaven,

He saw me, and he asked: 'My child, what is your greatest wish for


I responded: 'Lord please, take care of the person who is reading this

message, their family and their special friends.

They deserve it and I love them very much.

This message works on the day you receive it...

Let us see if it is true 20 ANGELS EXIST

but some times, since they don't all have wings, we call them FRIENDS.

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5 years ago

Carol, those were excellent as usual.

Jim, the story, althought not part of what I consider wit, is wonderful.  I do appreciate it as it reminds us to hang on, do not give up and to know that there are those watching over us.

5 years ago

Oh Carol, you can be counted on to give us some very enjoyable time; these are up to your usual high standard of humor and thank you so much.    

5 years ago

Love, love, love Wednesday Wit, Carol.    What you bring to Political Derby here and beyond is a treasure.   We are no fortunate to have you engage with us.

5 years ago

Carol, both last week and this week are awesomely funny and I loved them all.  For some reason last week never posted as a notification so didn't see it until today.  Thank you so much.  I caught my grandson's head cold (thank you boys, Grandma loves you, LOL) and so it was nice to have something to lift the spirits some.  Thank you, thank you.

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5 years ago

   Great, Carol and thanks for some good Wednesday Wit.

5 years ago

Carol, Carol, Carol, just when I think you could not outdue yourself you prove me wrong.  These are so good.  Not sure which one I like best as they are all so much fun.  Please keep this column going as we all need your clean and wholesome wit.  I look forward to Wednesday to read your column and Friday to find out what recipe Diane has for us.  Thank you so much!!!!!

5 years ago

CALL A DAMN TOE TRUCK, CAROL!!!!     I love these.   Great as always bringing some cheer our way.



5 years ago

Carol, a wonderful light in an otherwise cool dreary day.  Keep up the work!

5 years ago

You got a groan and much laughter, Carol.  "Oregano sin",  ouch.  That was funny.  And "lose slips, synch chips".  You were in good form today and love these.  

5 years ago

Carol, you got me on that one.  Almost wet my pants, but don't tell anyone, okay?  That is good.  We will have to ask them, won't we.  Any of you out there committing Oregano Sin?

5 years ago

Priceless!   Thanks, Carol!

5 years ago

Thanks Carol.    These were Verdi good!!!!!   

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5 years ago

Carol, my daughter will love the last one as she plays the violin and is classically trained, obviously.  I would add to this that on my wish Liszt is Mozart as I would love a Thomas Kincaid print. 

This was wonderful and now you have me wanting to figure out what other composers we could include in this.  LOL  Yes, Diane, they are Verdi good!!!!

5 years ago

Carol -- Not only "Verdi" good but great for a cool "Fausti" day in Florida.  LOL

5 years ago

Very good, Carol.  This is why January is the most depressing month of the year I suspect.  LOL

5 years ago

Oh, Carol, I'm out there and loving this poem!!        love this, too


Thanks so much for what you do!!

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