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Impeachment Sign The Petition Donate Why The “Swing State” Polls Showing Obama In The Lead Are Fraudulent October 4, 2012 By Emma Karlin Comments (0) The 2010 election was an unmitigated disaster for the Democrats. Very few Americans alive today can remember the last time the Democrats had suffered such a humiliating defeat. The worst part of the 2010 election for Barack Obama is that, no matter how the Democrat-cheerleading media tries to spin it, the conditions that brought the hammer down on the Democrats two years ago are very much with us today. Those who argue that we are in appreciable better economic conditions today than we were two years ago have a formidable task with not much chance of succeeding. In 2010, voters were very discontent with the economy, which they considered to be the top issue as they went to the polls. People were frustrated, angry, and miserable then, and they see things very much the same way today. A recent Rasmussen survey found that 80% of likely voters think the economy is an important issue. This is more than any other issue. An August 2012 Gallup survey of registered voters in the “swing states” of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin found that by 56/40, they do NOT think they are better off today than they were four years ago. In each one of those states, Republicans made gains ranging from solid to spectacular. Gallup’s report came with a message that was a chilling warning for Democrats: “Swing-state voters’ assessments of their situation compared with 2008 have varied little since last fall” (meaning that if these numbers haven’t moved toward Barack Obama’s side by now, nothing short of a miracle will turn that 16 point deficit around.) In 2010, 61% of voters felt that our nation was on the wrong track. Today, 58% feel we are on the wrong track. When they cast their ballots in 2010, people who saw the economy as weak and getting worse voted Republican 75/23. How much of an “improvement” for Obama that extra 3 points will provide is a mystery. Nevertheless, even in the unlikely event that there is a ten point improvement, 65/33 won’t be much help. In view of all of this, the worst news possible has just been reported by Rasmussen. In a release posted yesterday, Rasmussen reported finding that by 53/25, likely voters see this election as a referendum on Obama’s policies. Don’t believe these phony polls, especially from the so-called “swing states.” Follow Coach at @KcoachcCoach

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