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5 years ago

“There are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damn lies, and Statistics.” – Benjamin Disraeli

The biggest gains came in the form of 582,000 new part-time jobs in Sept. ~ which are generally considered a negative re job creation. Those in these temporary jobs are counted as employed, inflating our employment numbers and creating an impression of economic recovery.

Many of those new jobs are due to the rise in the number of Temporary-Worker Agencies in America creating a class of cheaper, benefit-less workers that are supplanting many in the full-time workforce. These temporary workers may be sent out to work a day or two a week ~ or they may work a month or longer during a company's peak season and then dismissed afterwards. These new seasonal workers being used by companies are one of the reasons for the fluctuation seen in employment numbers. The company's doesn't have to pay the temps at the same rate as other workers, doesn't pay for benefits ~ and doesn't have to pay costly overtime to their current workers during peak seasons.

The trend to use temporary workers extends beyond the use of Temporary-Worker Agencies ~ and it runs the gamut from blue-collar and white-collar workers to professionals.

More colleges and universities are employing part-time professors limited to a single course for a single academic term.(American Assoc. of University Professors)

The legal profession, rather than maintaining a staff of lower-level legal help, is turning to the use of those new grads to perform fixed-term tasks (e.g., document sources) on a temporary as-need basis.

Currently, temporary hiring has the leading edge when it comes to job growth in America and it is predicted that its overall share in the American labor pool will only increase in the future. 

114,000 jobs created in a month?  Over one million immigrants are granted legal residence in the U.S. every year and untold numbers cross our borders illegally every year. To borrow a favorite expression of my 8 yr old grandson: Do the math.

5 years ago

This has been a trend for a while and not just under Dear Leader's misrule. My daughter prepared herself to teach at the college level during the late 90s with two masters and a PhD but the market changed and most schools are not hiring that many tenure tracked professors. That may work out for a person that wants an additional or only a part time job or is a second income earner but doesn't work too well if you are looking at a long term career job. Some of the part time jobs do lead to full time job offers for those that do a good job and can fill a full time need but that isn't true for many especially in a poor economic environment as now exists.

5 years ago

We also have to consider that this is peek harvest time for many areas and in a month these people will be out of work; as well as temporary workers hired to help get construction jobs finished before the big layoffs due to seasion change in a good part of the country.  This is the lull before the next wave of layoffs begin.


We need to also remember that a lot of part-time jobs are created by the college students going back to school; i.e., McDonalds will now hire high school students, etc., so these are seen as new hires when they were indeed just a shift in work force.


All we are seeing is an attempt to inflate numbers to make Obama's picture look better for November 6th.  It won't work as people really don't care about the numbers when they or their friends or family are still out of work.


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