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MR. BIDEN: Have You No Compunction, Whatsoever??
6 years ago

With constant interruptions, chuckling like a clown in the background, and grinning like the Cheshire Cat in Walt Disney’s version of “Alice in Wonderland”, Joe Biden gave the rudest performance in the history of nationally televised debates. Biden’s demeanor and actions turned what should have been a serious discussion of the troubling issues facing America into a farce.

The best post-debate analysis came from Mike Huckabee, who told the FOXNEWS audience, “I thought Joe Biden came across like a guy you meet at a cocktail party or some political event, an obnoxious drunk who’s loud and boisterous and interrupts every conversation. He just is the kind of guy you want to get away from as quickly as you can and go find someone else to talk to. It was just boorish behavior for the first half.”

It all started with his nonsensical defense of the Obama Administration’s handling of the tragic terrorist attacks in Libya on 9-11. Biden was unequivocal in his statement that the administration was not told that officials in Libya requested more security. Even a cursory review of the facts proves this statement a flat-out fabrication. Repeated requests came from Libya before the attack that led to the death of several Americans, including our ambassador.

Even the mainstream media is predicting that Biden has a problem. Testimony before Congress shows Biden to be fibbing at best. Charlene R. Lamb, a deputy assistant secretary for diplomatic security, told Congress she refused requests for more security in Benghazi. She testified under oath that the State Department wanted to train Libyans to protect the consulate, quote: “Yes, sir, I said personally I would not support it.”

Eric Nordstrom, the former top security official in Libya, testified that he personally sought more security. He testified that people in Washington led him to believe that it was “abundantly clear we were not going to get resources until the aftermath of an incident. How thin does the ice have to get before someone falls through?” He said his exasperation reached a point where he told a colleague that “for me, the Taliban is on the inside of the building.”

In between his fabrication of facts, Biden chuckled and laughed. The death of Americans is no laughing matter. The security of American personnel working abroad is no laughing matter. Joe Biden should be ashamed of the manner in which he acted. Would he act this way with a foreign head of state, too? We hope not. We are ashamed that he is Vice President of the United States and would act so juvenile.

But it didn’t stop there. Biden laughed and grinned through at least half of the debate. He laughed about the debt crisis. He laughed about the need to reform entitlements. He laughed repeatedly at the serious proposals Paul Ryan was doing his best to discuss.

But most unseemly was his laughing about the approaching fiscal cliff and taxmageddon. Biden defended President Obama’s plan to raise the top two marginal tax rates. Raising taxes while the economy is just sputtering along would be devastating. Even such unbiased sources as the accounting firm Ernst & Young agree with the figure Paul Ryan quoted, that 710,000 jobs would not be created if Obama’s plan goes forward. The companies affected by these taxes are the most successful small businesses that do all the hiring.

This election and the current state of America’s affairs are no laughing matter. Joe Biden, your laughing and smug grins are an embarrassment to us all.

Photo Credit: Floyd Brown (Creative Commons)

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6 years ago

Romney came out fast with this FACTS and believe me .... Mitt is going to annilihate the Manchurian president in the next 2 debates. Mitt Romney our 45th President will be the last man standing!!

6 years ago

this is 3 hrs. ago from Yahoo news ... interesting and probably true as it does NOT matter. It was a bone of contention though between the lefties and the conservatives for sure.

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