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Good News from News Max
5 years ago

As much as I love News Max and its presentations; I must just say that what is following is actually GREAT NEWS, but I just hope that they are not skewing the figures to enthuse us.
If the numbers that that proclaim to be accurate, are in fact correct, we are sitting in a very good position; but DO NOT BECOME COMPLACENT UNTIL SUCH TIME AS THE ELECTION HAS COME TO A CLOSE because there are just too many things that CAN GO WRONG be it by NATURE'S CHOICE or by the corrupt acts of any number of challengers to the Republican Party.

An Urgent Message From Our Sponsor

Dear Newsmax Reader:

Obama’s top political aides thought Hurricane Sandy would save him.

Now, I have some fascinating poll data just out today that shows he remains in DEEP trouble.

We are on the verge of a political earthquake Tuesday!

Momentum is in OUR FAVOR.

But we need to keep the massive pressure on. We need to continue battling for every vote until Tuesday.

So here’s what we know: The latest RealClearPolitics Rolling Average has the national race tied at 47.4 to 47.4!

This means Mitt will win the popular vote significantly!

For a sitting president to just be tied with days to go before a national race means one thing: a massive shift of undecided voters to Romney in the next few days.

Obama is countering this wave by focusing his resources on several swing states. He now has only one goal: win the Electoral College and grab the presidency!

But here’s the other good news that throws a monkey wrench into Obama’s plan.

Rasmussen reports today that Wisconsin – yes, blue-state Wisconsin -- is tied 49 to 49. That means Romney will win it!

And a new poll from New Hampshire, once considered “safe” for Obama, shows Obama leads there by only 2 points, well within the margin of error for Mitt to win.

Rasmussen also revealed today that Iowa, also once considered “safe” for Obama, now shows Romney leading by one point!

Hurricane Sandy briefly slowed Mitt’s momentum, but he is coming back again in full gear.

Mitt is coming back because he has the truth on his side.

Obama has led us with one of the worst economic recoveries in history! In fact, you could hardly call it a recovery.

More than 23 million Americans remain unemployed or struggling for work. More than 46 million Americans are on food stamps.

So much for “hope and change.”

The facts are on our side.

This is why, working with Mike Reagan who heads the Super PAC for America, I devised a “fact based” campaign to defeat Obama.

This strategy ignores what people think of President Obama personally (many people do like him), and asked people to simply look at his job performance.

Frankly, before Super PAC for America began its national campaign, Mitt Romney’s poll numbers looked weak.

At that time, it appeared to many he might lose many of the swing states.

Our hard-hitting national ad campaign, on TV and through the web, has made a huge difference in exposing Obama and his woeful record.

Today, Romney is surging and on the precipice of victory in almost all the swing states.

Even states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania could fall strongly into his column.

Right now as we speak, Obama and his union allies are spending tens of millions to get their votes out.

They are working overtime.

We need to fight back.

Mike Reagan and I just spoke.

He tells me Super PAC can launch one more wave of attack ads that expose Obama’s record this weekend.

But Super PAC urgently needs your donation to help us.

Please Donate Here Now

We can’t let Obama and his media friends cover up for him anymore. We need to do the job the media won’t – tell the American people the truth about Obama.

Can you help Super PAC in one final effort this weekend through Tuesday?

Donate Here Now

I believe our Pennsylvania strategy is paying off.

Obama’s campaign, in an effort to counter us and other Romney allies, just bought $1.6 million in TV ads in Pennsylvania.

They are truly frightened.

Here’s why. Pennsylvania has been voting Republican in recent years.

It also has NO EARLY VOTING. That means almost everyone save the absentees will vote THIS TUESDAY.

People are still making up their minds in Pennsylvania.

We urgently need our TV ads and Internet campaigns to continue through the weekend until Tuesday.

Many of our ad buys are coming to an end.

Mike Reagan and Super PAC are standing by, ready to make more ad buys to help Mitt Romney.

The deadline for us to act is approaching fast!

Please help us — Donate Here Now

Thank you for standing up for America.

Yours sincerely,

Dick Morris

P.S. Mitt Romney is doing the best he can. But he needs the help of you and me, and groups like Super PAC for America. When you add up all the union money going to Obama, he is outspending us by a wide margin. And remember, Super PAC is not limited to the amounts Romney’s campaign is. So give as generously as you can — act today — Donate Here Now

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5 years ago

Let's just say, I am cautionsly optomistic!   We attended a Romney rally here last evening in Florida -- 10 thousand plus.  Really a wild and noisy evening.  He was introduced by our ex Governor Jeb Bush --


Security was at an all time high.  First you had to have a ticket although the event was free.  Then you had to go through another security check not unlike TSA.  Wonder if this heavy security has anything to do with the tweetheads that made threats to kill Romney if he was elected.  There was also a security line in front of the stage and some of those secret service guys looked like pro football lineman! 


Of course, there were other political people there all running for office and FINALLY - Romney bounced onto the stage.  He was vibrant. 


All in all we stood for three hours for the entire event.  Then walked about a mile back to our auto and home!  It was GREAT!


Today, my legs and feet feel like I ran the Boston Marathon!


But it was good exercise and training as myself and several of my neighbors - if Romney wins - plan to run in the nude through the neighborhood.


Please Lord, let Dick Morris be right. 

5 years ago

Hi Miss Tara Jane!!   Once again, I am very proud of your efforts in promoting Mitt Romney.   You, Linda and Sheila have shared that you are active behind the scenes and I can only imagine what a good feeling it is knowing you are making a difference in getting Obama out of the White House.

And, to all of you, thanks for your input here on Political Derby.   We have many "lurkers" who visit us to read our thread titles/articles and our comments.    We are all doing our part to bring the truth to our fellow Americans.

I'm counting the days until I vote.    I may just "run" down the street and be the first one in line at 6:00 a.m.!

5 years ago

That is wonderful news to hear that Floridians are supporting Team Romney in record numbers.

I hope that Suffolk pollster is right, David Paleologos as he stated FL, NC and VA would go to Romney. He is a liberal too; but he is honest. He looked down at the luncheon, he was not motivated. He was in the truth telling phase of what he found out and he is a liberal, I would venture a democrat; but his reputation is more important than lying outright.

He was extremely subdued at the luncheon and that is from knowing lacklustre poll information re: democrats. He appeared to be saying Romney would win but would not come right out with that statement. You can tell so much about people from their body language and lack of exuberance.

His polls were not cited by the MSM and democrats because they are mad at him for being honest.

Again, if you have a business like a polling company, you better be serving up accurate truth not propoganda like the other polls who will not have much credibility in future elections.

People may forget for awhile; but a new election and certain polls will come to light who were accurate. News broadcasters who want to rebrand their reputation are great on the blame game and polls are an easy target. If I were a pollster, I would consider reputation first and foremost.

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5 years ago

Tara Jane, please have your awesome hubby get a few pictures of that as we will require proof that you did it......LOL, just a joke there, would not do that you you.  Never would want it on the internet, that is for certain.  How about reconsidering and running through the neighborhood in a swimming suit....wink.

I am pleased to hear the rally went well; they seem to be doing  very well at all their rallies right now;  much better than Obama.  Tara Jane, thank you for believing and thank you for the example as you woke me up and I realized I had the time to do more for Romney and I needed to back up what I believed.  I just want to see him in the White House and we have to believe it is going to happen.  He is the hope for this Nation.

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