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George Will Gives More Bad Advice
5 years ago

Fresh from his prediction of a Romney landslide, George Will has emerged with more wisdom for the GOP. Will admits that he was wrong about Romney. But he urges Republicans to look at the bright side: “If there’s a winner tonight, it’s the Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio because all eyes are now going to be turned to him as a man who might have a way to broaden the demographic appeal of this party.”

Will is probably correct that Romney’s defeat is good news for Rubio career, at least in the short term. The problem is that the premature elevation of Rubio as frontrunner for 2016 is precisely the wrong strategy for building a Republican majority.

Rubio is young and charismatic. But he’s a vocal supporter of the Bush-era policies that voters have twice rejected, especially on foreign policy. One lesson of this election is that Americans do not want another war. I doubt their appetite for confrontation will increase over the next four years.

Rubio is also, as everyone knows, of Cuban origin. Republicans are deluding themselves, however, if they think that will impress the Mexican-American or Mexican-born citizens who make up the bulk of the “Hispanic” vote. The Republican party does have to find ways to appeal to non-white voters. But tokenism based on a misunderstanding of ethnic and cultural divisions is unlikely to get the job done.

Republicans have a history of seeking a charismatic personality to lead them to victory. In recent years, this has allowed them to avoid the unpleasant task of facing the reality of the national electorate and the consequences of their policies. Romney’s defeat has given Republicans an opportunity to reconsider their most politically toxic commitments: a foreign policy of endless war, and tax policies that most directly benefit the rich. It would be a shame to squander that opportunity by searching for a perfect messenger for the same old message.

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5 years ago

Tokenism is not the answer for 2016 and Rubio is Cuban, the major Hispanic population in this country is Mexican and Puerto Rican and they do not like Cubans.

I live with Hispanics in my neighborhood, I do talk with them and I knew they were supporting Obama. Along with the blacks and once I started talking negative about Obama; I clearly upset them. They are one-sided right now. This country has to suffer big time for these people to learn. Lifes' hard lessons are the only ones they are going to listen to. I hope they don't have eternal blinders up about Obama. That is a big problem; they have to look beyond his skin color now.

If I can turn off from the democratic party after 40 years; I do believe there is hope for others.
No one can be that totally ignorant.
Obama opened up my eyes and scope of thinking what the heck this party stood for and how far left they turned.
I know many others saw it; but obviously not enough.

This time around might be the clincher. I know Obama is not going to build America up to its potential of wealth and power it once had. Anyone believing that is a moron.

5 years ago

Two problems here: First, the problem is policy issues and the effects of various policies on individuals based on their circumstances and the need to educate people on both. Second, an example of this is this "endless war" theme since it appears that many people are totally unaware that we and most of the world is at war with islam since islam is and has been a at war with us for 1400 years! Now has that war been waged by us intelligently? The answer is NO since we have not used the strength and assets we have. Look at history and the conflicts with islam and the attacks since WW2 including 9/11. Ft Hood, London, Madrid, Bali, etc and realize that the end must be destruction of islam or at least the militant version. Otherwise the war will continue and we will be the recipients of more attacks and more serious attacks until we are forced to respond as we should have in the past, cannot resist effectively since we buried our heads in the sand, or are forced to surrender. Tax policy is the same since we already tax the so called "rich" heavily in this country but it cannot pay for one trillion in annual transfer payments just for "means tested programs". To keeps the left in power the taxes will have to be paid by everyone not receiving the "benefits" the taxes (and deficits) are paying for. Now if people wish to keep themselves blinded to these facts then we will continue to have the problems we are having.

5 years ago

John: I believe things happen for a reason. Who knows what his going to occur in this very volatile world.

I do know Obama is not equipped to handle it and all of his behind maneuverings aren't going to cut it with radical Islam.

Very few people really want the facts and the truth; I found that out a long time ago.

So, you can be preaching and no one who needs it is getting it.
I don't like the attitudes of the new face of America and I put up a few links you should read.

Of course, they don't like our attitudes. Immigrants are very welcome in this country; they are the backbone to building this great country.

When you get immigrants who want to take and not give; you have a big problem.

5 years ago

one person writing; but I research many and it was all the same messages and this was early on In March of 2012 that they were throwing their self-importance around and predicting their powers who would win the presidential elections.

Is this what it is all coming to now? This is PATHETIC!

5 years ago

Sheila, what we know during Obams's second term is that we are now going to see even less of him participating and no leadership.   He no longer has to campaign so he'll blend into the background for the next four years.    His socialist agenda will be accomplished in the backrooms and at the end of four years we may not recognize America as we have known it.

We are poised for another recession.   There's no getting around that.   Large companies are laying off employees.    Small businesses will do the same because of Obamacare.   Boeing laid off a lot of people over the past few days.   We have a real problem on our hands.  

If we thought our country was divided before we've not seen anything yet.  This race was that close.   

Sheila, I went to the link you provided and read the article.

5 years ago

Diane: where is he today, off and running to Burma. He will not take responsibility or leadership; he never has in the past and he now has a free reign to do whatever he does best.
Vacations, golf, partying just no campaigning but he never takes the helm and directs the House or Senate.

I saw the pending lay offs and heard about the medical device companies like Boston Scientific closing down manufacturing here and laying off thousands because of restricticions and high taxes on their medical devices under ObamaCare.

This is only the beginning; more and more people who once worked full time will now work part-time. Maybe this country has to go through a really hard fall to wake up; I don't understand people anymore. There is a great divide in this country and there is a marked contrast between both groups.

We are lucky there was no rioting; David Paleologos got that one wrong. Diane, you were right; Americans deserve more credit than that. Maybe the other side would have rioted if Mitt won.
I know the thinking, sane people who rejected Obamaism will not resort to base revenge.

5 years ago

Boeing is planning layoffs due to cut in defense budget, and I hve been hearing of any number of other companies that are not preparing to lay off workers.  Sheila, the fat is now going to hit the fan and what will the liberals say then?  Who will they blame?  Romney for not getting elected?  Bush has nothing to do with this and has been out of office 4 years.  Obama is inheriting his own failure and how will the liberals spin this one?

5 years ago

the democrats play very dirty and the MSM support them in their bid for power.
They think they can do anything now and that maybe their downfall.
This country will hit rock bottom just like you said and some will wake up; not all!

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