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Two Possible Job Openings in Washington DC. Anyone Interested?
5 years ago

From what I am reading here, it seems that Eric Holder is in the midst of figuring out whether or not he will stay on with the President.

I did not realize that he was completely exonerated for the Fast and Furious Fiasco, and was of the opinion that it was just due to the Presidential Elections that the air waves were quiet on that. Now I see that he was given the benefit of the doubt by one of his co workers because allegedly the GOP was using POLITIZATION (is that word?) or to make it simpler, was making the whole affair a political problem and hoping to garner more votes if they could pin the blame on the administration. So what is it? KILL Somebody and get FORGIVENESS by calling the murder a political screw up? Is that what's going to happen with the four men (or more?) who died in Behghazi?

Further, the article mentions Hillary Billary is going to MOVE ON. Will she then start campaigning for her Presiency 4 years from now, or will she and Bill take 4 years off and go relax in Hawaii?

Read on:

Home | Newsfront Tags: holder | obama | attorney | general Holder: Not Sure If I'll Stay as Obama's Attorney General

Thursday, 08 Nov 2012 05:33 PM

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inShare inShare0 Attorney General Eric Holder said on Thursday that he has yet to determine whether he will stay on as the chief U.S. law enforcement officer for President Barack Obama's second term.

Speaking to law students at the University of Baltimore, Holder said he still must speak with both Obama and his own family while considering what he would contribute if he stayed.

"That's something that I'm in the process now of trying to determine," he said.

Holder, 61, said the process included asking himself, "Do I think that there are things that I still want to do? Do I have some gas left in the tank?"

A White House spokesman had no comment on Holder's future.

Several Cabinet members, including Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, are weighing whether leaving before Obama's second term begins in January is the right time. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said she intends to move on.

Holder served in the U.S. Justice Department's No. 2 position under President Bill Clinton, and Obama appointed him attorney general in 2009. Both presidents are Democrats.

It is rare for an attorney general to serve more than four years, and Republicans tried to oust Holder after a botched department operation called "Fast and Furious" that targeted gun trafficking along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives dismissed a congressional inquiry into Fast and Furious as politically motivated, and the Justice Department's inspector general cleared Holder of any wrongdoing.

Holder has not previously committed one way or the other to serving in a second Obama term.

He worked on Obama's 2008 presidential campaign, and the two prominent black lawyers have similar backgrounds, including immigrant fathers and degrees from Columbia University.

There could be symbolic reasons for Holder, the first black U.S. attorney general, to stay on at least into 2013.

June will mark the 50th anniversary of the racial desegregation of the University of Alabama, where Vivian Malone - whose sister is Holder's wife - was one of the first black students.


Holder's latest comments came in response to questions from Ron Weich, dean of the University of Baltimore's law school and a former Justice Department official under Holder.

Weich asked whether Holder had thought about a second term, what his plan is and whether he might serve through 2016, a tenure that would match that of Clinton's attorney general, Janet Reno.

"I don't know why you assume my service would have to stop at 2016," Holder quipped initially, appearing at ease on stage with his former colleague.

"President Jeb Bush, President Marco Rubio, President Hillary Clinton - any one of them might ask me to stay on," he said, referring to rumored 2016 presidential candidates from both parties.

Speaking two days after voters in two states legalized marijuana for recreational use, Holder said there should be a broad discussion about U.S. drug policy.

"How much money have we spent? What are the results that we've gotten?" he said, adding that the government might need to make drug treatment a higher priority.

Asked by Weich to explain how one becomes attorney general, Holder dead-panned: "Be friends with the president."

Holder told the law students he was most proud of his having rejuvenated the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, the unit charged with enforcing anti-discrimination laws in voting, housing, education and other areas.

Democrats and civil rights organizations said this division had wandered from its core mission during Republican George W. Bush's administration.

"You can really assess how good the Justice Department is by how effective its Civil Rights Division is," Holder said.

Obama's re-election on Tuesday, defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney, confirmed the strength of the administration's priorities, Holder said.

"The fact that he won, and as conclusively as he did, is in many ways a vindication of the policies that he talked about," he said. (Reporting by David Ingram; Editing by Howard Goller and Philip Barbara)

© 2012 Thomson/Reuters. All rights reserved.

5 years ago

James: heard this again and I am wondering if he is told to get Holder out if he wants this country to start working and he is willing to make an attempt to work with the republicans.

5 years ago

I think that Holder and Clinton both have too much negative associated with them now; Fast and Furious and Benghazi and therefore they are going to be his sacrificial lambs to get the heat of of himself.   The Democrats know that if they don't get this country moving in the right direction; create jobs and get people working and get the economy back on the right track there will be no way they will win an election in 2016.  I don't care what anyone says, the Republicans are going to regroup and if the Democrats don't get on the right track this next 4 years, they are history.  So, yes, Sheila I do belive you are right; he has been given orders.

5 years ago

Linda: I learned from you fast about Clinton and Obama; Bill made some kind of deal with BO because he went to PA on Nov. 5th, 4 times and he campaigned all week besides.

I think Benghazi will not see the light of day because MSM did a great job keeping it on the backburner. Also, Hillary will insulate herself from discredit on this if it is investigated.
However, Bill may be a fool to trust BO. He could easily throw the Clintons under the bus for self preservation.

I hope they all get what they deserve. Valerie Jarrett talks about payback time; I hope they get all the blowback of their dirty dealings explode in their faces.

5 years ago

AMEN.  The Clinton's are as corrupt as Obama; they are all buddies with George Soros and where he is there is nothing but the dirties of dirt and filth imaginable.  He shows no loyalty to anyone; chucked his own people under the bus in Hungary when he joined the Brown Shirts. He is the lowest of scum imaginable.  

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