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Romney Campaign was a Consultant Con Job
5 years ago

This is important because the Democrats have excelled in their campaign GOTV projects and the republicans have to really shape up for 2014 and 2016.

Obama put in place (not through his inititatives) a great campaign plan engineered by David Axlerod, Jim Messina and a few others who always WIN>

The GOP are still using losers from Schwanzeggar, Meg Whitman, Romney, etc.

They better search the best and brightest and eliminate the con men who made themselves nice "nest eggs" by selling them the biggest debaucle going.

Punch cards would have been better than this fiasco called orca.
It NEVER WORKED. It was manuel calling in and typing data all day long which crashed the system because their APPS never worked from the beginnning.

5 years ago

I am of the opinion that none of this had any real bearing.  It stems from the fact that the Republican party has to come to the 21st Century.  They need to put aside the Judeo-Christian stand on abortion which is now legal.  A platform cannot survive that is built on moral positions as there are too many Republicans that are not buying into it any more.  Abortion is a law, all the moral discussion and opposition is not going to change that.  It is fairly doubtful that women are going to vote against the issue, Christian or non-Christian.  So give it a rest.  To have forced Romney, through the adopted Republican platform at the RNC was wrong. l As a morally responsible person, his personal position is clear, but he was running for President where he has the responsiblity to look at the issue from the point of all women, not just the more radical Christian women; trust me, I have many, many Christian friends, women, that now believe that abortion, being legal, is every woman's right to chose; they would not, but they will not tell other women they can't, so they refuse to adhere to the Party position of being pro-life.  When it comes to morality, each person has to make their own decision and adhere to it as scripture tells us that we each will be judged individually, not as a group, individually and based on our own life choices.  So, even God recognizes this.  

Same with same sex marriage; here if we want to come out against it, offer a solution as to simply take moral choice for others is not our right, either spiritually nor legally and definitely not politicially.  

I find that this is hard; it means a major change for me personally, but if we are going to wonder why Romney lost, why there were so many young people, women, and minorities that voted against him, we have to realize that we can't overlook the social issues.  That does not mean that entitlements are back on the table and acceptable at all, it means that we have to stop making morality a political issue; when we stop the Democrats no longer can either.  Then they will be forced to look at the real political issues; jobs, economy, business growth, responsible spending, balanced budgets, smaller government and more state responsibility.  Romney tried but because of the policiy of the RNC,  as well as the "good 'ole boys" Republican leaders, he was not allowed to really address this as he saw it.  So, who lost the election for Romney?  The Republican Party lost the election for Romney.  We are look at voter fraud, Orca, MSM, and all the other excuses but we gave the Democrats what they needed, we gave Obama what he needed, "war on women", "war on gays" and "war on minorities".  

We need to start working for realistic solutions; our old policies are not going to fly.  Just sharing reality as it is becoming clearer; hard to stomach even for me, but if we are not willing to change our course realistically, we will not win another presidential election I am afraid.

5 years ago

Linda: you are definately right. I listened to O'Reilly last night and he seems to think that the Republicans need a very strong candidate in the future who will embody conservatism without trying to be like the democrats because this country is still more right conservative than left progressive in idealogy.

Look how many people who did not vote for Obama, who were those nearly 10 million.

We know the 3 million who would not vote for Mitt. They were Paul Libertarians and purists. Also, Gary Johnson got those votes too.

No one is breaking down these stats for above questions.

I do think some young republican can be the GOP's dynamic, charismatic version of Obama but he will be the real thing, a bright person who can bring our country back.

What we will be going into now is a nightmare.

I hear what you say about Paul Ryan being too austere and that may be a problem.

Look what the dems did to MItt's reputation and they will do same to Paul Ryan. He may not be able to be a viable candidate for the majority either.

I know he embodies conservative principles, but the GOP has to look at the social issues of the poor and those below middle class standards. They are voting now because Obama gave them the candy store. The hispanics need to be brought into the GOP without buying them off as the dems do.

I agree on abortion and all that war on women which was successful. The stats on single women having babies is record high today in all race groups. O'Reilly addressed that last night.

Hope is all we have and without hope you have nothing.

I do believe there is someone who can be the carrier of the conservative platform who will reach out and attract the majority.

As I said before, sometimes people need to suffer a lot to wake up.

Our country is so divided today, our military will be dramatically reduced, our healthcare system transformed and jobs will not be as good as before due to Obamacare. Many employers will reduce hours or there will be reduction of bonus, raises to employees to just make it in this dire economy.

We are not facing good times; the people who voted for BO are morons.

The cap and trade will take effect and many won't be able to pay their bills. I believe we are heading into a big recession. I have read so much now, that I am too over-educated on politics and government. Too bad, some of the politicians we have

in office could not forsee and project the tragic outcomes we are going to be subjected to now.

I am still numb, I am disgusted and I don't want to be friends with the idiots who voted for Obama and Warren here. I am tired of pathetic, stupid banter and nonsense from these people.

I know of no one in the republican party today who might be a viable candidate in 2016. Christie certainly would NEVER appeal to me.

Romney made a lot of errors, that was his election to win and he failed.

He was strong after first debate and the last 2 did not have the same punch, Obama came back and yes he looked petulant to us; but not to others. He was nasty but aggressive and they voted him in.

Mitt did not take the lead in the last 2 debates and he did not go on enough tv like O'Reilly, Greta, etc. He was also too secretive about his other policies and his big plan. People don't buy into, yes, I am a turn around specialist and I can fix America. IT was not enough.

That project Orca was a dismal failure. Funny thing is when I first learned about it, my gut instinct said are they kidding me? I was training a man in VA and he happened to be an engineer and he quesitoned me intently and he said this is one big farce and sorry, I am not wasting my time.

Those big donors got it right when they said they did not trust team romney.

People's gut instincts are always right if they have a half a brain to start with. These are successful men and women who questioned everything and mitt ignored it all.

I remember Eric Cantor coming down in October to check out Project Orca ... he probably had the same misgivings and wanted to see for himself. They were a glib sales team who gave a good pitch and all of us succombed to their bull shyte. I am sorry to say this but it is true.

I talked to MA residents who are nurses that I respect and they voted for Scott Brown but not Mitt.

They voted for Mitt for governor but not for POTUS because they did not trust him as he was flip flopping all over the place and they got worried.

MA did NOT vote for gay marriage on teh ballots. Mitt put in a very radical judge who was gay and that judge pushed it, then Mitt had a change of heart and did not want it. People don't forget this stuff. Why did Mitt put that judge into the court to begin with? He is not the genius he thinks he is either!

The Romneycare is doing okay now and it will take awhile to work out all the kinks, but I do NOT blame romney here as the democrats included all illegals on it.

That was the reason that many would not vote for Mitt as Potus from MA. That wishy washy governing did not go over well here. Deval Patrick is a progressive and he is what he is and there are no questions about it. People hate him here and he intends to run for POTUS. He is worse than Obama as he is smarter and won't hide his records but he is a radical leftie progressive intent on complete socialism in this country. you will see hillary or deval patrick be the nominees in 16 and David Axlerod and that whole team will work to get them into office. Axlerod, Plouffe, etc. all worked to get Deval Patrick into the governorship of MA successfully. They are winners in campaigns.

5 years ago

Finally, the GOP had the worst line-up of candidates this time around.

The Paulites were too fanatical over Paul and that mischief they played in the convention and during the delegates being nominated on state levels was too far out there as well.

Paul had some good ideas; but they all have some good ideas. Paul was way way out there and sorry, people are NOT going to vote for him. Do you think he would be better than Obama in debates. He did not do well on the GOP stage.

We do need young blood. Paul Ryan has to be more definitive and spell out exactly what his plan is and not let the democrats PAINT him as a cold-blooded republican who cares nothing about you and the poor, downtrodden, etc.

Rubio is a novice and who is he really? No one wants tobe duped again, not the second or should I say the third time around. The fact that BO did not get those 10 mil. votes and he had to really work at getting the ones he did, tells me a lot there. After all, he spent 4 solid years recampaigning for this office. He had a big headstart and they cheat to boot.

5 years ago

I also want to make it perfectly clear that Mitt Romney would still be a better president any day than what we have in now. I am still numb and upset. I am relaying people whom I do respect their reasons for not voting for MR.

Why this state did not vote for Romney in large numbers as it was 60=40 percentage points of choice here. While Brown lost by 5% which is devastating enough. Warren rode Obama's coat tails and that is pretty pathetic to make that statement. Shows you that socialism is alive and well in MA. Lots of minorities vote here with UNIONs pushing them all the time.

The college kids are all indoctrinated. Very sad to say all of this but it is fact.

I got this comment from a post done by Ace of Spades on the ORCA failure.... this says it all... I see same on many different sites about the failure of Orca and how Mitt lost the votes because of it....

654 I have to tell you, the failure of ORCA is probably the most fascinating story from this entire long campaign. To this lifelong liberal, ORCA is everything that Mitt Romney represents that we're opposed to: Top-down management, disdain for the troops, outside contractors who swoop in, baffle you with their bullsh!t, and get massive bonuses for a failed and late deliverable. Everything about this project reeks of fail from start to finish. The author did an excellent job explaining why this was no way to run a mission critical software/network operation.

I want to ask the bigger question though: if ORCA made no difference to Team Romney on the final results, what was its real purpose? Republicans don't put the effort into GOTV that Democrats do, because most Republicans tend to be reliable voters. Indeed, "the squeeze wasn't worth the juice" (said by a Romney advisor over why they didn't organize rallies and buses for college students in early voting states). Was the real aim to destroy the local-level Republican intelligence so the Romney troops could swoop in again to run things "for" you in 2016? Looking at what happened during your primaries and with the constant rules changes, I really think you guys have had your Party stolen from you in a classic Bust-Out.

Let me add my voice to the other Dems who said we do need a functioning Republican Party, both with good ideas that voters can choose from. I hope you find your way out of the woods, because your current message that everything can be solved with tax cuts is demonstrably wrong, and your current coalition has pulled you over the cliff from the weight of the crazies. You're going to have to renounce the racists, the pro-Rape segment, and the homophobes if you ever want to win a national election again. Look, my dad was a lifelong Republican, I am not unsympathetic to you as a Party. I despise what you have become though, and hope you can recover.
Posted by: madhaus at November 12, 2012 09:11 PM (IwaKF)

5 years ago

Then by jove, we should think of a Marco Rubio/Rand Paul ticket in 2016.  A pretty good package.  Rubio - hispanics and the women love him.  His background would be very appealing to hispanics. And he is Catholic.  Rand Paul for VP - Daddy Ron.  Rand is a libertarian/Republican - would appeal to the younger set - maybe pick up daddy Paul's young vote.  Both are young.


Not a bad package! 

5 years ago

this is the source link from the comment above.... if you go to bottom or latest comments there are many good ones which are all legitimate.

Hi Tara Jane ... I think the GOP better start vetting them right now because the democrats do a 4 year run of preparing and if Hillary is out, Deval Patrick is a back-up. Biden is a joke and they know it and he will be placated only. The other two are appealing and Deval comes off as very nice, smarter than Obama which would not be too hard.

I have several good links on the debaucle of Orca and I believe it was Romney's downfall.
he wasted valuable time in the fields and there was no grassroots strength because they ignored the ward precinct captains, etc. They wanted to run it via Orca which was the biggest dismal failure and I am NO software expert but I knew it all day long. When you have to hand write down voters IDs and then key it in yourself ... you KNOW it is wasting time..... and the inform. comes in at dinner time, so who were those who needed rides? NO solid groundwork communications at all, only this ridiculous project orca which did NOT work at all, NEVER!

John E. known as Ace of Spades Last Comment ...
5 years ago

Team Romney: Actually Project ORCA Was Pretty Darn Successful
I am trying to ascertain just what level of self-delusion is required to make claims like this. My suspicion is that it involves padded rooms and needles. Let's take these one at a time.

But the Romney campaign is denying that there was any “massive failure” of Orca, although the campaign acknowledges the system was down for up to 90 minutes in the morning. Other than that one long outage, they say the system worked, albeit with minor glitches. Ultimately, the campaign had voting data from 91 percent of counties, said Romney digital director Zac Moffat
Okay, first I want to call attention to the deliberate use of weasel words here. They "had voting data from 91 percent of counties". For starters, notice he didn't say precincts. So, if a county has 30 precincts and 1 precinct reports data, then that counts as one of those "91% percent of counties". Second, notice he says they "reported data". That could mean someone entered in a couple voters at 9AM, then left for the day when the system crashed. The point of the project was to provide accurate real-time evolving data so lightning-fast evaluations could be made with regards to shifting campaign resources. Does that sound like that happened here? And spare me the "minor glitches" nonsense, Zac. There were widespread reported problems throughout the day before the entire system came crashing down. These are not "minor glitches"; this was a systematic and organizational failure that brought the entire GOTV effort of a United States Presidential campaign to a screeching halt.

Orca “has no relation to the outcome,” a Romney aide says.
If ORCA had no relation to outcome, then tell me, what the hell was the point of the project? Huge campaign resources were were committed to this project, both in dollars and time by donors and volunteers, and you're going to shrug your shoulders and claim it wasn't all that big a deal after all? This is insulting to everyone who took time out of their schedule or skimmed money from their ever-shrinking paycheck to put their trust in this operation.

“We achieved in a large part what we set out to do in the swing states in terms of our electorate."
Zac, you lost. And apparently, this came as a complete shock to everyone involved in the campaign. This is what you set out to achieve?

The reality is the President did what he said he was going to do. The Obama campaign said that they were going to increase turnout from 2008, and they were able to do that. And that had nothing to do with a reporting system on Election Day.

This is where the bridge to reality collapses under the weight of its own arrogance and incompetence. For the love of God man, Barack Obama banked roughly SIX MILLION LESS VOTES THAN 2008.

Please, if anyone at the RNC is listening, do not let these guys near a major political campaign ever again.

[Update]: BenK informs me that Allegheny County has 1,300 precincts. Tell me more about these fantastical stories of percentage of counties reporting.

Posted by JohnE. at 08:56 PM Comments

5 years ago

The picture in this link is my NH group as we were the first ones left to right, NH was closest to the food and the coke refrigerators.

I am standing back view only. navy jacket, hair looks blurred and I am behind 2nd coke refrigerator.
I did get pics sent of my team and all of us posing in my email. I have to figure out how to transfer it. People got extremely lax because the system was failing all day.... try taking voter IDs by pen and paper and then logging onto manually type it into the computer. Like 1300 plus; what a waste of time.... the field operative in NH is reading me numbers and I have to wait 30 min. after phone call to log it into computer.... STUPID, STUPID is all I can say... now wonder Mitt, Paul and others looked perplexed and had that deer in teh headlight look.

5 years ago

Linda: Abortion and "gay marriage" isn't the main problem for the GOP; it is there are too many that are looking for freebies from the government and have been conditioned that it is their due since they have been screwed by the "rich"/white power structure/etc. Both abortion and "gay marriage" are more than "moral issues" and are economic issues as well since both have ties to the "benefit based entitlement structure". Dear Leader and his HHS thug have made both abortion and birth control both "free" and "critical women's health issues" that others are now "morally" obliged to pay for. Part of the "gay marriage" push (in additional to legitimizing an activity that causes a fair number of health issues that we now will pay for) is to make sure the "partner" gets all the government benefits like SS/tax treatment like a real married couple/health care benefits/etc. Sorry but that costs us money in an environment that has huge growing "means tested" benefit growth that is the core of our deficit problem. Out of wedlock births, substance abuse, failed marriages, growing abuse of others, lack of fiscal responsibility by many, higher STD rates, and a fair number of our other problems have as a basis the throwing out of the moral standards that are the underpinning of the Constitution and were the basis for much of the country's early success. If the GOP is just going to chuck anything that might touch on moral principles to get people elected why do we need another Demagogue Party by a different name? Let's face the brutal truth that the Left is interested in voters that are diverted rutting, addicted to brain dead TV/video games/etc, or otherwise too "busy" to pay attention to what is going on as long as they get their "rights" and "benefits" as defined by the Left that is now in basically total control. might as well throw in the rest of the "progressive" agenda of open borders and amnesty, tax policy that "levels the playing field", equality of outcome via a variety of government dictated programs, etc and just be Demagogues in actuality rather than just in spirit.

5 years ago

JohnC, you are hitting on all the pistons from where I sit.   The republicans cannot compromise their principles to accomodate the youth who, indeed, believe that...let's call it what it is...socialism, getting the free "stuff" from government while America falls to hell in a financial hand basket....while they are focused full throttle on "what is my country giving to me."   We have European countries who bought into this way of thinking and they are pure socialists.   It's the easy path where innovation and getting ahead in life is not even a thought....they just want "stuff" and they want someone else to pay for it.    How is it possible that we brought American children into the world who think like this?   I'm generalizing but I know that not all of our youth think this way but, by golly, the majority of them do think this way.    Can we place the blame at the liberal universities we packed and sent out precious children to spend four long years eating and digesting what the liberal professors were teaching them?  


We need to stay on the path of our beliefs as the adults in the room and see where that takes us.

5 years ago

I don't know that I want to be around when all this "free stuff" comes to a halt because there is no money available to continue their complacency. 


Also, when all us "rich Republicans" have decided that we are tired to being the makers and to hell with the takers. 


Obama and his tribes need to learn the lesson that if you keep after the "very rich" that they will just take their money, quit paying their taxes, drop out!  Hit the road, and move on.  Then where will his tribes be. 


When the takers don't get their goodies from the makers there will be massive riots in the streets (ala Greece).  And, they will have no one to blame but their own miserable selves.

5 years ago

I agree Tara Jane; Greece is a future picture of the USA.
I listen to interviews on young whites who are the same, Water's World last night was interesting.

I believe that film maker on documentary 2016 hit the nail on the head. Obama wants retribution and he wants to punish the rich and America's upper class who does create the jobs.

When he stated Vote for Revenge that was the very beginning of his administration because he has payback all planned out.

People here all know what transpired and all they state is: I will have to work til I die; well, I have been saying that for years. What happens when the jobs run out and that may occur as well. I don't see great job growth.

I am listening to BO on his speech this afternoon and he states he wants to talk to Mitt about his ideas to grow this country. Interesting, he looks like the great statesman and the MSM will always build him up as a man who extended the olive branch, he reiterates his belief in climate change which all liberals love and that means handpicking more Solyndras.

5 years ago

I don't mean to beat a dead horse to death as it already is but this is from yesterday.

5 years ago

Tara Jane: They'll blame those that aren't the takers for not giving up even more of their income, assets, and savings to keep them in goodies. Why do you think gun sales are through the roof? Partly the pending financial collapse (keep in mind the huge debt and phony low interest rates and tack on the new spending Dear Leader has a "mandate" to demand) along with the widening gulf between groups/parties/etc and the realization of the massive election cheating. Mix in the growing secession sentiment, radical left wing agenda that Dear Leader and his left wing supporters will push. likely energy problems pending with the left's "energy policy", more conflicts throughout the world from Dear Leader's failed foreign "policy" that will create more economic and security problems, expanding racial tensions at home, an open "open borders policy" bringing in more issues with crime/terror activities/demand for citizenship and benefits, and a Dictator in Chief in the White House and things are going to get very, very, very nasty and very soon as well. Dear Leader, his Demagogue Party, his media acolytes, the unions, and all the radical interest groups will just pump up that is the GOP, the "rich", the conservatives (i.e TEA Party types), and the usual "suspects" in the minds of the "progressives" will make sure they divert any blame to those sources to divert the real blame.

5 years ago

For those searching for an explanation for why Mitt Romney did not win the presidential election on Tuesday, at least part of the blame can be placed on the GOP candidate’s top-secret ORCA project, aimed at getting out the vote, which became a massive organizational failure.

The project was meant to be an answer to the Obama campaign’s Get Out The Vote initiative, but instead it resulted in a lower Republican turnout than John McCain received in 2008, reports Business Insider.

The ORCA program was an expensive technological undertaking that was created to provide the campaign with real-time poll monitoring, allowing Republicans to target GOTV efforts on Election Day.

Despite the fact tha,t in the week running up to the election, Romney campaign spokesperson Andrea Saul called ORCA “the Republican Party’s newest, most technologically advanced plan to win the election,” the project appears to have yielded dismal results.

A mass of technology programs instead made the app unusable, leaving Republican volunteers “wandering around confused and frustrated” last Tuesday, according to Romney poll-watcher John Ekdahl.

Ekdahl also stated that the Mitt Romney campaign also railed to provide poll-watching volunteers in Jacksonville, Florida (a key Republican city in a major swing state) with the proper credentials and accurate voter strike lists. Even if the ORCA app had worked, this failure alone may have cost the campaign thousands of votes.

Yahoo! News notes that several sources close to the Republican’s campaign stated that the technological undertaking failed at nearly every level. The ORCA app was created by a small, isolated tech team and wasn’t beta-tested properly. It also wasn’t revealed to the rest of the campaign (including the digital team) until the week of the election.

One Republican communications strategist close to the Mitt Romney campaign stated that most people on the campaign “weren’t that surprised” by ORCA’s failure. The strategist added:

“They wouldn’t let anyone outside of Romney political circle in on it until basically November 6. The digital strategy was so incomprehensible — they were playing Super Nintendo while Obama’s people had PS3.”

It appears that the ORCA project, along with a lack of organization in the closing weeks, were at least partially to blame for Mitt Romney’s failure to become the President of the United States.


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5 years ago

I think Orca was a contributing factor to his loss but not the source.

Mitt did not deliver the punch in debate 2 and 3 like he did in the first one.

His focus entirely on the economy could have been a mistake.
His 47% youtube video did hurt and some did not trust him.
He did not go on O'Reilly, Greta etc. to open up so people could see him and make a better judgment.

He campaigned so much in battleground states and the rest of the country never met him; so he should have opened up by going on the political shows.

The attacks by his colleagues in the pimary turned out to be the foundation for Obamas vicious personal attacks and they did work.

He had a lot to overcome and the lethal blow was NO ground game on election day.
I have heard repeated complaints of how rude the orca team was to many in the field.
I was promised that we would all be getting together after the election, I have not heard from one Orca employee neither has a few others I know and NO emails to say thank you.
The only thanks was the email Linda got and all of us got same. But, not one word from the orca bunch and they promised all of our emails would be shared so we could get together.

They are afraid of what all of us as a group will say. That is it in a nutshell.
I won't work on another campaign.
I am considering being an Independent.
I won't vote democrat; but I am not impressed by Republicans either!!!!!

5 years ago

Oh, I would work to form a 3rd party which would be the wisest thing because I see nothing but failure.

STOP WHINING AND BLAMING THE OTHER GUY .... the GOP fell short and they shot themselves in the foot. GROW UP

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